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I am posting a plea which comes from Jason's Network regarding one of their members. Here is the message below. Please add your thoughts.

It is with a heavy heart and absolute vision of a better tomorrow that I inform you our dear friend Sherry aka Elite5 has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

At the ripe young age of 45, she is far too young to be on her way to anything other than another 50 years of divine health.

Scheduled to meet with her brain surgeon on Tuesday, Sherry has given me permission to ask for your thoughts and prayers.

Attention all healers, intuitive guides, light workers and honest to goodness folks, now is the time to bring our collective souls together as One.

How can you help? Just concentrate on this page. In your own words, let her know just how much you care.

Until next time, always remember that WE LOVE YOU SHERRY and no matter what, keep sharing your magic with the world.

Much love

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