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I posted this as well on Adam's site,, which in and of itself is an amazing site. everyone should check that out.

But this is a must watch for any lightworker.

One series that I mention over and over again to people in this field is "The Legend of Atlantis." Absolutely amazing. It's about 6 hours long, in 5 parts. It covers everything. Secret societies, Nazi ARV craft, the occult, the Galactic Confederation, the origins of the human species, theozoology, hollow earth, and on and on. In all my years of research, this one sums it up pretty close to the mark.

Part 1: Dawn of the Gods

Part 2: Secret Brotherhood

Part 3: Secret Prophecies

Part 4: Return of the Lightmasters

Part 5: The War of Armageddon


Enjoy it everyone!

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