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Because our consciousness is unimaginably vast, it will compensate for our refusal to embrace the pain of our past experiences in such a way that the pain can be explored, understood in the context of creating wisdom, and eventually transmuted so that the pain AND the energy that was used to suppress it are freed up to be used in unlimited modes of expression.  

For example, a person who was molested as a child will usually suppress the memory of the experience and the painful emotions associated with it such as shame, self-hatred, hatred of the molester, etc.  Repeatedly suppressing these emotions for years makes them more intense in the psyche, and that person's consciousness will seek an outlet so that the energy that is being suppressed can be released. 

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Quantum Physics has shown that time and even physical matter are both simply manifestations of consciousness.  This means that consciousness can and does use the rich tapestry of physical human incarnation to gain wisdom through experience.  If a person refuses to work through repressed pain, then the vastness of their consciousness may create another incarnation, another lifetime to work through these issues.  Sometimes it will create more than one incarnation.

A portion of that person's greater consciousness will incarnate into a lifetime where the suppressed emotions from *this* lifetime can not be suppressed.  Using the example above, in one lifetime they may incarnate as a serial sexual abuser.  Another lifetime may involve being serially sexually abused.  Yet another lifetime may be spent consciously being a "sexual deviant" with willing partners.

free MP3s of the Self Clearing System Meditations

All three lifetimes are happening simultaneously and in parallel with the current incarnation that "spawned" them because past and present are physical reality concepts based in the illusion of time, and our higher aspects of consciousness exist outside of time.  Indeed, our higher levels of consciousness mold time and physical matter as easily as children mold play-dough.

If a psychic "past life reader" were to examine this person's psyche and other lives, they would tell the person that they have "past" lifetimes of being sexually abused and being an abuser, which is why they experienced abuse in this lifetime.  However, if the person can completely integrate the painful experience of sexual abuse into their consciousness, if they can take back all of the energy they have put into judging the experience, judging themselves, judging the abuser, and then reclaim the energy they have put into suppressing the emotional-memory complex, they will have no more need to process those emotions through other incarnations.  When that occurs, what happens to those other lifetimes?

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