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Remember when Blossom wanted to print out snapshot and FOL said.
If this feels necessary for you,although we would say that there is so much more to come.Well snapshot is not yet in print.

It is through perseverance that all things come to pass.
If one were to ‘throw in the towel’ before the full
opportunities of ‘time’ had been allowed, then it is
that so much can be lost. The trick is to KNOW what
it is you are striving to achieve and hold that in your
focus without confusion. Clarity is a significant key in
the door. It allows the unlocking of padlocks to occur.
It is difficult for assistance in many forms to
contribute as it would like when there is fogginess and
doubt. Learn to be in control of yourselves. This is to
include: thoughts, behaviours and attitudes. With
respect many of you still have many miles in which to
travel regarding this. You allow your minds to spin
out of control. This leads you down the path of self
destruction. For when the power of the mind is
allowed to run free it has no idea in which way to
‘think’ for itself. Therefore it travels hither and
thither, twisting and turning down avenues that lead to
a place that does not serve. If one takes control then
the mind can be guided to travel on the pathway that
enhances its journey.
The mind needs a tutor. It needs a mentor. It is like a
child that needs to be taught patterns of desire and
then be shown how to follow them. A child is easily
distracted is it not? It needs to be ‘pulled’ into line
now and then in order to focus on what is taking place
at the time… the matter in hand. This is what we ask
you to do with your minds. To train them to be in tune
with the Highest part of their being. To align the mind
with the glory of the Divine that lies within the heart.
Focus dear ones of earth on the joy of the soul.
Concentrate on the joy of the soul. If you were to do
this and only this, then the spoils of war and
destruction would slip away. How could heartbreak
and loss be a part of the NOW, if every single one of
you appreciated what it is to be joyous … in its TRUE
unadulterated form? Sadly we say, there are very few
that have mastered this, or even considered it to be a
This is what you are seeking to find.
This is what each soul is in search of is it not?
True Joy!
You seek it in financial gain. You look for it in
another’s eyes. You pretend that you have it
sometimes to show to another that you have not
failed. You display all manner of falsehoods to
disguise the fact that you do not have it.
MY PEOPLE … it is inside you. Almost every
prophet, every religious grouping, every Truth Seeker,
every Lama, every Buddha, every Saint … every ….
YOU NAME IT … has told you this is so. Yet still
the majority of your race seeks to find this joy just
around the corner. Why is it that you fail to see where
this joy lies?
It is the feeling inside you when your thoughts are of
Love and only Love. If your thoughts are of Love and
only Love then it is you’re KNOWING that GOD is
inside you. That GOD is you. Yet so many are unable
to grasp this concept. It is imperative that you do. It is
not egotistical. It is not vain.
Unleash the chains of your restrictions. You strive
with all your might to become what you desire to be.
To what you think you should be. Yet you fail to
understand that you are ALREADY your heart’s
desire. The perfect you already exists. You do not
allow it to surface for fear of … what exactly? Think
about this for a minute if you will. Yet again we ask
this of you. What exactly is it you are afraid of?
We can see through study of your humanity why you
would fear another at different times and
circumstances. Yet … if you Truly set your soul free
into the strength of itself then you could not possibly
be afraid of another. Yet … you still allow yourselves
to be fearful of yourselves. To what purpose? If you
are in control of your mind, thoughts and actions,
which there is no question that you are, then why
would you choose to be afraid of what you are about
to think, feel, and do?
YOU ARE POWER ITSELF. You are the energy in
all things … at the same time.
We are beginning to understand that you are not able
to understand many things that we are able to. This
does not make you lesser beings. It is simply that the
vibration you reside upon does not allow certain
frequencies of understanding to be understood!
There are so many of you upon your planet that speak
of wanting to return home. Yet, we say to you, that if
we allowed you to do so, you would be angered at
yourself for making such a choice. Because from
where you are on your earth plane you cannot see all
that we can see from where we are. If you could, you
would feel in such a position of strength and feel so
honoured to be in the place that you are.
Think on this when you are feeling lost and alone.
When you were given this opportunity you were
‘Over the moon’!
We understand that you become tired within your
vibration of earth. We are beginning to understand so
much more with your assistance to guide us.
Fellow comrades. You must KNOW that you are not
alone. You must FEEL that we are with you. For the
more you TRY to FEEL us, the more we can enter
into your system …for want of a better expression.
We are SO close these days. Our energy is pulsating
at a rate that very soon will allow us to enter into your
atmosphere and remain for longer periods of your
We say to you Blossom that by the time this book is
edited and in print we will have shown ourselves to
many countries on your planet. There will be those
that reel in shock. There will be governments that are
with us … and governments that try to evoke havoc
and mayhem out of our visits. Do not fall for their
guises concerning our identity. This we implore you.

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