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I have this dream, and I have had it a few times. The dream itself is dark, but what I want to get at is why I am having it. besides my own interpretations? It's usually the same dream, different variables of course, but still the same jist. When I have the dream, part of me knows I am dreaming.

In the dream, all is chaos. Buildings are burning, people are fleeing for their lives. In the dream I know that a majority of the world's population is already dead, and people are scrambling to take cover. There are reptilians patrolling the streets, maybe one for every 20 or 30 people. They are big and they are mean. People are hiding out in broken buildings. There is radiation in the air that people can feel, but not every time I have the dream. One time I had the dream, and the dream lasted a week inside my head, but only lasted 20-30 minutes while I slept, but an entire week of running for my life went on in my head.

Now, I know that all this is me coming to terms with a worse case scenario event. When I am conscious, I don't feel this way at all. In fact, most of my dreams regarding aliens or first contact are usually very positive. But when i have this dream, i always wake up the same: sheets twisted, pillows on the floor; results of bad sleep.

Just wondering if anyone has any "invasion" dreams, and what you have done to try to interpret them and understand them.

Peace out!


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I have had a dream that was somewhat similar but not quite. I really don't know if it was an invasion nor was it reptillians.

I was in the car with a friend on a bridge. I looked out the window and saw a square shaped vessel and all this green and purple fog. On the land next to the bridge there were several buildings with a greenish glow to them being affected by the vessel. Some were floating around, spinning, and one building was growing but the top floor of it was destroyed so it never grew. It just kept growing and getting destroyed.

My friend told me it was the Putan Kapel. And throughout my dream I kept hearing that name, Putan Kapel, from various people. I turned on the radio to get some traffic news and a lady said, "...They request our DNA..."

It was a profound dream. Also in another part of that dream I was talking to my dead grandmother too. And I think she was actually there, as in not exactly a dream.
Dreams, wonderful things.

Yes, last night again I had a dream which I could remember clearly with minimal effort when I woke up this morning, and hos prophetic it turned out to be for the rest of my day. I won't go into details, but here are some interesting snippets:

-The first part of my dream, I was imprisoned. I didn't feel angry or afraid, simply disappointed. Doctors kept trying to tell me that it was all just a dream, that nothing what I thought was real, but I insisted and persisted. That love is light, that we are on the path to ascension, that we are not the slaves of time and instinct. One by one my family members were paraded into the room, they gathered and told me to let go of the delusion that they wanted me back and if I just let go of my delusions, I'd be welcome back, they'd forget it ever happened and they'd make me forget that I ever thought this way at all. But their efforts to persuade me were thwarted when my grandmother stood up and simply said 'I believe you.' This is impressive, considering she died almost exactly six months ago. In a flash of light, with a feeling of pure love flooding me, the cell disappeared and I was transported to the next stage of my dream.

-It was an outdoor feast, a wedding I was to find out. Everyone was cheering and I met quite a few of my old friends, they were all there. Somehow I felt out of place, and it didn't strike me until later that I was the only one actually dressed for the occasion. Scenes of jubilation aside, I got to talking to someone I could barely perceive, as if his very shape was fuzzy around the edges. He said 'Haven't you heard? They greys are going to attack soon.' And I heard myself responding 'Don't be ridiculous. If the Zeta were on the march again, I'd be the first to know.' There was a cheer from behind me, and I saw a man in the middle of the crowd slowly lifting from the ground, arms stretched wide. I saw that he was being lifted by at least two beings, but I couldn't actually see them in detail, I just 'saw' that they were there without seeing. That is when that familiar energy that enters my dreams these days appeared next to me, as a man dressed to go to a wedding just like me, and smiled.

-This is where my alarm clock informed me it was time to get up after giving me a snippet of the daily news and the status of roads and public transport.

Then my alarm clock actually /did/ go off and repeated the message I heard from the dream alarm clock. It was surreal, as if someone had rewound time and hit 'play' again a few seconds early. Woke up with a massive headache, couldn't remember my dream at all. So I released the tension through my third eye chakra, as I normally do with headaches, the pain disappeared and my dream came flooding back in full detail.

Ever since feeling like sitting in complete nothingness while meditating five days ago, with a bright light appearing from above me, I've had lucid dreams, full recollection of these dreams, and the same energy or entity again and again appearing.

If this is what it feels like to go mad, by all means reserve me a cell in Bedlam Central. :-)


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