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This was a strange one, and I actually thought twice about posting the details, but since this is the first dream I've remembered clearly, and in fact experienced lucidly while it was occurring, in the last two weeks, I suspect there is an important message there. There is one that I see personally, but perhaps other insights will clarify things even more.

As I mentioned before, there are two things which appear to be constant in my dreams: the familiar energy that takes on different shapes, and the large spider that seems to represent negativity.

So here goes.

As I go to sleep, I wake up instantly in surroundings that appear very familiar. I can't describe them very well, but suffice to say that they felt familiar and not of this time. Getting out of bed, I recognise the room as one I had dreamt of years ago. Seeing myself in the mirror, I see myself for the first time, and it 'felt' right. It was me. Not how I appear now, but the way I simply felt I had always looked. Strangely enough, I felt that I was on a ship, and surrounded by people who wished nothing but love on me. It was serene, I could have stayed there forever. But it was not to be. The familiar energy, looking like a uniformed humanoid, steps into the room and explains as delicately as he can that he had to wake me up because there was 'a problem'. He hands me an item which I will not describe, and I feel an immediate familiarity with it. I'm also horrified, because I know it to be a weapon.

I join him out of the room, into shimmering hallways. They appear beautiful, but I can 'sense' that something is wrong, very wrong. A shadow flees from us, and we give chase. There are others around, but they dare not approach, looking at me as if in disbelief. Then I notice that things seem to be malfunctioning.

This is where the dream seems to 'skip' and I am standing with a group of at least four others waiting for a 'lift' to open. It opens, part way, and the leader of the group, the familiar energy, looks inside. He claims it is malfunctioning, and they would have to find another route. I distinctly remember looking at his boots then, and recognizing them as a pair belonging to someone I know very well. As the group moves off, I stay behind, and walk into the lift. It indeed malfunctions, but I know what floor or 'deck' I'm supposed to go. Despite flying up and down relentlessly, I manage to pry open the correct set of doors just as we pass by, and slip out.

I find myself in a large room. One side contains windows, or viewports, and I see Earth. Suddenly I become aware of a shadow nearby, and I turn to face it. Nothing there. I see a large object which I identify as a computer, and suddenly my mind starts to swim. I can no longer think clearly and stumble forwards. Distinctly I remember pointing my weapon at this computer, and a door suddenly opening far to my left. Two rings of energy fly my way and hit me in the chest, sending me flying back and toppling over a desk of sorts. The group that took the long way around now enter, and I identify the familiar energy as the one who shot me. Strangely, there is no pain, and even though I'm winded and develop a headache, I don't seem to appear hurt either. A shadow leaps off me and disappears again, everyone is cautioned not to move.

Rolling over to get back up, I notice that when I toppled the desk, I also landed on a flat piece of equipment, about the size of a TV remote. Recognizing it, though upon waking up unable to tell what I recognized it as, I pressed several buttons and suddenly the light in the room changed. Half a dozen large black spiders, about the size of a horse, can be seen skittering about the room. When the first of them is shot, they realize they've been spotted and try to flee. I don't remember what happened to the others, but my head start to swim again and I heard the energy's distinct voice tell me that I had done what needed doing, and it was alright to go to sleep.

Waking up, I get out of bed and notice something strange. It's as if the room isn't 'right', and I notice I'm still dreaming, wide awake. Stepping out of my room, cautiously, I see my reflection in the hallway mirror and notice I am indeed myself, as I look now, but also that a shadow is hiding on the wall behind me. I turn to face it, and again I see one of those large spiders. It looks at me with eyes that almost appear human, and seems shocked that it was spotted. The next moment, a ring of energy disintegrates it and the familiar energy stands at my shoulder, smiling. I couldn't help myself from laughing out loud, and the next moment I faint.

Then I woke up again. And as far as I can tell, I'm awake as I type this...

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