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Any information people find on how to build your own MFG can go here as well as links to sites with information as well as posting of your own thoughts or information and peoples attempts at making this technology.

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minato wheel group on yahoo. sorry dont have a link. But you'll find it easily if you Google it.
I would also like to stress this is only 1 energy solution. and many others should also be taken into consideration.

I have been planning to build some similar to this design. My first one I want to build will be a small scale proto-type for study. The second one I want to build will be big enough to generate enough electricity to power my home. The main hold up is money. It may take a while to get all my parts and supplies together start the project.

Here are more links:
Ya. Money is almost always an the issue. You almost need to become good buddies with a local owner/operator of a machine shop for these endeavors. I ran into the money issue too for building a prototype. It quickly runs into the thousands of dollars just get simple parts you need machined.

A very good way to experiment is with Legos. You can test many simple ideas without too much money. You might still need to get a few things machined here and there. The only drawback is they are not extremely sturdy. You can't use great force with them. Usually the smaller rare earth magnets work well with Legos.


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