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Comet Lulin

I know it's not about the moon but it's quite interesting.

DISCONNECTED TAIL: On Feb. 4th, a team of Italian astronomers witnessed "an intriguing phenomenon in Comet Lulin's tail." Team leader Ernesto Guido explains: "We photographed the comet using a remotely-controlled telescope in New Mexico, and our images clearly showed a disconnection event. While we were looking, part of the comet's plasma tail was torn away."

Photo credit: Ernesto Guido, Giovanni Sostero & Paul Camilleri [more]

Guido and colleagues believe the event was caused by a magnetic disturbance in the solar wind hitting the comet. It's a plausible hypothesis. Magnetic mini-storms in comet tails have been observed before--most famously in 2007 when NASA's STEREO spacecraft watched a CME crash into Comet Encke. Encke lost its tail in dramatic fashion, much as Comet Lulin did yesterday.

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Comment by arash on December 3, 2008 at 1:38pm
i can't wait for the next full moon!
Comment by Bobert on December 3, 2008 at 1:24pm
Yeah, i saw it too with a sort of halo bit and i did the same thing. I rubbed my eyes, blinked, even got my brother to check and we both saw it. Check out the pictures i took yesterday night.
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on December 3, 2008 at 11:56am
this time the skies were cloudless AND starry. after days and days of looking up at the sky i finally saw the golden tint. and i was skeptical in the evening, coz the moon was pale off white. but 3+ hours later, there was a confirmed yellow tint. not deep gold, but definately you can tell the yellowness.

but yes, there is a weird halo like refraction thing about it, i had to rub my eyes a couple of times to make sure my contacts weren't dry or something.

blurry pictures are as follows:

sorry for being excited after so many days of reports, i finally see it with my own eyes. and the smiley face in the sky was frowning on singapore. :(
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on December 1, 2008 at 4:46am
strangely, while i was taking a nap at work, i saw a vision of the moon...without any holes on its surface. lol
Comment by Bobert on November 30, 2008 at 1:18am
Yellow eh? You could almost say it was Gold :P I can't wait for the full moon.
Comment by Bobert on November 30, 2008 at 1:12am
No need to apologize, i just didn't know if you had a time machine :P
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on November 30, 2008 at 12:29am
sorry! picture taken was 29 saturday evening~
Comment by kosi on November 29, 2008 at 10:35pm
channeling from blossom goodchild
Comment by kosi on November 29, 2008 at 10:01pm
14. NOV 30th.

Good morning to you … it could be your night time … you might have neither … which leads me very smoothly into a subject concerning the moon right now. I had heard nothing about its ‘disappearance’ until yesterday and was asked if I would ask you what is going on. I was asked by someone in America as they haven’t seen the moon for a few weeks, if I could see the moon in Australia … so I looked last night … no moon… but I do not know if this is just within its cycles and cannot be seen. I know this is a biggy, so I will put my TRUST hat on and … fly me to it …

More and more one is finding that there is phenomena occurring that cannot be explained by those of your world whose job it is to explain the unexplained. And yet they are becoming baffled at a surprising rate. Many of your scientists are leaning over to a side of themselves that was once forbidden in their minds, as they were determined to prove that things that are not from your world … are. This is credible for them, for it was their chosen purpose in this time to serve in this way. Indeed by doing so they have put many questions in the minds of many people in order to work things out for themselves.Yet in these days so much is occurring that simply cannot be put down to earthly situations or circumstances. And we say such occurrences are merely the ABC of what is to come.

Regarding your moon … yes, we are aware of that of which you speak.

As with White Cloud I am asking for a picture, so that my mind doesn’t get in the way and interfere with your explanation. Can we do it that way?

Most certainly. This works well for us also. We are showing to you a vast waterfall. It is of the most picturesque that one could imagine. The water is flowing strongly from the top, down into a deep ravine where it mixes with the water already there and continues flowing down stream at a rapid rate. There is much force in this water that we are making you aware of. For that is important. … The impact of the water that is falling as it unites with the water already there. There is much bubbling and would we say ‘electricity’. The source from whence this water is flowing at the top of the waterfall is from mountains much much Higher up. We show as if they reach into the Heavens and the majority of them cannot be seen. This too is most relevant. What we then show to you is that further downstream there is a dam. A brick monstrosity that is holding back the flow of this water. It is preventing it from reaching its destination and blocking its natural flow. So therefore behind this wall there is a great build up of ‘electricity’ that is accumulating in power in that one place. The seams of that wall are beginning to crack under the pressure. We now show to you of the water finally ‘exploding’ through and over this wall. Breaking down all barriers. The wall that was once so ‘protective’ from allowing that source through is broken down into individual bricks which when standing alone, become so weak and powerless. The bricks are scattered in all directions and the blockade is undone once and for all. The rush and force of the water as it bursts through into the place that it is destined for, brings with it a freshness … an electricity that abounds in newness. A circulation occurs that allows ALL to ‘feel’ this surge as it flows forth downstream. You can hear dear lady as if there is much laughter, you see as if many souls are at the sides of this flowing river, there is a FREEDOM in the air.

This FREEDOM is where you are heading. This FREEDOM is what is coming to you. Many of you, through thoughts we have been able to assess, are losing hope within your Beings that the world your souls knew you came here to earth to bring about … is not happening.


And with this happening … so many changes are abounding. You need only to stop and listen to the beating of your heart to know that this is fact.

And the moon? … Let’s not forget about the moon?

The moon shall appear different. You are … we believe the word is skeptical … are you not Blossom?

Nope. I am in the fortunate position of being told of many strange phenomena that is occurring at this time… With all respect… why should this be different? May I ask then … just call me BLOSS the BOLD!! … in what way will it be different?

We give to you the number three. It will be as if there are three moons within the one moon. We are giving you an image of the moon, and it is more Golden as opposed to white, and it has two outer rings around it. There will be radiance from it, an energy that has not been picked up on before. And you are getting ‘This is the real moon’. It is back.

Struth … my hearts pounding BIG TIME. What does that mean exactly?

Your moon that was designed by ‘The Game Masters’ is what we chose to call the REAL moon. That was replaced you know.

No. I didn’t know. I had no idea. By what? A fake moon? Why?

To impress upon you souls of earth a falsehood. An existence that isn’t really what we would call an existence.

Pray continue… or should we just … pray!!

Blossom, as we move rapidly into the space in your time that you of earth call 2012, the REAL WORLD shall be revealed to you. This real world has been cloaked under a darkness that is incomprehensible to most when the Truth of it is known. VERY FEW KNOW of this deep destructive energy … not in the way we know it. Many will not agree … but we say to you … that this will end. This cannot be of any form of energy on your earth plane if the prophesies that were written in the COUNCILS OF LIGHT are to be fulfilled.


We do not desire to tell you ALL we know regarding certain matters that those of lesser Light have in store. Again, some think they know , but we know the minds of the very lowest energies ,and what they have in store is far greater an atrocity than the worst atrocity in Lighter minds could conceive.

We bring in this Higher Light for many reasons. One important one being that the Light energy vibration is weakening the energy that is here to control. This energy has been doing its work for quite a while. The change CAN occur even faster once those of ill soul are brought down from their so called thrones. Their kingdom is crashing at their feet.

The walls of Jericho are tumbling down.


Rise up dearest souls. Feel the new world entering in. Bring it in. Do you believe us?

Well, by the Love I am feeling right now … I feel it so strongly that I reckon I could do it by myself!!! Whoa! Hold me back….

Why would we do so? This energy that you can feel NOW Blossom is the NEW form. The NEW excitement. Within this energy is the power that is allowing the power within each one to be unleashed … if that is the correct manner to use. The excitement … The Love … All things that we have been speaking to you about … is taking place. We say it has been for a while as you know… but NOW it is so that the energy can be felt in a greater way by a greater number of souls. And through this energy we walk into the following days with a power that KNOWS that we are walking in the right direction. There is NO DOUBT. There CANNOT BE DOUBT for the feeling in the soul leaves nothing to be denied.


Excuse me, while I just peel myself off the ceiling! Thank you so much. I can feel your LOVE so strongly I could burst into tears. And some are still trying to tell me you are … How bizarre … I wanted to write two words that stand for an ‘imagery that man devised to create fear’ … give you a clue … two horns, pointed arrow tipped tail and the colour red … but I simply couldn’t have those two words written on this page. The energy of those words just could not be put side by side with the beautiful energy that is on these pages. Guys … from my heart ... I LOVE YOU … and I know many who read your words feel the same. Thank you for the honour. Thank you for it all. Just simply … THANK YOU … tissue anyone?
Comment by Bobert on November 29, 2008 at 9:42pm
It's REALLY low to the horizon.

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