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This group is for us to meet up.

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  • simpleman

    Thank you, Christina. I will check it out.

  • ૐ Daisy ૐ

    does anyone ever meet up in vent anymore?

  • simpleman

    I dont think so Daisy. I sure do miss it. I wish people were more intrested with connecting using Ventrillo. I also believe its time to start meeting up again being it is the year 2012 and the great shift is near. We need to discuss and share our thoughts and feelings. Also another reason to get vent going again is that many people were helped on vent and there may be some needing help now.

    Thanks for asking, Daisy. I you would like to, we could start meeting up for an hour a few times a week. My thought is if we want people to come, we need to be on there  and at consistent times. Let me know thoughts on my idea.