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I recently submitted a post regarding Sherry who was suffering from an incurable brain tumor. Please read George R. Simpson's response with reference to the remote healing that he offered.

"This is a Blog about how Sherry Conway was healed of a brain tumor.

Mike O, an active member of many networks, posted many pleas about Sherry Conaway's brain tumor. I received one of these messages and Mike arranged for me to email Sherry.

I told Sherry that I had been successful in healing brain tumors and other serious diseases, but also told her that I had failed about half the time. I told her that the healing gift I had also worked over the telephone.

I called Sherry (there was only one call) at a pre-arranged time and spent about 30 minutes with her. She said that she felt the tumor "melting away" while I was trying to heal her.

Later, Sherry emailed me and said that the healing effort had been successful. The tumor was gone and the doctor was amazed.

Thank goodness that some people can pick up on the plight of others and use technology for positive reasons. The Internet certainly helped in this respect."

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