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BLOSSOM GOODCHILDS BOOKS as channeled by White Cloud and The Federation of Light

1. WALKING IN THE LIGHT AND THE LOVE . Book 1 is an introductory script which offers many metaphors from White Cloud and assists greatly in teaching us how to live life to the fullest here on earth, and learning to look at Life's ups and downs from side to side!!

Subjects in “ ….” indicate a metaphor used by “White Cloud”

Chapter 1. Finding God, Gratitude and Appreciation, Choice.

Chapter 2. Truth, To learn and to Love, Facing new Challenges, Crystals, Healing.

Chapter 3. “Snowdrops”, “Snail”, Listening, Soul Mates.

Chapter 4. A time to be born and a time to die, Silver Cord, Life after ‘death’.

Chapter 5. Meditating, “Golden Chalice”

Chapter 6. “White Cloud” sees through Blossom’s eyes.

Chapter 7. Angels, Guides and Helpers, ‘Ducks on a pond”.

Chapter 8. The beauty within, ‘Canary”

Chapter 9. The ‘inner voice’, Giving Love to the World.

Chapter 10. ‘The Stream”, “The Mountain”, releasing negativity, “French Loaves”.

Chapter 11. “Light at the end of the Tunnel”, “The Goose”, Other realms.

Chapter 12. “The Frying Pan”, “Cooking”, Judgement, Trusting, “The Monkey”.

Chapter 13. “The Clothes Line”, Meditating, “Cleaning the House”, Soul Extensions.

Chapter 14. The Crucifixion of Jesus, Tuning in to the spiritual side. “Toffee apple

Chapter 15. Dealing with Pain, “Swings and Roundabouts”, star seeds.

Chapter 16. “The Metronome”, Take five minutes out, ‘The Pillow”, Display your talents.

Chapter 17. Tuning in to a Higher vibration, Into the Light, “the dropped stitch”.

Chapter 18. “Pages in a book”, “Golden Sword”, Angels and guides.

Chapter 19. “The Leek”, “Chess”, “Dice”, “Snakes and Ladders”, Lost Souls.

Chapter 20. “The Sea Shore”, “Toy Sailing Boat”, Dealing with people with drug problems, Helping Souls Find the Light.

Chapter 21. “Pastry”, Opportunities.

Chapter 22. “Sand in a Jug”, “White Cloud” takes a drink.

Chapter 23. Have a Plan. “Shopping”, Knocking down brick walls.

Chapter 24. “White Cloud” experiences nature again in the garden.

Chapter 25. “Parachutes”, “Slice of Bread”, Trust and Truth, Seeing another’s Light.

Chapter 26. “The Roses”, “The Swing”.

Chapter 27. September 11th, Lifting the Vibrations.

Chapter 28. “The Oak tree”, “The Christmas Lights”, Love Yourself.

Chapter 29. “The Yacht Race”, Making the Right Decisions.

Chapter 30. Finding peace, “The Double Decker Bus”, “The Bowling Alley”. Healing Energy.

Chapter 31. “Eating Sweets”, Listen to your Heart.

Chapter 32. “The Pin Cushion”, Indoctrination.

Chapter 33. “The Frie”, “Crossing the River”, Acceptance.

Chapter 34. “The Banana”, Golden Chalice.

Chapter 35. Nature Spirits, Know that you are Love, The Concept of God.

Chapter 36. “White Cloud” on Blossom.

2. THE SPIRIT OF WHITE CLOUD ... 3. A NEW DAWN ... Books 2 &3 contain a wide variety of questions asked to White Cloud during meetings held over the last 8 years.His answers are 'his opinion ... his Truth' and as he often gently states, if they do not sit well with you, then seek the answers that do. Very wise!. Subjects covered can be found below.

Topics in “…” indicate the theme of the story or metaphor that “White Cloud” uses to get his message across.

CHAPTER 1. James Twyman Peace Vigil, Giving Love, A Higher Energy.“Sandcastle”, “Candles.”

CHAPTER 2. Connecting with Blossom, Compliments, Results of Peace Vigil. “Handkerchief”

.CHAPTER 3. Children passing to spirit through illness, The “Reptilians”, Passing to spirit when you are spiritually aware.

CHAPTER 4. The White House, Preparing and communicating with Blossom, Blossom’s fits. “Pile of matches”, “Torch”, “Toy Soldiers”

CHAPTER 5. Soul Mates, Energy Levels, Coping with Changes, Life Directions.“Sweets”, “Rose Petals”

.CHAPTER 6. Human Conflict, Cruelty to Animals, Animal Testing, Curing Disease. Spirit entering body at birth and leaving at death. Miscarriage, Abortion .Sin, Murder, Do Not Judge.

CHAPTER 7. Suicide, Euthanasia, Other Channels of “White Cloud”. “Kangaroo/Joey”

.CHAPTER 8. The Truth of the Bible?, Being Positive, Feeling Lost. “Snow Boarding downMountain”.

CHAPTER 9. Patience, Knowing, Money, Why Noosa is Spiritual Place.

CHAPTER 10. Relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Spiritual progress. “Cable Car”, “Blind Girl and Old Doll”

.CHAPTER 11. Relationships, Causes of Disease, Spiritual Protection, Judgement.“Pelican”, “Ladder”

CHAPTER 12. Cremation or Burial, Re–wiring the Physical Body. Listening to the Soul, Meditating. “Street Lights”, “Driving”

.CHAPTER 13. Emotional Shifts and Changes, Alien Abduction, Alien Implants. The nature ofLove. Visualisation. “Skipping Rope”

CHAPTER 14. How many lives have we had. Are we from a different planet? A New Energy talks on Truth and Love.

CHAPTER 15. Music and Singing, Music in other realms, Music and colours. Cruelty to Humans and Animals, Animal experiments, Animal Souls, Talking to Spirit Energies.

CHAPTER 16. Crop Circles, Why Spiritual attraction to Noosa? “Flower Petals”, “Flowers and Weeds”

.CHAPTER 17. Dreams, Spirit working on Spirit, White Light protection, Protection in general. “Grand piano”, “Making Music”

CHAPTER 18. How does Spirit World manifest itself, How do you progress in Spirit, Psychic Children and disabilities. Another Energy Talks. “Building Site”, “Goldfish”, “Fish Tank”

.CHAPTER 19. Blood Transfusions and Organ Transplants. Medical System, Donating Ones Body to Science, How Long in Spirit between lives, Can a Soul return to an earlier time in history. “Teapot”, “Stations on a Continuous Train Track”.

CHAPTER 20. Passing on Spiritual Knowledge, A New Energy takes a Meditation. “Computer on line”

CHAPTER 21. Effects of changing Birth time by inducement / Caesarean, Progressing on other realms, Connecting with the Soul. “White Cloud” chants.

CHAPTER 22. Meaning of “White Cloud’s” Chant. “Giraffe”

.CHAPTER 23. Truth and Doubt. “Kangaroo and Joey”

.CHAPTER 24. Laugh Lots, Spirit in Human Form, Communication with one who has passed on. “Gym Work Out”, “High and Low Tides”, “Jigsaw Puzzle”

.CHAPTER 25. Staying Positive, All is as Should Be, Helping Others, Sacred Secrets.“Balloons”

.CHAPTER 26. Expectations, Cruelty to Animals, Evolving, Reincarnating. “Camera/ Photograph”, “Diving”

.CHAPTER 27. Angels, Meditating, Contacting Spirit Guides. “Basket of Flowers”

.CHAPTER 28. Harmonic Concordance, Portals, Golden Age. “Skyscraper”

CHAPTER 29. Personal talents, The Sea, Spirit Signs. Feathers., Music. Dreams. “Racing Car”

.CHAPTER 30. New Vibrations of Energy, New Phenomena, Love shall Conquer All, Natural law. “White Horse”

.CHAPTER 31. Celebrating Christmas, The Ego, Visualisation. “White Christmas tree”

.CHAPTER 32, Trusting, Handling Negativity from others. “Snorkelling”

.CHAPTER 33.Connecting with the Higher Self, Finding time to Meditate, Stop Thinking,


Topics in “…” indicate the theme of the story or metaphor that “White Cloud” uses to get his message across.

Chapter 1 : A new level of connection between White Cloud and Blossom. Connecting with other spiritual/cosmic beings. A New Energy Speaks. Removing ‘Guilt’. Enhancing one’s spirituality.
Chapter 2 : “Monkey”. The vibration of names. The Truths/Un-Truths in the Bible. The transformation to the New World.

Chapter 3 : “Crow’s feather”. Menstrual cycles, future changes. Coping with change and Trust. Releasing old baggage. Nature spirits. The socks.

Chapter 4 : “Sand in jug/ocean”. “Pumping up tyres” The ‘Ascended Masters’. Angels and Archangels Trusting and letting go.

Chapter 5 : “Giraffe/Elephant”. “Chocolate Orange” Spirit faces. Spirit Guides.

Chapter 6 : The Virgin Mary Energy Speaks. “Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce”. “Kilt”. Negative energy. Visualising/ manifesting/spiritual agreements. Giving Love. Intellect v. Feelings.Sharing Higher knowledge. ‘Words’ and intention.

Chapter 7 : “Turf ”. “Box of chocolates” The Immaculate Conception. The VirginMary Energy Speaks. Two souls as one.“Golden sock”.

Chapter 8 : “Playing golf ”. ‘Out of body’ experience. spirit consciousness. Individual aspects as petals on a flower. The visitor.

Chapter 9 : Other aspects of ourselves. Determining Truth. Whales and dolphins. “Ring of fire/hoop of Light”.

Chapter 10 : The tunnel of Light. A New Energy Speaks. The Golden key. The New World. “The swimming pool filter”.

Chapter 11 : “Snowdrop”. Dreams and dreaming. Soul and Spirit. Aura Photography. Your Divine Purpose. Healing.

Chapter 12 : “Blade of grass”. A New Energy Speaks. “Jigsaw Puzzle”.

Chapter 13 : “Painting”. “Lawn mower”. Terrorism. Negativity and Judgement. Working whilst sleeping. “Playing the recorder”. Importance of Preparation. Follow your Truth.

Chapter 14 : “Bird in a cage”. “Snorkel and goggles” Home planets/stars. Energy connections. “Lighthouse”.
Chapter 15: “Origami”. Water and Crystals. Relationships.

Chapter 16 : “Toy car track”. The Ball of Love. “Knitting”. Light Workers. Making a friend with yourself. Opening to Love.
Chapter 17 : “Yacht”. Enthusiasm. Travel by thought telepathy. White Cloud’s healing in last lifetime. “Brick wall”.

Chapter 18 : Outer appearances and judgement. Knowing your Truth. Visualisation, Sending Love. A definition of Love. Connecting with Higher Self. Animal energies.

Chapter 19 : “Aeroplane”. “Target cans”. Divine Timing. White Cloud’s last lifetime.
Chapter 20 : “Rocket firework”. A New Energy Speaks. Another New Energy Speaks. “Slice of bread”. Communicating with other energies.

Chapter 21 : A New Energy Speaks. Putting Love into everything. Spiritual awakening. ‘Walk in’ Soul exchanges. “Grapes”. Dreaming and Sleep states. Extra-Terrestrials.

Chapter 22 : “Balloons”. A New Energy Speaks. Our purpose in life. Another New energy peaks. U.F.O’s. Raising our vibrations.

Chapter 23 : “Large white sheet”. Your Truth. “Untying bootlaces”. Discarding old beliefs. The Friendships Speak. The 11/11. “Mouse”. Another New Energy Speaks.

Chapter 24 : Spiritual progress. The Friendships Speak. Terrorists and Judgement. Extra- Terrestrials. Negative energies verses Light and Love. The New World.

Book 1 from The Federation of Light. On December 7th 2005, I went for a reading with a gifted clairvoyant and through her, I was asked by spirit, to start writing another book.It was not going to be White Cloud’s words; it was going to be … for want of a better way of putting it … White Cloud’s bosses! Interesting! They asked me if I would sit down at the computer every morning for half an hour and they would channel the words through. This was very unlike the other three books, which were simply transcripts of the White Cloud meetings that had been held. A matter of transcribing tapes of the meetings into book form. I say ‘simply’ because compared to this one, that is what they were … simple. The next day was my 48th birthday. What a marvellous day to begin. I took some deep breaths to tune in and promptly wrote down the thoughts that came into my head.A year later on my 49th birthday I finished the book. I call it 'Preperation for the soul."

SNAPHOT. (eBook only). Book 2 from The Federation. In Dec of Last year I was asked to resume my channelling with The Federation. It was during theses writings that The Oct 14th meassage came through! The rest is history ! Or not!

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