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Thanks Mike for starting this group. It is great to have this interest and focus. I don't know much when it comes to electrical circuits and energy, but I would like to know more and I have the ability to learn. To start with I have done some research and posted it as a page of my own website (see below if interested). I was advised a couple of years ago that one of my spirit guides is Nikola Tesla, at which nobody was more suprised than me, especially because back then I didn't know one single thing about Tesla. Sort of like I am very attracted to Egypt but haven't a clue why, because we didn't really study it at school and there's no "out there" or manifest logical explanation for the Egyptian appeal. Anyhow, I do have a very analytical mind (and I am a quadruple Virgo, to the chagrin of some who don't like verbosity and details). I completed a Degree in Biology many moons ago and did well with my assignments on Enyzme Kinetics, though for the life of me, as I look back at them I don't know what the heck I was talking about, LOL. Some things disappear from the mind if you don't practice them, I guess.

I can only ponder that if Tesla really is one of my Guides, then perhaps it is he who is guiding my technical adventures um ... the writing that I do of a technical nature?? It doesn't really matter to me, but what does is that, to me, the World is a pretty dense place, and I aim to help give it a boot or a push into the new world which includes free energy for all !! Therefore I was guided this week past to go to the Library and look at Google and start researching Nikola Tesla, free energy and renewable energy!! My research and thoughts can be found at the page below, for those who are interested. By the way, I posted my link in the main forum also.

Namaste, Celine

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