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* We have just received rare organic honey from the Russia's Far East:

This genuine elite honey has been extracted in the purest place on Earth - in the wilderness of the Russia's Far East taiga (100 km from the nearest settlement) by the "old believers" communities.

It is produced from an exotic plant Amur cork-tree that grows only in the Russia's Far East and northeast China.

The honey is naturally crystallized, has yellow-white color, very intence aroma and is also revered for its miraculous healing properties. The most famous of its properties is anti-tuberculosis effect.

The taste is very tender, sweet but not sugary, with long-lasting aftertaste. It is delightful natural delicacy: when you try it once you cannot help to take it more. )))

* And please don't forget to get ready for Spring: browse our Heirloom seeds section for updates - we have more than 220 varieties of Heirloom organic seeds from Russian family homesteads (Kins domains):

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Comment by CHRISTINA on February 1, 2018 at 4:12pm

thanks for the update.

it must be one of the finest type of honey like the manuka one.

for some reason i do not like the word "ELITE", i don't know why...

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