Taking Action

This Group is for Starseed's, Lightworker's and awakened Terran's alike.
The group is based on the Starseed disclosure and Meet up project, and aims to Unite all light beings as one to help take active action in their missions.
  • Let your Soul show it's creativity through Love in Action

    Dear Sisters and Brothers, I wish to know of your own personal ideas. Sure we have many wonderful ideas up on the site, but we are committed to this project AND the members participating in it, and so we would like to get you as much involved as we can. What ideas do you have for this project, Is…

    By Darryl Urmston

  • Spreading Awareness and Increasing Consciousness

    Okay, so I realized that many are against coming out of the galactic closet, for reasons such as reputation, jobs, fear, or for some it's related to their personal missions. But for those who ARE in favor, others must realize that this collective group feel and believe it is part of a group mission…

    By Darryl Urmston