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Saviors of Earth is a Free of Charge Website,and a Free & Happy place to Be. - (as long as You bring Your Love & Understanding here with You ) :) , ....but by being part of this community, you must agree to the following: As a member of Saviors of Earth you will agree to keep all your opinions, perspectives and dialogues to that of respectability,cause any breach of for mentioned agreements may result in membership loss or deletion of posts without prior warning :) . This is because we want to keep some Sanity here . Please type ''Yes'' into the box below to accept these terms. Your request to join SoE will be denied or prolonged until You agree. Do you wanna accept these terms,Dear :) ?
I accept without hesitation.

About Me...

Hello everybody! (sorry, was that a little over the top?)
So what can I tell you? well...I'm 19 years old, I'm a redhead, I have three elder sisters and one younger brother, I'm from England in the UK and I have been diagnosed as having a type of Autism called Asperger Syndrome. However, a few months ago I was told by a friend that I am actually an Indigo going through the transition process into a Crystal. (I should note i'm also a member of several other Ning Networks including Divine Visions Network and Awakening Atlantis).

My interests include dinosaurs, aliens and UFOs, monster movies (mainly Godzilla movies), stand up comedians (Lee Evans and Michael Mcintyre are my favourites), paranormal, psychic, monsters and nature. I've probably got more but can't think of them right now.

I've had a lot of bullying in my life (the worst of which was mainly at high school) that was directed more at me for being a redhead than an Aspie, although I got criticized for being who I was and for what I was interested in and I still got called names like 'Freak', 'Retard', 'Idiot', 'Weirdo', etc. (Some Neurotypicals are so horrible - I had dreams of transforming into a dragon or a monster and killing all those who have wronged me but I've realized now it wouldn't help me - besides, the simple fact that I've gone through all the abuse they threw at me and haven't changed who I am means I have triumphed over them for good).

Psychic Experiences
My experience was when I was five years old. It late at night and I needed to go to the toilet so I got out of bed and started going down the stairs. While on the stairs, I stopped about half way and leaned against the banister. I can't remember what I did next (considering this was about 13 years ago) but I remember slowly flying down the rest of the stairs (arms outstretched and looking around) and I know I wasn't lucid dreaming because I remember being awake for this. I landed gently at the bottom of the stairs and just went to toilet, not thinking about the fact I had just flown down the stairs. When I went back up to bed and got back in, It was then I realized what I had done and I remember quietly muttering to myself that I was flying. I did this for most of the night.

One of the things that confuses me, however, is that on the night that I did it, I heard music in my head during the flying. The music was the same as the music that is played from those music boxes with the doll inside that spins around (oddly enough, my eldest sister had one during that time).

I've been looking up information on psychic powers, meditation and brainwave entrainment technology such as Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones in the hope I can once again acquire this ability (which I've especially wanted to do after seeing films such as Matilda and The Boy who could fly - God I love those films!)

If anyone has any information they could tell me about regaining this ability if possible, please let me know through my inbox. Thank you.

Aside from the flying down the stairs when younger, the only psychic ability I have is random Deja Vu moments when I see myself doing something whilst dreaming (normally something simple like picking up a folder) then a lot of time will pass, I'll be doing stuff and all of a sudden I'll pick up a folder and I'll have a quick flashback before thinking "hang on a minute, I saw I was going to do that ages ago."

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At 12:45pm on April 2, 2011, Leila Raven said…
At 9:33pm on March 29, 2011, Besimi said…

Hey AngelGhidora :):):) Dear Brother.Welcome Home to Lightworkers. A beautiful place
for open-minded people of Love & Light. Namaste and Enjoy .
At 8:28pm on March 29, 2011, Leila Raven said…
At 8:23pm on March 28, 2011, Vicky Anderson said…
At 5:45am on March 28, 2011, chand-ra bouri said…

Hi AngelGhidorah,

Glad you made it here. I have seen you name on another list- one cannot easily forget a name like AngelGhidorah.Regards


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