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A geode is produced when a group of minerals grow together in a small hole or cavity within a rock. Geodes vary enormously in size - some are the size of a house, while most are the size of a man's fist. Healers believe that their womb-like appearance enhances the protective qualities of the crystals within them.


Clusters are many-pointed crystals embedded or fixed on to a rock base. The crystals can be large or small, and they are often placed in rooms to change the energy of the environment or to cleanse the room and convert negative energies into positive energy. They are also useful to cleanse and activate other crystals and are recommended in the workplace for their ability to deflect the stress and tension of others away from you.

Single - Terminated Crystal

A single - terminated crystal has one flat and one pointed, or terminated end. The energy is focused at the terminated end and these crystals are mainly used for healing and meditation, with the healing powers concerntrated through the point of the crystal.

Double - Terminated Crystal

Double - terminated crystals have points at both ends, enabling energy to move in one or both directions and to be transmitted or drawn in at either end. These crystals may be placed under the pillow to encourage peaceful dreams, or carried to provide protection during the day. These crystals occur naturally, but can also be manufactured.

Barnacle Crystal

A barnacle crystal is one that is covered, or partly covered, with smaller crystals. They are sometimes called teaching crystals, the large crystal being the teacher, or "old soul" and the smaller ones the pupils who have been attracted to the wisdom of the larger stone.

Bridge Crystal

The Bridge crystal is recognized by a small crystal which penetrates and is located partially in, and partially out, of a larger crystal. It facilitates brideging between the inner and outer worlds, between the self and others residing on this planet, and between the self and other worlds. It is beneficial to public speakers who lecture on topics concerning new ideas .

Channeling Crystal

A channeling crystal has a seven-sided face on the front of the crystal's terminated end, and a triangular face on the opposite side (back) of the terminated end. Such as a crystal may be employed for channeling information, truth and wisdom from the spiritual realms.

Elestial or el crystals

The elestial crystal is recognised by its natural terminations and growth of smaller crystals all over the body and face of an etched or multi-layer crystal. It can sometimes look as though one crystal has grown over another, or as though candle wax has dripped onto it.

Elestial activates the third eye, remove negative energy blocks, balance male and female energies and assist with meditation. It is said that they carry the memory of all that existed in the world prior to the arrival of humanity.

Manifestation Crystal

A small crystal that is totally enclosed by a larger one is called a manifestation crystal. They are quite rare and may be used for manifesting the highest good.

Phantom Crystal

A phantom crystal can be recognised by its "phantom" - an image of the structure of another crystal visible within the crystal. The phantom outline may be either partial or complete. These crystals are useful for spiritual development.

Record - Keeper Crystal

A record - keeper may be recognised by one or more raised triangles or pyramid shapes on one or two faces. Ancient wisdom and secrets are said to be stored within these crystals and are excellent for use in meditation.

Twin Crystal

Two crystals that have grown together are known as twin crystals. These are especially useful in healing when two people are working on a relationship or working together. Also known as a "soul mate crystal", it can help to draw a soul mate into your life.


Sometimes a stone is cut to reveal its inner beauty. Crystal slices are ideal fro meditation and may also be placed in a room or on the body for healing purposes.

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Beautifull / Powerfull minerals
Information from The Crystal Handbook by Denise Whichello Brown
Thank you so much for posting this. The bit about the record keeper crystal has made sense of something for me. A few years ago I found such a crystal lying in a rock pool in Cornwall. It was triangular and had a raised diamond shape at the apex. When I picked it up it fit my hand perfectly, and as I held it the sunny beach melted away and became as black as night. The only light was coming from the caves in the cliffs where primitive man was looking out at me. Stunned, I dropped it again and the scene returned to normal. Curious I brought the stone home with me and gradually uncovered it's secrets. It was mine many lifetimes ago when I worked with the tides- and it is indeed a record keeper. The Scandinavians have a myth called Ragnarok (pronounced "rain-a-rock") telling of a comet striking the earth and plunging it into a three year nuclear winter with massive flooding (biblical flood). It was during this lifetime that I held the stone- and it was what it was showing me when I first touched it.
I began to use the stone again, opening portals (not for humans but for other beings who once walked on earth and who are returning now to help) and then the stone split into three portions of it's own accord. One piece is now in Romania with a student of Shamanism. Another is in Brazil being taken care of by an author of spiritual books. The third portion is still with me. The pieces can be drawn back together in energy at any time, connecting these points on the earth.
As humans we are taught to think of stones as inanimate objects. Ok- they don't move around on their own but they do embody consciousness. It is just not the same as our own consciousness. Every time we hold a crystal and feel it's vibration we are communicating with energy. I hope everyone who visits these pages will play with their crystals, sing with their crystals, dream with their crystals and grow with the wisdom that these crystals embody.
Bless you, Little Light, for creating this wonderful group and posting so much information. I'm really enjoying reading through it all!
You have a very special crystal there. Its amazing how it found its way back to you. Its rare for someone to find a crystal that connects with them in such a way.


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