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Here is a story that many people can probably relate to, and it poses a very big question from the viewpoint of Belief in Self.

This is a love story.

'Jane' asked the universe for her Soul Mate, and in her sleep dreams, the Universe told her he was coming. One day the Universe told her he was 'here'  when awake, she couldn't see him.

One day the Universe moved, and her Soulmate became apparent to her. They connected and made big bright lights of energy together, and the multifaceted ball of love was a match no matter which angle it was viewed on. Love and Unity shone out of the two. They were so happy to have found each other and their relationship is filled with unconditional love and mutual respect.

Should be a beautiful story, but it turned out to be that Janes' Soul Mate was her best friends' ex and had been for over 2 years. Her best friend had told the ex not to find love with any of her friends when they split up, and he agreed. There was a shared social network. But he found love with Jane and the attraction was too strong to resist. They have been together over 12 months.

Best Friend was so upset that the two had become a couple, and immediately closed off her friendship to Jane. She also went out and told the social network her pain and the network closed off to Jane and her Soul Mate. Living in the small community that they do, this means that everyone has a link to the network, and the two lovers live in virtual social isolation. When asked, the social network talk about broken morals and don't want to know them.

Jane believes she has followed her heart and made choices that are right for her.  She understands that in small communities, someone is always going to be with someone else's ex, and she doesn't have any moral issues around her choices.

But it does pose a question about morals. What are morals? Which morals are correct and who gets to judge the morals that one person has?

re morals related to levels of energy? Have Jane and Soul Mate shifted their energy level and no longer vibrate with the energy of the old social network?

Love to hear any ideas, insights, flashes of inspiration around this subject. Not asking for any judgements about what the two lovers have done, (there has been enough judgement already) but interested in discussion around the subject from the viewpoint of Belief in Self as it relates to Ascension and Soul Energies etc.

Love and Hugs


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