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Ascension is a pretty big word these days and many reading this will resonate with it.  There is so much information on the internet about Ascension, Lightworkers, Spiritual Evolution and the like.  There are so many modalities, courses etc which claim to accelerate our spiritual evolution and of course we have to pay (big time) for the privilege.  Personally, I have never been seduced into these systems - primarily because I have no money - which is often a blessing. I have managed to find the tools and modalities to help me without a huge outlay of money (which is just an illusion - of course).  I am a qualified Vibrational Therapist and Energy Healer - and even found this diploma course for a much reduced fee than most.  I would like to share my most precious tools with you - as they are simple and fairly cheap (in money but not in spirit).  Crystals are wonderful and amazing tools and they are not expensive and this was the beginning for me as working with their energies enabled me to release much negativity and outworn patterns from my physical and etheric systems.  Sound is the next modality I discovered.  The frequencies which we listen to in main stream music are actually detrimental to our health.  I discovered the Solfeggio Frequencies - the divine frequencies of creation.  They comprise of 9 sacred frequencies which are totally different from our standard musical scale.  They are said to be the frequencies that God/Goddess created the Universe with.  Please Goolge Solfeggio for further information.  Lastly - Molavite - which is not a crystal as such but a metiorite (excuse spelling - I'm right brian orientated).  This stone is a little more expensive than the average crystal but well worth the investment.  I paid £45 for 10 small pieces.  This is the stone that will put you on your path - it is the stone of truth.  It doesn't mess - it will put you where you are meant to be.  Often our personality is in charge of our life - which brings conflicts as our soul often has another agenda.  Molavite puts the soul in charge - so there is no doubt.  It isn't always a smooth transition - but at the end of the day you will be living your true path for this life time.

These are only my observations - they have worked for me and I have achieved my present position without a high outlay of money.  I just wanted to share this with you.

Many Blessings on your path.

Leiah Chantei 

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Thank you for this information. It is much appreciated.
Thank You for sharing this Leiah
We're back this very moment from a week-end in London
BEleave it or not we co-created something fantastic (ONcE again)
At the Aquarium gift store (next to the London eye) we found a section with very low price powerfull Gems & crystals
NObody was obviously paying attention we stopped next to them to "purify" & bring the crystal's Vib to a "higher" level after a few minutes the tiny area was crouded (no wonder: many children more easily aligned & connected were bringing along their parents).
We purchased several great ONEs: they are many left powerful / worth gems / crystals there.
Prices were amazingly low.
Love & Inner Peace
Thank you, this information is very helpful for those looking for help in raising their vibration.


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