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Here a video to kickstart the exchange of thoughts on oneness

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It is inspiration enough to know that everyone is aware of their connection to each other. I think it's beautiful that some people have trouble articulating it... some words cannot describe truth. It's like trying to explain a color to someone.. There is a beauty that exists, but cannot be named. Infinity is a wondrous thing. That is how I know I AM ONE. We are simply witnessing & BEing the many expressions of source. I know I AM LOVE. Thanks for sharing this :)

We are all snowflakes.... all unique, in oneness we are the essence of divine beauty.
Oneness, to me, is the inviolate unassailable Sacred Reality that we are never not One, that we are never actually in danger or threatened (to borrow from ACIM), and the still real hard-for-me-to-get deep in root of mind, that there is actually nothing ever happening "outside" of me, but that that is a distorted 5-senses-induced dualistic illusion of who, what and where we actually are, where I am, and am/are never not ad infinitum.... LLP, Chris
Marianne williamson

Eileen St. George said:

I feel to add here, that Oneness begins withinin our own temple.

Love the added feeling Eileen........

The humbleness of the soul realizes that each individual soul is truly nothing without the Source of its Being. The soul feels the separation from Source. The soul yearns for separation to be over, to be joined back into Source. And the soul recognizes that anytime two individual souls can come together it feels more energy from the Source than just by standing alone. Then if three souls come together it's even MORE energy, and with each additional soul that comes together each of those souls feel the closer emanation of the true Source that they all come from. For the more of those souls that get together, the more unity and closeness they feel to Source. However, the ego is not a part of the Soul. The ego does not wish to come together and combine energies because the more that come together in that combined energy, the less recognition the ego gets. Therefore, we look at ourselves as independent Beings who are nothing, without our Source, and our Source is ALL of Us. In the great teachings of the past, when we were told to love our neighbors as our selves, the ego immediately clasps to the concept of "love our selves and our neighbors will love us also!". Well, we love our neighbors as we love ourselves because we see their soul, and in their soul we see our Source. And if we love ourselves, it is not our ego that we truly love, it is the recognition that our Source is within us.
Some call it 'spirit', some call it 'God', some call it 'Goddess', some call it 'Creator', some call it 'Source'… It is all the same, we are ONE. We still ARE One. It is only the ego that keeps us from fully incorporating into the One.

Something which underlines your feeling with a few added exclamation marks (with thanks to Crow),
in oneness,


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