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Violet Flame Upgrade by the Violet Flame

One of the most powerful frequencies of Light that God gave us to help uplift is and raise our vibration and heal and release everything that is still blocking our spiritual growth is the Violet Flame. Natalie shares a wonderful update on this below. Enjoy with Infinite Blessings of Love & Light, Steve

Violet Flame Upgrade By Natalie Glasson


I am the Consciousness of the Violet Flame. In the same way that you are an essence of the Creator taking form, so am I. I take the form of the Violet Flame of Transmutation supporting the release of negative, stagnant and unneeded energies to further aid your healing and ascension process of the Earth.  I am an energy consciousness that you can call upon whether you are in existence upon the Earth or the inner planes to co-create healing on all levels of your being.

I am present to be of service. Whenever you think of me, call me, express an intention for healing or letting go of limiting and separating energies. As the Violet Flame of Transmutation, I am a potent and intense energy that burns up energies, thoughts, beliefs and fears within you that hinder your connection with the Creator.

Due to this, my energy is always accompanied by Angels from the 7th Ray of Light whose sole purpose is to anchor angelic love into your entire being after experiencing a co-created healing with my presence, the Violet Flame of Transmutation. My presence can empty your being of all unneeded energies, the space created then needs to be filled with love to continue the healing process. The Angels promote this by distributing love while also activating your inner love vibrations to blossom into your entire being.

My purpose of connecting with you is to share the shift and upgrade which has occurred within my consciousness. This shift and upgrade is not due to my own evolution. In fact, it is due to the large steps humanity are taking along their spiritual evolution.

In your past with many low vibrational and stagnant energies to release and heal from your being and reality, a potent cleansing vibration was necessary. Humanity has let go of such a great volume of limiting energies and beliefs that cleansing with such a potent light is no longer required. This means that as the Violet Flames consciousness I am able to access higher vibrations and frequencies of my being from other dimensions, bringing them to synthesis with the aspect of my being humanity connects with and draws upon.

Your evolution has allowed me to expand into my greater truth in your presence, allowing me to access higher dimensions of myself to bring forth to you.  In truth, this is also what you are doing; you are constantly accessing higher dimensions of yourself bringing them into manifestation within your current existence, therefore expanding the presence of your truth upon the Earth. You are constantly changing and shifting, therefore, your needs, and the energies you draw upon to support your ascension are also shifting to remain in harmony with you.

The potent and intense cleansing and purification vibrations of my energy will remain ever present. However, when you call upon my energies, you will discover I am much gentler in vibration with a deep flowing energy which promotes connectivity within your being, between your energy systems and with the Creator. This flowing connectivity will promote a powerful sense of oneness and peace within your being, between yourself and others, as well as between yourself and the Creator.

Connectivity within your being and with the Creator is one of your intentions within your ascension process, whether you consciously realise this or not. Thus, when you call upon the Violet Flame for purification, cleansing and healing, you will still receive this, and yet the overall sensation and experience will be of energies connecting.

Connectivity creates a greater understanding of self and the Creator while magnifying the light that you are, awakening your inner remembrance to the powerful presence of your inner light. The flow of connectivity will promote truth revealed to you or unfolding from within your being, a harmony with yourself and the Creator, as well as a sense of being fully supported and assisted by the Universe and the Creator.

My greater presence and co-creation with you will support realisations and embodiments of the wholeness of your being, as well as the wholeness of the Creator within your being. This means that even after you have called upon my assistance and I withdraw from your energy, you will accelerate akin to a spiral with greater speed and awareness within the energy of unity, connectivity to all, and wholeness. In truth, my presence will trigger an activation within you encouraging you to recognise yourself as whole and united, rather than separate, incomplete and imperfect.

Within the vibration that I, the Violet Flame, now share with you is an awakening of accelerated healing which is the process of bathing all aspects of your being in the purest vibration of the Creator’s light. This brings all aspects of your being back to the light, existing in harmony with your light and truth.

My presence will promote, activate and develop the intensity, power and presence of your own natural self-healing abilities.  In truth, your self-healing abilities will be magnified.

You will notice more and more healing taking place within your being due to your intentions, energies or assistance from the divine you have called upon, or your own healing energy being directed to certain areas of your being. As you may be able to gather, I am awakening the truth within you and co-creating a deeper connectivity to the truth of the Creator.

When calling upon my energy you can still hold the same intention as before for healing, cleansing and purification, however, so much more will take place as I have explained. If you do call upon my presence with the intention of promoting your self-healing, experiencing a greater connectivity and wholeness within your being or a greater unity with the Creator, then I will co-create this with you in the most appropriate and magical way. It is your choosing as to whether you wish to retain your original focus or expand your mind to consciously explore the co-creation we can achieve together.

Co-Creating with the Violet Flame

During meditation or quiet time, call upon my energy to be present with you:

Violet Flame of Transmutation and Connectivity, I call upon your presence to draw forth, surround me and co-create with me. I welcome your energies, consciousness and activations to be of service to my ascension in ways that I can understand as well as ways guided by my soul which I may not need to acknowledge.

As your energy fills my entire being, I share with you my intention and reason for calling upon your assistance and service.

(Please state your intention in your own words from your heart.)

I now surrender to your co-creation of my intention within my being and reality, knowing that my soul and higher aspects will oversee all transitions and shifts activated within my being. Violet Flame of Transmutation and Connectivity I now receive your energy. Thanks and gratitude is expressed from my heart.’

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you exist within a Violet Flame, which completely surrounds your body and energetic bodies. Stay within my energy observing your entire being or allowing yourself to recognise any areas which require healing or any transformations which take place.

Imagine from the base of my energy, the Violet Flame which surrounds you, a pale violet light spirals moving up through the centre of your being, reaching out beyond your crown chakra. This is my energy merging the connectivity frequency of my energy, activating a frequency of wholeness within your being which blossoms into all aspects of your being.

Simply focus upon the pale violet spiral continuously flowing from below you, up through the centre of your being and beyond.

Bring your attention to your higher heart chakra, your own sacred energy and self-healing vibrations will begin to awaken, overflowing to fill your entire being. Qualities of unity, truth, oneness and self-love may be recognised within the sacred energy now filling your being. You may notice that you feel your inner energy expanding consciously, connecting with aspects of the Creator. This will support an acceleration of your ascension while downloading new Creator energy into your being.

Much will occur which may be beyond your recognition; it is important to remain in meditation until you feel my energy withdraw, as then you will be certain that my co-creation with you is complete.

If the energy becomes too intense, please make a direct request to me to decrease the speed of my vibration until it becomes more comfortable for you. Finally, it is appropriate to know and understand that as my energy withdraws so, the Angels of the 7th Ray of Light will draw forth and channel angelic love into your being to assist further and to complete the process.

With loving intentions for your ascension,

Violet Flame of Transmutation and Connectivity

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Free audio download of Natalie's message:


I am the Consciousness, Light and Divine Vibration of the Violet Flame, anchored from the higher realms of the Creator’s universe into all dimensions, and representing the Purification Energy of the Creator. I am the Light of the Creator focused upon transmuting and transforming energies into a truthful alignment and acceptance of the Creator. Let me be as one with you, as we work together to dissolve illusion. 
To read Natalie's whole post - please visit:

I Am The Consciousness of The Violet Flame.
I Am a Being of Purification and Healing.
I Am The Dissolver of illusion, separation, and mis-qualified energy.
I see, sense and acknowledge memories of fear, pain, and energies stored anywhere in your Being awaiting transformation.
I am The Violet Flame, the Source & Power of Loving Guided Transformation and Transmutation working in me now.
I am the Truth of My Being, and I recognise and express the Truth of the Creator.

I Am The Violet Flame, lovingly transmuting and transforming every area in me awaiting transformation, allowing for The Truth and natural Flow of The Creator throughout my Whole Being!
I Am always accompanied by Angelic Love.
Divine Love flowing through me now is guiding, soothing, and comforting me...and is transforming into the Divine Joy and Bliss I Am now experiencing.
Through Loving Transformation and the beautiful Vibrations of The Creator - I Am Beauty in Manifestation.
I recognize the Beauty of The Creator as My Divine Nature.
I am Beautiful

The audio in the video is from Natalie Glasson's audio called "Violet Flame Invocation With Violet Flame Crystal Singing Bowl" It's a free download found on Natalie's website at:

Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all,


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We see a world having returned to love; where we now love each other, love the animals, love the plants, love the Earth and all her beautiful manifestations - the oceans, rivers, lakes, mesas, canyons, deserts, forests, the winds, the rains, the snows, the warmth of the Sun, the glow of the moon, the light of the stars - we love it all.

We love ourselves, as well. We love our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our spirits, our work, our hobbies, our friends and families, our shortcomings, our lessons, our adversities, our trials, our enemies, our emotions in good times and bad - we love it all.

And we love our experiences; the ones that teach us, the ones that excite us, the ones that touch us, the ones that soothe us, the ones that change us, the ones that feed us, and the ones that stretch us to become more than we have been. We love it all.

For it is in loving it all that we become it all, and we fulfill the promise we made to ourselves before we came to this beautiful, abundant planet.

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