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Collective View of Humanity - The Human Energetic Manipulation Through Fear


When some humans realized that it's FEAR that drives humans to do something 'extra', they began to capitalize it for greater wealth and power of enslavement through manual creation of disasters, violence threats (terrorism, war etc), poverty and so on. 

But please note that the terms 'Natural FEAR Limit' may not be accurately used because to me, it's something like 'consciously alert' while assuring fundamental needs are always sufficient for the coming days. Their only fear at this zone is usually like insects attacking crops, wild animals attacking children etc. But with today's human civilization, humans should use all their power of knowledge to protect FUNDAMENTAL NEEDS that keep them happy and peaceful, not go beyond the natural fear limit by creating more sufferings for others. (-.-)


In short, they learned that suffering is a great tool to create fear in order to boost power and wealth. Alternatively, you can actually superimpose the Illuminati's pyramid symbol onto this graph to get another picture of the same meaning.


Namaste. (-.-)

Antonio Ooi

Earthlings, what're you trying to do?

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I have heard that one percent of any given population can change the outcome of a event. The new media uses fear to get people to watch them. If the one percent would work together to stop the fear events from manifesting then the media would have nothing to report.

Great Share...thnx.


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