Lightworkers' Collection of Dreams

A place to write down profound dreams, out of body experiences, epiphanies, revelations, and mental orgasms.
  • Chris

    I was awake in this experience. A couple of days ago, I was in my room sitting on my bed. I layed back and closed my eyes and within a minute I started to see images. It was moving forward or something and I saw my reflection from a mirror. I think it was gold. It transformed or transitioned with special effect like designs. It multiplied and another image appeared. I saw people slightly scattered then grouped together as if they were getting ready for a picture. There were both male and female. I only remember seeing the bottom half. Kind of like the nanny from muppet babies.

    I wasn't smoking weed or anything. This felt real. I've experienced this in the past. The images have some color but not quite. It looks gray silverish or might be light red (color of my eyelids under the light). They are transparent too. I'd say about 70% to 80% clear.
    I don't know what this recent experiene means. I do have an idea tho. The people I saw may be myself in different life times? Different bodies?
  • Rainbow Warrior

    well..this one it's hard for me.I have many dreams to remember since i was a child.
    this first i only spoke about it to my husband...and know to all of you.
    I had a first dream arround 7/8 years old, can't quite remember the right date...
    was as real as looking to myself in the mirror.i was at the window of my grandparents house, at night,suddenly looked into the sky and there was many military aeroplanes flying through the sky.then i saw lots of alien ships entering on the atmosphere and flying along with other planes.
    people on the streets screaming and crying.
    i was affraid of something that i didn't know until i look again to the sky and see a huge fireball coming into planet EARTH.
    I had this same dream always in the same month,begining of december,every year until i was 18 years old.the dream stoped....until 3 years ago after my daughter was started again.

    I remember that one night when i was 15,i was in bed and after meditate i asked to know what was after dying.
    i fall asleep and had a dream.I was in the end of a huge table,with someone with the same figure as Jesus(i wasn't chatolic believe me,i am against religions)
    i looked at him and said why he was there because i didn't believe on it.he replied with this:
    i'm going to tell you what happens when you die....,i woke up and only remembered this words but i spoke with him all night.

    this one made me feel strange.
    even more sttange is that i always dream with dreams that look real.with all colours,smells,tastes,emotions,sensations and because of this, everything really gets a huge effect on me.
  • Rainbow Warrior

    Wow what a relief to tell all this to all of you.even my parents don't know about anything neither my friends.Everythings is real!
    no i don't use drugs,never needed!!i prefer to trust myself and teach myself to get what i want.

    love and light
  • Bishop

    I remember an amazing dream that i want to tell you about shortly.
    The night of the dream was the night after the summer solstice of this year, a good nights sleep after a long trip to Stonehenge and back! Stonehenge was amazing, such a positive event for me, such positive energy and amazing atmosphere. This was my first time to the rocks and i must say that it was amazing. Wile i was there i met an amazing 'hippy' woman who told me of light and love (this was the first time i heard that phrase) anyway, this was just the most remarkable day for me. I believe this was the day of my awakening. I was depressed before the trip, then i felt better each day afterward.

    The dream was in the early hours of the morning after a good nights sleep back in my own bed. I remember the dream more as a painting, or just a short clip.
    I was on a shore front on a cliff. It was early hour and i was watching the sun rise above the ocean. The sun was so vibrant and beautiful, so colorful, deep blue ocean and green green grass we were stood on. Someone was with me, i didn't see the person but i believe it likely to be the hippy woman.
    To me this didn't feel like a normal dream. it just seemed more real. when i remembered having the dream, i knew that it felt real, real in the sense that this was a true experience of my soul or my higher self, watching the sun rise with a friend of light and love, and i was allowed to remember the experience.

    This was fantastic for me :)

    Live for Light and Love
  • EaRtH117

    I have many dreams about UFO's. The most recent one is kind of strange lol.
    I was with my dad and i think my brother and we wanted to get some carvel ice cream. Now we live in New York city and for some reason we went to london to get ice cream. I remember that when i was in london all i saw in the sky were UFO's. They were everywhere. Thousands of them just filling the skies. The next part i remember is that we were all hideing in a basement and the UFO's were shooting everything and blowing everything up.

    Its kinda weird with the whole ice cream and going to london lol. But thats my most recent UFO dream. Feel free to let me know your ideas on what you think it could mean if it does mean anything haha.

    Light and Love guys