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Do You Suppose...?

George: "Look Doris, most of the humans are sitting in front of their monitors"

Doris: "What do you thin they find so illuminating about their monitors that they spend so much time with them?"

George: "I don't know, it seems very strange to me"

Doris: "When do they have time to spend with their families?"

George: "It doesn't seem like they have much time left over at all"

Doris: "Isn't this the time that humans usually nourish themselves?"

George: "Yes, Doris, they call it dinner"

Doris: "Why are they not nourishing together as we always do"

George: "I don't know, many years ago when I first observed humans, they always did. They would nourish, and laugh, and share stories of their day, and what they accomplished"

Doris: "It sounds like this made them happy. So then why did they give it up?"

George: "It seems like it has a lot to do with these monitors"

Doris: "This makes very little sense to me, George. Why would they give up something so joyous, and important?"

George: " You have to understand, Doris, humans are among the only species that goes against what is natural to their kind"

Doris: "Why would they do that?"

George: "Somewhere along the way humans became very selfish and stopped caring about what is truly important. They are very distracted by things that should only have a small importance in their life"

Doris: "That seems very illogical, as well as very unfeeling"

George: "Yes it does, humans are indeed the hardest species to figure out. What they do makes very little sense to highly evolved beings such as ourselves"

Doris: "Look George, it is time for the littlest of humans to take their nightly rest. Why are the caretakers of their young, not putting them to rest?"

George: "Sadly, they are still sitting in front of their monitors"

Doris: "How will this family ever survive, George?"

George: "I don't know Doris, maybe they won't"

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