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Hey everyone.

Ok, I guess i should preface by saying I was aware that 9-11 was an inside job the day it happened. But that's only because I was fortunate enough to understand false flag terrorism by that point in my life. So when it all went down that day, it all seemed real shady and anyone who was really paying attention and understood false flag events started putting the pieces together right away. But at that point, September of 2001, not many people were talking about it being an inside job at all. As a matter of fact i would get torn to pieces on message boards for even suggesting anything like it. And in public i got treated just as bad. I would be called anti-American and called a traitor to my country, a terrorist, etc. Living in America and seeing the fervor of patriotism, or should I say, pseudo-patriotism, that swept over this nation, that consumed it, in fact...and have to watch it like an observer, was quite an experience.

It was like being in a bad movie over here, the first few years after 9-11. You knew the plot, but everyone was walking around you clueless to it. Sheep off to the slaughter. "How dare you mention a ruse here." "How dare you even think badly about your govt." And you could plead and scream for people to pay attention, but it wasn't happening.

So over the course of 7 years, sure more people woke up, but most our American freedoms were swept away in the process. Not all of them obviously, but damn well enough to be repulsive to anyone who knew better. Serious serious damage to our constitution.

But still.....7 years later, I cannot believe 9-11 is TO THIS DAY under wraps. With the MOUNTAINS OF EVIDENCE, it's still not disclosed!!!!!!!!!!!! There's been enough proof to spark a real investigation YEARS AGO. Documentaries have been handed out to congressman for years on 9-11 being an inside job, certainly the matter could have received honest debate.

But my question to my brothers and sisters on the other side of the Atlantic is this:

What were your personal and social perspectives on America over the last 7 years? What did you see on your TV's? What were the conversations with your friends like at home or at work? Did you feel as sorry for America as I did? Did you feel like shouting: "Wake up! You're being duped!"? Were you like, "These crazy Americans are trying to take over the world!!!!" ;)

Interesting from my point of view to be inside my nation and watch it implode on itself over the last decade. And watch my fellow American citizens ignore the implosion around themselves. But thankfully many have awakened. The rest will awaken, soon enough, if that is their destiny.

Well, I would really appreciate any input.

Peace my friends. :)


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I was shocked at first, but then like yourself realised quickly that it was an inside job (nobody debate it - its obvious)...
my 1st thoughts were they are going to start a war - they did...

& like always the gullible followers in the uk government backed the US govt and tagged along into a war that had nothing to do with them, like sheep they followed the US once again...

Killing innocent Uk soldiers for a cause that has nothing at all to do with the UK.
If the US want to invade another country (yes invade), let them do it on their own & let them pay the price themselves.
My only advice to all arab nations is this - sell your oil using the euro currency, then you will see the almighty Us govt fall to its knees, they cant fight the whole world, as big as they think they are...
I remember at the time being very shocked, but cynic that I am not believing what we were told
I couldnt understand why the planes hadnt been shot down before they hit the buildings? Why there was hardly any plane why did the building collapse the way they did? ...none of it made any sense to me.

I was afraid the American government were going to start a war, I was afraid we would be dragged into it..and I was afraid for all the ordinary Arab people who were going to suffer because of it

I have always feared the American government(not the people) more than any other,,,and I felt this was the excuse they had been waiting for to stomp all over the rest of the world

I was also worried for my muslim friends, I knew this would make them a target, both here and abroad

I dont know anybody who doesnt think there was something "fishy" about what happened on 9/11

Much love
I also believe its an inside job, we had many discussions about it here at home. Not at first but later on. But look to the historie from America, look back to the time when America was in war with Vietnam. Years later many years later the truth came out.
It seems that some American business man provide guns and war material to the enemy.
That's why the war was goinig on and going on. Really crazy if you think about that. There are no scruples and that is scarry.

Light Love and Laughters for you Pleiadian Namaste
I understand your point of views and the Truth has many faces…. Spirituality is knowing we are who we were could be- there is nothing to change .. it is purely remembering that- I believe we all know that there is no death…all that gave up their physical being to teach us something have been saviors- have they not!
One can only be damaged if one believes that they are damageable ….. there are no persecutors without victims… we all victimize someone…. The victim becomes the persecutor when allowing brutality… there is no wrong there is no right… it is just a lesson to bring us all together to understand who we can be… together… what we can do together….. look not to negatives….. that gives it power.. love the confusion around to encourage it to become lighter and to learn and meaning to unconditional love…..

Love and light
Im from Norway as you well know, i think. :)
Anyway, first when it happened i wasnt really into government issues at all cause i didnt really care about any of it.
Never did either. Cause all i knew was that governments are BS anyway. And i couldt do nothing about it so i didnt care.
When 9\11 hit i was a little shocked. And yes, i believed that US got attacked by evil terrorist, since the "evil" terrorsiste had been on tv and movies well long before 9\11.
But after the US hit back on their soil to look for WMD and to take down Saddam.
I saw the massive destruction of their land and its civilians.
Then i woke up starting asking questions... but it started with HATE! I hated all americans for what they are.
WAR, yes WAR. Cheering "GO USA" GO USA! God bless america and bla bla... then they drop bombs all over the place!
So i hated bassicly all americans for just that. Being americans. Stupid, fat, ingorant, war mongorers etc...
But then i started diggin hard, cause my own country started going the same path... well.
I found answers, the lies got revealed.. and i got heartbroken. Sad for hating without knowing. Feeling your sadness and distress of it all. And you americans werent really in control of anything. And young soldiers have been fed propaganda through movies, games, series, comedians... all brainwashed. Me included at the beginning.
So now i just feel for you Americans that KNOWS that it was an inside job. I cheer and pray for you all.
And for those who still believe that killing civilians and bombing its country to pieces is right, i hope you wake up to the truth before you get it smacked in your face.

So heres my overall feeling.
Its easier for small country's to see the madness when the superpowers make their moves.
At least for me up here in North-Norway. We dont have those massive cities with commercials and brainwashing devices on every corner. We got nature and space. So its like, when Bush spoke on terrorisme and what to do... i was like "Seriously, how stupid do they think we are, its all about the oil, oil, oil. But then again the picture was even larger than that! And that i didnt find out more about until i saw Zeitgeist about a year ago or more. THEN i was totally sure of my suspicions. World control. But then again many here in Norway still believe that 9\11 was NOT an inside job.
Norway are supporting the "war on terror" and that is making me furious and thats why i also hated America cause we got suckered in their BS as well. Its not our war.
But as i said, now i pray for your well being and that the truth will hit smack in their faces soon, very soon.

Anyways, hope that helped a little. :)

Love be with you, your family and your fellow americans no matter what.



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