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My dad is been rushed to the
Hospital yesterday night He had an other and stronger occlusion in is stomach, the chimio that is been having since February didn't have any effect on him. Now they are not going to operate him

because they said it's too late for that and they already made a bypass on his intestine on January .
They are not going to do anything else at this point so its our turn to do something. What about distance healing ?

God bless

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Thank you for letting us know..sending healing blessings to Fredericko's dad

I'm sending so much love and healing prayers for Your precious Dad, Fredericko.
..thnx for letting us know and share your difficulties with us,my friend.Namaste.
.. may our loving energy effect You Dad positively.
Hi Fredericko...I'm wondering if your dad is in the U.S. or where? If he's in the US, the very best place for REAL cancer treatment is The Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They do use alternative methods of cancer treatment, by incorporating the nutritional with many other treatment options. They also give the patient a say in 'how they would like to proceed, by giving them their alternatives. They could have something totally different than what he's now getting. Chemo is not the answer and has a 97% failure rate. While killing the cancer cells, it also kills the healthy cells. Chemo is radiation, and radiation causes cancer. People go into remission, but it breaks out somewhere else later.

I will say prayers and do meditation for him. Love you and blessings ...Lea
The chemo is a serious test for your father, for his body and his mind. Try not too much new information.
Most importantly, he teaches himself relax. Start with a meditation.
Put together a meditation. And let him take slow deep breath and focused breathing.
Set quietly in the background as Peruvian music and try to come together in the flow, but remain mindful of the breath.
Your toes start to tingle when you are doing well. Meditate about 1 hours, no longer.
Try to do this together several times a day.

Breathing is the fruit of life ...

I wish you and your dad much Light and Love in this difficult time ...
Many Blessings to you both Sweet Soul Fredericko
Thanks you all for the responds and all the support, My dad is in Quebec city, Canada his name is Claude Perreault
and I just have to go scan one of his picture and post it soon.
Dear Fredericko,
I have just put up a post that I hope will help in some way. Look for Illness and Health in the Blogs.
Much Love to You and Your Father.

Hello Fredericko

I can give therapy for your father. It is biocybernetical treatmennt and body cleaning in higher dimensional level. Biocybernetic is about bio physic so well enough unknown.
But I want your permittion or rather permition of your father if possible. Wil work in biocybernetic after aprox one hour, so please if you can answer in that time answer me.

Measurement for your father ready as biocybernetical cleaning as well. So now is around him different "biocybernetical clima". Tomorrow can be following. Doctors will be confuse when they will talk, they even can find some excuse to run away from your father or relatives.
Reason is simple. Are where he was been at 1 AM GMT time is very clean now and only people who will talk with him nice and fair today are real positive and people in good condition. All those who will rather disapear from even from you and special from your father are sick already and they will get some diagnoses in 3-9 years.

There also is something special in measurement of your father. He is not healthy at all, but does he really need to go chemo? I think somewhere some mistake was been done. Or is it only panic of doctors and they send people to chemo by routine.

Hi Frederico,
I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's illness!
The minute you ask for help, the angels hear your call, but we will add him to The Healing Fountain list and focus on his speedy recovery!
Love+ Hugs

Thanks to U all, And my dad was very surprised that poeple actually care that way :) It nice to know that ligthworker are looking upon you...this is one more proof of a new world where compassion,love and generosite of the harth are everyone journey to ascension or higher conscioussness. This is the PICTURE please focus on him your love and healing energy.

What a nice man, he has beautiful eyes ~*L*~
But in those beautiful eyes is now pretty much pain
Let us work together SoE
Together we call on the Light to shine in these beautiful eyes again ...

Namaste SoE
I am sending healing now , when my dad was in the hosptial , the nurse said that my dad through his morhphine induction recognised my voice and touch... his labored breathing would settle down when i talked to him and rubbed his hands..

i am going to send some energy now.... ps i am in Ontario .....


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