Hemp for Life

Lets form an organisation to educate people about Hemp.
  • Kal'Narred

    After watching countless documentaries and feeling disgust in an international system which prohibits the use of a plant which could save our planet and our species from the very threats that are in the public eye today: Cancer, De-forestation, industrial pollution, plastic garbage on our land and in our sea, the suffering of the terminally ill. And this is to name but a few, I’m sure most of you know other uses that I don’t.

    The only threat this plant has is to the very big business interests which keep us enslaved, poison and choke our planet. They will only be happy when all the trees are gone and all the plankton is dead and we will be next with no natural oxygen production.

    What I have in mind is we get together and come up with ideas for leaflets, posters and anything else we can come up with and distribute them. Send them to MP’s, Congress, the general public etc. I know that this is not a new idea, i just want to be involved.
  • darkwolf

    hi check your pm and check out this artical if you haven't already

  • Kal'Narred

    By the way on the subject of leaflets, anyone who has a design please let me or the group know, also if you have the know-how to turn a leaflet (in image or document form) into a PDF so that anyone can download and print it off then please be known to us. If you are interested in being an administrator and have good ideas let me know.

  • darkwolf

     this is a link to a  recent study done on cannabinoids and cancer based in Italy http://www.nature.com/bjc/journal/v101/n6/abs/6605248a.html

    there is PDF download like on the page I try and find my PDF maker and I get back to you  on that

  • Bishop

    I<3 Cannabis, it sure is the wonder plant, the plant of miracles. I hope we can all grow it freely soon, hell, its sooo useful that we should be encouraged to grow it! In Elizabethan times, if you were a land owner, by law you had to grow cannabis for the hemp for sails and ropes for the royal navy fleet.

    If we have it back, we can end deforestation, and in time our reliance on crude oil. It is the plant of freedom!!

  • Bishop

    Have you guys seen 'Super High Me'?

    Its like 'Super Size Me' but the guy smokes loadsa pot!


    Its very good and funny too!

  • Kal'Narred

    i have seen super high me Bishop, notice how his intelegence test scores were higher stoned?
  • JohnR

    Hey KAL, 

    Thanks for the invite, and great to hear from you.  Still in the middle of reading the posts, but good to meet the rest of you.  I'm in.


  • simpleman

    Excellent, Im with ya.

    Its time for the law makers to get their head ouf their ass and look at the facts.


    The truth about hemp is it is a major competitor that when it would devastate the profits of pharm cartel and the oil inustry the things that it can do for humanity is overwhelming and its a free to grow .This is why it has been demonized and made illegal because pf this real truth.
  • JohnR

    I've figured it out!  This may be obvious to others, but I realized that when the economic crisis hit the U.S., pundits were decrying the fact that Americans no longer actually manufactured anything.  We were service providers.  But we figured out something to make that nobody does better than us, and that is weapons and war.  

    If we would only shift into the many ways we could find a peaceful economic niche in the global economy, the shift we are looking for would occur.  

    Make hemp, not war.

    We can use nuclear energy as long as the reactor is a safe 93 million miles away.

    I know this is a global web site, but I just wanted to express how America could take the lead in green instead of providing the means to kill each other. 

  • Kal'Narred

    Welcom everybody, and thank you for joining this little group.
  • Kal'Narred

    I like that JohnR, "Make hemp, not war" sounds like an excellent idea for a poster and a t-shirt.
  • Kal'Narred

    It's the same in the UK JohnR. We don't manufacture anything anymore either. When I was younger the steelworks in Scotland was being closed down because it was cheaper to produce steel abroad. As a child this didn't make any sense to me as all the money was going out of the country (even if you were paying less per unit). Whenever I asked adults about it they were either pissed off because of the declining industry or they just told me I was too young to understand. Basically I predicted (ish) a financial crash when I was about 10. I think the more complicated we make things the less we can see what's really going on. it takes a child with a simplistic viewpoint to get past the bullshit.


    But alas I digress, let's grow hemp and make the world a better place. How awesome would it be if anyone could grow Cannabis in they're garden, we'd take the plant out of the hands of violent criminals, isn't that a no-brainer?
  • Kal'Narred

    Here’s another thing, how many people have died producing or using Cannabis? How many people have died producing Nuclear energy?

  • Tony

  • Kal'Narred

    Welcom Tony
  • Renzo Saracino

    On www.avaaz.org was a petition : "end the war on drugs".
  • Sivert B.

    Didn't smoke today. Been a while. Feels kind of good.

    I think... I'm high on...life! Jeez :-D