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March 21st.
I’m here … ready and waiting should you have a need to share anything with us. May I say first of all that there seems to be an abundance of craft being caught on camera these days, much of which I have the privilege of being sent to view. Did you want to speak about this?
Not necessarily.
For we feel it speaks for itself. The more one becomes accustomed to craft that is not of your world the more readily one can accept a sighting that is clear to all that it is not manmade. You are aware that some craft you assume is from ‘elsewhere’ is actually not. It is a poor replica of an attempt that was designed from certain data provided. There are those among you who strive to devise methods that would make it seem that they come from other sources other than your planet, and yet we smile, for in Truth, those that make these assumptions of our capabilities are but of an iota of what we have to offer should we so choose. Do you think dear lady we would offer to those in your world technology that we KNOW would be used for that other than its True intent? Those in your world who ‘think’ they possess extreme knowledge from us, need to reconsider. Always we have the upper hand.
Mmm, then if I may be so bold, if this is the case, and you have the upper hand, how was it that you postponed your visit on Oct 14th?
We stated to you that there would have been weapons of mass destruction used. This would not only have brought about the end life of many of you humans, but it would have also ‘burned’ much of your precious mother earth. We cannot take control of 'certain matters'. We cannot interfere with destiny. But we can choose wisely as to appropriate timing. We, like many of you, learned greatly from that date in the last year of your time ... and we feel in ways that you at this time must remain unaware of ... that we still held the upperhand in the matter.
OK … going to be even bolder, in for a penny and all that …. Some part of me, and indeed others have suggested that on another level I KNEW that you wouldn’t show, and the date given was merely part of a plan to allow more people to awaken to their spirituality … so that the vibration would be raised … so that when more of us are ready … you COULD come. I can sort of accept that, but how would that tie in with the fact that you were going to show.
We say to you, friend and Light warrior, as we have said before…. There are choices. Has it not been for many of you in circumstances, that matters were postponed at the last moment due unforseen procedures that occurred? And because of that, one had to ‘change direction’ … ‘make fresh plans’ to suit a time when the same plan may have a more poignant position. And is it not always that when the plan goes ahead in the new time that it appears to have worked out far more correctly than the original place it was destined for?
So, had I agreed that the ‘no show’ may be a possibility although I didn’t know that in my human-ness?
This is very much the case.
Clearly too many sherries with the vicar at the time ... and would assume I was off drinking them when I should have been lining up in the brain cells queue!!!!!
You see dear one, many of you were in place and prepared at that time, as indeed were we. It simply, should we have gone ahead according to plan, would have been detrimental to the vast overall plan, for our appearance as we have said, will not just affect YOUR planet, but the upliftment of the whole. We are aware that many of you feel that when we do make ourselves known in a manner that will awaken many, that there will still take place the fighting and mimicking of a war that will be said is of our doing. We have held council many times regarding this matter and a better way to get around this. Yet, do you see? There are those who hold positions of much power that are so afraid of losing it. We cannot wait for those in this position to come round to reason. Although we will say that this has taken place for some. It simply would be too late and therefore we are working on the assumption that there are enough now who can assure others the TRUE purpose of our ‘LIGHT SHOW’. We feel that the effect it will incur will on the whole be far more beneficial than detrimental. You after all, live in this world of free choice. It is time for those in fear … to remove it. It cannot always be done by the pampering of the ego. It must be done NOW in a way that will allow a change to occur within many. As more understand the TRUE way, then the more the vibration of yourselves and the planet will rise. The more this occurs, the more shall ‘feel’ the change and become part of it. It is the plan. It must not fail. Again we say, that is through the assistance of those in place on earth who KNOW of their position and why they are here to bring this about.
Many feel they do not KNOW why they have the feelings they have about us. They feel they should be ‘doing something more’. We say to you ….. for those who feel this way …. KNOW that when we come, your orders shall be activated. You will know why you are here … for you shall be putting into direct action the duties that you came here to emit. There are ‘manyfold’ who shall KNOW your roles as leaders for those who are lost. There will much organising to do. But it will be a time when the souls of earth feel at last that they can accomplish what they came here to do. There will be no doubting of this knowledge. As more awake, the more orders shall be activated. It is not in the sense that YOU know as orders. It is not that they must be obeyed. They are orders that were implied when the soul self KNEW of this happening before the earthly life this time around and indeed many times before that. These days have been KNOWN in the depth of the self for far longer than your understanding can comprehend at this juncture. Yet, this is why so many of you KNOW. This is why so many of you feel at home with our words because you received these orders from a place when you were there. When you were home. Therefore it is the reconnection with this knowledge that makes you so comfortable with the way you feel about it.
I know many of us feel this way. It is a silent understanding that is quite difficult to express in our language of words and yet the KNOWING that we have has no need for words, or even explanation. It is KNOWING, and with that comes no need to search further within the soul self. I think, if I may butt in here, that it would be helpful to many of us, if we allowed the human –ness to stop asking all the questions, and just LET IT BE. (THE BEATLES surely knew what they were up to all those years ago … we just had to catch up!). The uncertainties will never be sure, because until we are actually ‘in it’, we cannot know what it will be like, or how things will pan out. We must learn to accept I feel, the not knowing, because of the vibration we reside in. As it lifts we shall know more and more as it is ABLE to be made known to us , through the veils … through the mists … and as they disperse they shall bring to us the KNOWING that we long for. The answers to the questions we have about everything shall be revealed to us …. BY US. For we KNOW IT ALL. WE HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. For me, that is something I think about a lot. In my human form, I sometimes find it hard to accept that you will ‘appear’ as you have predicted ... a vast UFO in the sky! Yet in my soul form …. I KNOW YOU WILL and it is that KNOWING from my soul that makes me carry on communicating with you. Do you understand where I am coming from?
YES. You are coming from your earthly imprisonment. But it is for each one of you to unshackle YOURSELVES in order for you to be free. As much as we would desire, we cannot do this for you. Release your chains and be free.
How exactly?
By your hearts feeling of LOVE. It is as simple as that. The more you allow the feeling of Love to BE YOU and to send that YOU out to the universe ... the more you are allowing yourself to be free. Truly we say to you … that is the key. As we have always said. There is only LOVE. That is all there is. When you allow yourself to be ONLY LOVE then you are free. For Love cannot imprison you. It CAN and WILL and MUST set you FREE.
I know … I know … I heard the last sentence that I don’t want to write , because it makes my stomach churn …. Release the fear Bloss, release the fear …. Ok … here goes …
We draw ever closer. We understand dear lady your apprehension with such words from us. Yet we would say what does your heart feel?
My heart always feels Truth when I chat with you. It’s just my imprisonment…. Darn these wretched manacles … and yet …….. I have the key. Therefore I say to you my friends … in LOVE and ONLY LOVE we, as we build our army of LIGHT down here in preparation … with our hearts … assist you in the process. You just can’t make this kind of excitement up.
Be the Lights that you are. You shine in the density of your planet. You are our torches to lead us through.
And that’s why we will remember to keep recharching our batteries for ten minutes every day. Now I know why they are called EVERREADY!!!!!!
A Global Visual Affect meditation from White Cloud to assist with the visualisation for April 10th. Enjoy. Many thanks.
(I am SSSSSo SSSSSorry about White CloudSSSSS SSSSSibilancccce. My old drama teacher would have thrown a wobbler!! I shall have to give him ssssome ssssspeech therapy!!!)
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