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Two hour documentary on the man himself. Nikola Tesla. A must watch.

All I got to say about Tesla is this: Some say he was a crystal child, some say a walk-in, alot say not-of-this-earth, but I guess none of that matters. This guy was a genius and the NWO knew it. They shelved almost everything Tesla envisioned and created in order to keep us all slaves. Our future and lifestyle was hijacked, for a good century. We were kept in the oil age unnecessarily for a good 60-80 years. We watched an electrical control grid develop around us, instead of the individual sovereignty and prosperity and societal equilibrium that free energy and its byproducts will bring. The NWO knew that, and streamlined and fattened their empire at our expense throughout the 20th century and up to today.

Let's take it back :) It's about time.........


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Yes, let's take back what is ours free !! Thank you Pleidian Agenda, this is a fascinating documentary about many scientists / thinkers, including Nikoa Tesla. This video looks at the following people -

J. Henry-Moray
Victork Shauberg - The Cosmic Energy Revolution
Walter Russell
Benjamin Franklin
Paul Boumann (and the Testatica)
Paul Panjo (?) - plasma theory
Denis Cravens - cold fusion
David Porter
Troy Reed - magnetic rotary motor (Oklahoma)
John Hutchinson - the Hutchinson effect

Jeane Manning - wrote a book "The Coming Energy Revolution"

Lots of interesting facts and ideas here. Thanks alot for sharing. I think Tesla was an Indigo. As I began reading his autobiography "My Inventions" I strongly got that feeling. Also, to my surprise, I could feel something in common between Tesla and myself, which I can't put into words, but something to do with living between different dimensions and dreaming in detail .... dreams and imagination being as concrete or real as what we call reality - hard to explain .... but anyhow the point being that I feel a closeness to Tesla myself, now that I am finally looking into who he was. Yay.

It's worse then that, if you look at it technologically speaking we're still in the steam age. What we need is to create a group of people, scientists, engineers and anyone who can contribute, for research and development of technology which will benifit mankind, not make profit. But it's a dangerous field, people have been killed. I believe that it's worth the risk though


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