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My Russian friend Alosha Lynov is an eco engineer, inventor, builder and teacher who gets his inspiration from Nature.

He just finished building his innovative home above a 40000 Litre / 10000 Gal water tank.

Alosha loves teaching fun DIY Weekend projects on Water Sustainability and Off - Grid home construction using recycled materials.

He is currently running a complimentary eco home webinar ( on how to:

* Build a wetland to treat grey water, without smell or mosquitos
* Passively heat and cool a home without fire or AC
* Lessen EMR and avoid Geopathic stress zones
* Use shapes and colours to affect our Wellbeing
* Build and thrive in eco communities

Join Alosha’s webinar here:

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Comment by Carolyn Pleiadian Ambassador on June 16, 2018 at 9:01am

I wish I had the start up money for my.own eco home. Makes me regret not being smarter with My draconian shekels when I was younger and was making lots of money working in night clubs. It's debt free when it's up and running but u still need the start up coin for materials and land.

Comment by Carolyn Pleiadian Ambassador on June 16, 2018 at 8:56am

I love these off grid dome homes

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