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My Name is Franco Pellegrino.


I suffer from  allergies that produce Nasal polyps

I also have Asthma and recurring ear infections.

Please help me heal from these ailments.


Thank you

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Hi Franco,

I'm happy to be of help if I'm able. Please send me a message telling me when the symptoms began...and what measures you have taken so far. Are there other symptoms in addition to allergies, ear infections and nasal polyps? Also, please tell me about your diet in general as well as how well you are sleeping.



Dear Franco Pellegrino

I would like to inform you of a compound called MMS (Miracle Multiple Supplement). You can use these few drops at a time of ingestion and your infections will be gone. I had gum disease and the doctor prescribed me antibiotics and that antibiotics were getting more heavy to heal the inflammation. I started to use MMS and the inflammation are never returned. In matter of fact I feel myself more healthy then I ever was before...





Dear Franco,

You are on my healing list- but you can also help to heal yourself, by 'channeling' healing from Source.

Sit in the quiet and see the light landing gently on the top of your head, see it travelling down your face slowly

relaxing all your muscles , As you breathe in , breathe in it's healing rays, and as you breathe out breathe out stress and dis-ease.

Everyday 3 times a day say- 'Every Day In every way- I am getting better and better-( believe it!)

Say it 3 times each time.

I am positive this will help- and keep 'Positive' yourself.

If you wish I can meet you on Skype,

just send me a private message.

Love+ Hugs






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