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His name is Yunus Ismail, he lives in Orebro Sweden, 3 weeks ago he got a stroke and now he is paralysed both sides but left hand side is better and improving. I dont have his pic yet so far but i will post it as soon as possible. He is a footballer in profession so he was quite fit. he is around 24 yrs old.

Your energy healing will be very much appreciated. I have been trying to do some healing to him too but passing some energy and sending him golden rays.

Thank you all.


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Sending Healing to Yunus Ismail ~ and my prayers are with him !

Thank you Lydia. I am here at hospital and i will make sure i pass ur message. He can not talk as well but he can communicate by pointing at letters. So all not that bad. Many thanks, love,light and laughter to you all. I am making him laugh a laugh and he has been great. :)
is send healing power to you!i will ask god for the power to help you. god bless
I will be sending him all my healing energy as well as my love . Miracle are indeed possible my friend.....stroke are more courant now that many of us are increasing our vibration level but the pineal gland and the some area of brain are not always ready to be fully activated. Vogel crystal wand will also be very helpfull to do etheric surgery on his brain and body. The law of attraction also is a key factor in thoses situations. Affirmation everyday should also be performed to shift is consciouness to a healtly person. Last but very important I believe that healing frequency (528 Hz Frequency Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) will also be a steeping stone on his healing path.

Namaste God Journey
The healing and love is being sent. Skylar
Keep him laughing...Ismail it is such good medicine . I have a friend recovering from a stroke ( older) they put in a stint and he is coming along just fine making great progress everyday. IT is amazing what the mind can do with love, healing and prayers. Skylar
Count with me too!...Golden Rays right now!!
Thank you very much all of you. Many love light and laughter to you all. We keep him laughing a lot and always do prayers before we go home. I just told him about the affirmations, the good thing about him is that he can communicate very well by pointing at letters, he just cant move his tongue but his mind is perfect.

So we give our grateful thanks to The Source, the universe, everyone in this earth and you guys for all your prayers.

Golden rays to him.

I I think he have in left leg stoppers. Somebody need to massage him both, right leg, foot and right hand at all. By the way. Somebody need to massage him also three finger under his right nipple. There is blood stopper too.
I got before stroke case and it is in some case possible to heal on long distance.

All these things am I doing with Biokibernetika, Slovenian Method for diagnostics and healing.
Just posted blog about it. Don"t know if it is aproved yet.

Hello everyone.

I just wanna thank everyone in this group for helping sending your healing energy to my brother. He is doing much better now and he is coming out of hospital tomorrow 15 December.

It has been a challenging journey but many thanks and so much grateful to you all, words cant describe.

he is now walking, and talk slowly and can do most of chores by himself.
Again will like to send my love, light, and laughter to you all.

Many thanks



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