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My son's best friend was raped outside of her Chicago apartment last night along with being assaulted. She went outside to walk the dog and was overtaken and attacked. She is a junior in college and this had happened to her once before as a 12 year old child. Please send healing, positive energy and prayers for her. Her name is Bre.. Skylar

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Hi Skylar,
How awful!
My heart goes out to her!
If it is any consolation to her, when anything bad happens to me,
I think of the answer , that it is said, that nothing happens to us that we don't agree to before we come here.
Even murder, but I honestly don't know how true that is!
I DO know that there are some absolutely wicked people out there!
Bless her-
Loads of healing coming for her and all the family!
Love, Light and Hugs
Thank-you Jeanne. Skylar


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