The information on the Earth in TheTwelve Blessings

In the 7th.Blessing September 7th. 1958 the sacrifices of Mother Earth are described as taking material limitation to allow the lower Aspects of God walk could walk through experience back to God again.
Comments are made of the way we have treated her, and warned not to take it for granted, and as yet she has not yet demanded we change, or leave.
I leave the rest for anyone to read for themselves, or to look at my website.

Some more notes on the planet Earth.
It is more than 20 million years old, and did not have a moon until it was put here after being around the planet Maldek which was destroyed 18,600,000+ years ago. There are stories from other planetary systems of how it was brought into the solar system.

  • peter daley

    Schuman waves disappeared for16 hours, either they cease or the layer they reflect from goes.

  • peter daley

    There are large hollows which contain ancient civilisations.  Information is from some who have been there. Admiral Byrd left his story.   A student curious about the surface sought a man living in isolation to interview. This one presented in the guise of a woman but was a reptilian.