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Amethyst is particulary effective in meditation and psychic work to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience. I also brings memories of past worlds and past lives if placed in the centre of the brow.

Properties: Quartz with very large crystals. Translucent, semi-transparent and transparent.
Colour: From pale lilac to deep purple; also white.
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Candle Colour: Dark blue/purple
Guardian Angel: Cambiel
Chakra: Brow
Herbs, Incenses and Oils: Dusky rose petals, patchouli, lavender, chamomile and sweetgrass (smudge)
Flowers: Lavender, violet and lilac
Associated Crystals: Rose quartz, moonstone and jade.

Mythology and History:

Amethyst is considered to be the stone of St Valentine and of faithful lovers. Indeed St Valentine reputedly wore an amethyst ring engraved with an image of cupid. The Greeks believed it to be particularly effective against drunkenness - hence the name amethustos, which means not ot be drunk. Wealthier Greeks, and later the Romans, would make wine goblers out of amethyst to guard against the excessive effects of wine. Legend tells that Amethysta, a beautiful maiden, attracted the unwelcome attension of Bacchus, the god of wine. Diana, the virgin goddess of the hunt, saved Amethysta by turning her into the gleaming gem, saying henseforward all would behave in a restrained manner in her presence.

Amethyst is also the stone of integrity and was worn by Egyptian soldiers in battle so they would not lose their courage in dangerous situations. In the Christian church, amethst was the gem of purity and is associated with Bishops, who traditionally wear an amethst ring, especially in the Roamn Catholic Church.

Amethyst is the stone of the Buddha and is popular for Buddhist prayer beads, especially in Tibet. In Northen Africa it is a rain-making stone, and is dropped into water by medicine men and women.

Divinatory Significance:

Amethyst indicates that you may be feeling stressed or exhausted or have experienced difficulties recently and need to give gentle love to yourself until energy flows again.

Healing Properties:

Often called the all-healer, amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for any kind of healing work. It is effective for people, animals and plants and can even recharge other crystals with healing powers. It is potent for ailments of both mind and body, especially emotional problems.

It is particularly helpful for addictions, including those to alcohol and food, Plcaed on the stomach or liver, amethyst helps to soothe problems in these areas.

If worn when sleeping , or kept under the pillow, amethyst prevents insomnia and nightmares. It soothes headaches if placed on temples or on the point of apin, relieves eyestrain and helps to maintain the blodd-sugar balance. It is excellent for absent healing.

At Work and in the Home:

Amethyst soothes anger and impatience and so is good to have in the workplace or at home in a room where you may have to deal with awkward or truculent visitors. Place amethyst geodes, spheres or amethyst pyramids around your home and workplace and focus on one if you become anxious about potential conflict or feel overwhelmed by the tasks you have to finish.


Children who suffer from nightmares can use an amethyst geode or sphere as a talisman. They should be encouraged to look at the crystal while breathing slowly and imagining that they are breathing in purple light and exhaling darkness. Finally, they should visualize themselves as safe and secure in a crystalline castle for the night.

To bring peaceful sleep, soak an amethyst in still mineral water for eight hours and serve as a bedtime drink. Amethyst water is also good in the daytime if a child finds it hard to relax and settle to activites.


Ill pets can drink amethyst water to energize them and to calm hyperactivity. This helps to stop excessive barking in a dog or feather ripping in a bird. Amethyst also deters fleas.

Protective Functions:

If your home or workplace feels unfriendly or always seems cold and dark even in summer, you may be suffering from streams of dark psychic energy beneath the building. Place amethyst inclusions over any spot that feels hostile and near doors and windows. You can also put tiny amethysts under the carpet to absorb negative earth powers.

Amethysts are naturally protective against technological pollutants, such as a constantly ringing telephone or jangling fax. They are especially good placed on a computer table to avoid excessive strain on eyes and mind.

Psychic Associations;

A powerful psychic enhancer, an amethyst under you pillow will bring peaceful but psychic dreams. An amethyst pendulum aids personal decision making, using a yes/no response. Alternatively, hold it or a pointed amethyst crystal over a series of written options and see over which of the choices the pendulum or crystal pulls down.

Environmental Work:

An amethyst in the soil of a plant in the workplace will restore energies depleted by noise and over-bright artificial lighting. You can set several tiny amethysts in a polluted place or around the edges of a photograph of a despoiled or war-torn land. Light a purple candle and leave it to burn through.

Special Properties:

A large unpolished piece of amethyst will cleanse and restore energies to any other crystal you ahve used for healing, divination or protection. Carefully wrap the crystal with the amethyst in dark silk.

Recharging Its Energies:

Recharge amethyst under the light of the moon rather than in sunlight.

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In gratitude & meditation to us ALL (ONE)
Thank you Cyril, you have many beautiful crystals.

Love and Light. Emma
I am pretty much a beginner when it comes to crystals and I agree that we are not using them to their full potential.

The very first thing you do when you buy a crystal is to cleanse it. Once you've cleansed it then you can use it in healing. I understand what you mean about not knowing if they are working or not, maybe you haven't found a crystal thats right for you yet.

Your wand sounds lovely, it appears you have one stones for each chakra but I would need to see a picture to be sure.

My advice to you is to buy a book on crystals which should show you how to use your wand. The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is a good book.


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