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Well, I read few months ago a book, "Telos", by Aurelia Luise Jones. It has three parts and was beggun in 2004.
The author is a channelor of the ascended masters living in the 5th - and more - dimesional city Telos, located "under" or "in" the Mount Shasta, California. It is invisible, of course, even if some believe that digging and looking for subways could lead to it.
There are living in this place all the left Lemurians, and this is since the whole continent drowned.
The contained message made me understand how important is to seriously think about what I want to create as my world, and what we all decide to have here, at a common consciousness level.
They say nobody is going to do it instead of us. We are offered help but not absolved from walking on our feet, like little children - parents don't carry them for ever.
Imagine entering a higher dimenssion, where every thought is manifesting instantaneously. What is happening to all the heavy stuff that we carry, our luggage of everything but harmony?? What if it gets to manifestation?
Never this will happen, because the simple reality of high dimension excludes heavy luggage. Neither carriors of this luggage cannot access.
So, i believe, at least I want to achieve it, we should be very carefull to thoughts.
So, the message insisted upon working individualy on portraing our new environment, life conditions, on as many aspects as we can.
Getting there will also manifest the allready imagined and wanted realities.
I suppose, for example, there will be no money. How about a world without money!?
What shall we use for exchanges? There will be exchanges like today?

There is also said about learning to use inner rays of love and light to create buildings, gardens, temples, so many things...
About evolving our imagination.

I only want to make a point in the fact that future is bright but much different, quantum lap from law of money to law of LOVE.
As much difference as from darkness to light. Everything changes.

Much love to you, :x

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really nice message n links mariell .... :)


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