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A place to write down profound dreams, out of body experiences, epiphanies, revelations, and mental orgasms.
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  • Chris

    Hey EaRtH523, interesting dream. The way I see it is in a positive way. You and your family are enjoying your ice cream while watching our benevolent brothers and sisters enlightening the world. =)
  • Shiella

    Thank you for inviting me to this group!
    It is really quite cosmic that I receive this invitation at this time. For last evening I had a "dream" that I lived in a galactic world and was being visited by many people arriving in different space vehicles of all different shapes and sizes. I seemed to KNOW these people, as if they were my friends, and they each came to give me some piece of knowledge, or some form of 'recall'.
    But just before this dream I was dreaming of the many lives I have lived and was viewing them in a scroll through images of each life, and I realized that at the end of each life experience I was given the rememberance that I am/was none of these lives, for each and ever lifetime ended in pure white light, and the realization that I am THAT. It was so beautiful. I was feeling so 'in love' with myself, the body of which I am at this time.
    If anyone has any comments they would like to share about these dreams, please feel free to write to me, I would love to hear your opinion.
    In Light and Much Love....
  • Crystal

    I fly a lot in my dreams.