Lightworkers' Collection of Dreams

A place to write down profound dreams, out of body experiences, epiphanies, revelations, and mental orgasms.
  • Blue Crystal Manifestation (Lucid Dream)

    By Magenta Pixie

  • Hallucinogens, Gnomes, and UFO's

    In the light of Carlos Casteneda and Terrence Mckenna, I wanted to talk about common hallucinations between drug experiences. I've had my share of drug induced experiences, and some of them have yielded extremely powerful spiritual experiences as well as powerful hallucinations.Some of them have…

    By Um No

  • Secret Vatican Archives - Avignon, France, 1339

    Last week I woke somewhere around 5am (it seemed about that time, I didn't look at a clock) and remembered fragments of a dream I'd just had.There was a very powerful memory of the word "secret" and the year 1339 - I worked out that 39 = 13x3 so that I could remember the year when I awoke properly…

    By HighlandHealer

  • My latest dream

    This was a strange one, and I actually thought twice about posting the details, but since this is the first dream I've remembered clearly, and in fact experienced lucidly while it was occurring, in the last two weeks, I suspect there is an important message there. There is one that I see…

    By Ullan

  • Flash of insight

    This came to me at perhaps the oddest time possible, but I had a flash of something resembling insight today. Bit of background:I was traveling on the underground, and because of disruptions the trains were running slow and people were packed in like sardines. Now, normally I'd read a book while…

    By Ullan

  • The Reptilian Invasion

    I have this dream, and I have had it a few times. The dream itself is dark, but what I want to get at is why I am having it. besides my own interpretations? It's usually the same dream, different variables of course, but still the same jist. When I have the dream, part of me knows I am dreaming.In…

    By Um No