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Okay, so I realized that many are against coming out of the galactic closet, for reasons such as reputation, jobs, fear, or for some it's related to their personal missions. But for those who ARE in favor, others must realize that this collective group feel and believe it is part of a group mission for them to be a part of. With this said, I feel it is important to respect and understand each individuals missions, and collective missions between groups.

For the youtube channel on starseed disclosure, we have made a great start, but we need more if we are really going to raise the awareness. Lightworkers or awakened beings who don't necessarily call themselves starseeds, can still upload a personal video to show support for the project, and to share their beliefs and ideas. Starseeds themselves too I encourage you to upload your personal video disclosing yourself, it can be any format, I understand some aren't comfortable showing their faces, that's fine you don't have to do anything you don't wish to (Free will).

I have seen the regional directors have many great ideas to work on in their areas, I strongly feel talks and workshops could be greatly beneficial when talking about spirituality, nature, universal laws, light and dark, chakra, ascension and much more. I believe many would become more consciously aware with such classes being put forth.

I think too another major part of our mission is not only to help Mankind but the animal kingdom too, we will greatly benefit from nature restoration, simple things like making ponds, or letting plants and trees grow will encourage more wildlife back into areas. I think Children as well as parents should also be encouraged to look after Earth precious wildlife.

I don't know about you guys but around my area, you see youths out drinking all the time, I'm one of them. And it's mostly cause they have nothing else to do with their time. Maybe we could look at projects to raise their self respect, importance and show them their is much greater things to be doing with their time in which they can truly benefit from taking part in.

The Elderly also I believe should be a major concentration for us, those that live alone I feel it would be good to check in on them daily just to have a chat, a cup of tea, or take them out into the garden on a nice day. I feel they too will benefit from such service.

We need to get our communities back and united, most of the people living on my street I don't even know, we don't speak or communicate. I believe this is a common sight, this has to change. We need to have that neighborly bond, that common ground and respect for one another, this will bring communities as a whole much closer together.

I think another thing that needs to be re-addressed as many don't seem to have gotten it through their heads is, we are all one, and all the same. The way we treat others is how we will be treating oneself. Discrimination against race, religion, sexuality, disability etc etc, is mostly down to ignorance and misunderstanding. They need to drop those barriers and see they are all human, and all one.

People also need to be learned about the system now, the powers that be, and ET life. It's hard to talk about to so many people that are unaware but they need to be given that opportunity to wake up.

I think we could benefit from regional ambassadors and peace keepers too, both young and old could take part in being active in their area serving the people in their areas, this could lower criminal rates in areas, it will bring more love to the world and it will give those who are involved the feeling of doing good in a more forefront active way.

Furthermore I truly believe this project can lead to so much more good, spiritual communities, starseed communities, Nature and spiritual centers, even spiritual councils in each region to oversee progress in their areas. Blessed be, love and light to all my divine brothers and sisters. - made by Darryl from the UK

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