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The soul is who you Are. It is Oneness ...experienced as “you.” It is Oneness, veiled by the intricate layers of density carried forth from lifetime to lifetime. It is Oneness, colored by layers of vibration that can be perceived as difference. It is Divine Unity ...sameness wearing the trappings of distinction that can be perceived only within the context of the world of duality. Free will is the inevitability of action within the sum-totality of that vibrational equation.

It could be said that there is, in actuality, no such thing as “free will.” Action is simply the manifestation of energy through the medium of physicality. What can be affected is only the natural alignment of the focus of the attention of the mechanism of consciousness. When that focus of attention is directed upon the highest possible level of self-perception in any given moment, the vibrational configuration that determines experience is re-calibrated, and a different “choice” is perceived as having been enacted.

Within the range of all possibilities at any given crossroads, all that can be altered is the vibrational level that translates as experience in a given moment. That vibrational calibration is perceived within the context of experience. As such, it could be said, technically, that there is no such thing as “free will.” And yet, the consummate force driving the entire process toward Divine Unity has the option, in any given instant, to recognize itself, and to direct itself toward alignment with its own Essence. And so, the perception of choice is experienced.

Yet, in actuality, all that truly has occurred is the alignment of the body/mind mechanism either with Divinity or with separation. That is the only choice possible. All else plays out accordingly as experience, commensurate with the vibrational variables carried within the context of the vehicle for perception ...the body/mind mechanism one perceives as oneself.

And so, one inches through the labyrinth of physicality, coming closer and closer to the experience of Self-perception as the Oneness that one in fact Is ...having peeled back yet another veil of density that would color the perception of self as characterized by separation from that very Divine Essence. The alignment of the focus of attention upon one’s own innate Divinity ...or upon separation from it the only choice possible. This is the basis of what has come to be termed “free will” ...and is experienced accordingly.

Thus, in every moment, at every crossroads of possibility, the question at hand is actually not “what do I wish to do” but rather ...Who Am I? What is the nature of my essence? Where do I align myself? Is it toward the truth of my Essence? Or is it away from it? Is my Essence that of Oneness? Or is it within the context of separation from Oneness? This is the exercise of “free will” that is enacted with every waking breath. Ultimately, the layers of density are peeled back in this way and one’s True Essence shines forth as the only possibility. Unwavering. The highest outcome to the scenarios that are perceived within the world of form, as experience, manifest accordingly.




The words of Oneness through Rashna

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