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Transformation with Gentleness by Archangel Amethyst Via Natalie Glasson ... And ... Embody Your Awakened Self! By Melanie Beckler ... And ... Christine Day & The Pleiadians October Messages

Transformation with Gentleness by Archangel Amethyst Via Natalie Glasson

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Greetings beloved ones and angelic beings upon the Earth, I am Archangel Amethyst, I am the feminine aspect of Archangel Zadkiel. We are known for our ability to purify your being, ignite transformation, accelerate your ascension and connect you with your journey of Creator exploration.

I, Archangel Amethyst, bring forth my essence to you for you to receive and draw upon. I give to you an energetic amethyst crystal and place it in your hands; it represents my love, truth, clarity and consciousness. I am an angelic being although many perceive me as a crystalline being because I hold the similar frequencies and qualities such as magnification, purification and strengthening of your entire being and spiritual evolution. As I place my amethyst crystal in your hands let yourself absorb my violet/purple energy, it will fill your entire being. You will be able to feel my presence around and within you. I will begin to purify your energy, magnify your truth and strengthen your connections, especially with the Creator. Sit with me, be with me and I will support beautiful and fulfilling transformations within your being which will lovingly transfer into your reality.

Ascension Now

Ascension at this time is powerful and constantly increasing in acceleration with numerous diverse energies and light frequencies continuing to download into the Earth. Humanity and Mother Earth are constantly awakening, moving through numerous layers and levels of inner energy, seeing the truth of the Creator within so it may be brought to the surface.

The constant inner transformation can be tiring, strenuous and demanding on your mind, emotions and physical body. While there are many beings assisting and numerous light frequencies anchoring to support the impact of your inner unfolding, I, Archangel Amethyst wish to share my consciousness to further assist the matter.

Currently, it is your nervous system within your physical body and emotional body which is being upgraded by the light of the Creator. When your nervous system and its connections are strong both your physical body and emotional body are fortified.

Your physical body feels stronger, more able and balanced while your emotional body is cleansed of limiting emotions, balanced, stabilised and grounded. Not only will your emotional body feel more at peace so will your physical body, being able to draw from the powerful source of light within you to replenish and rejuvenate your entire being. Your physical health and wellbeing will increase which will mean your physical body and emotional body are more able to deal with the intense transitional process of growth you and others are experiencing. A harmonisation between your physical body and emotional body will take place thus their united vibration will gradually filter into your mental body creating balance, peace and harmony.

The strengthening of your nervous system will assist your connections to the Creator; you will be more able to allow high-frequency vibrations to flow through your being anchoring into your reality, humanity and the Earth. Weak or broken connections between the nerves will be re-established, this healing will be projected into your entire being and reality.

You may feel more connected to yourself and true essence, experience a deeper connection and communication with the Creator and experience the presence of the Creator within and around you.

The state of your mental, emotional and physical bodies are projected into your outer reality. For example, as your nervous system is strengthened and broken connections reformed you may notice a relationship with another deepens, or your meditation practice evolves aiding states of expansion and bliss. Healing which takes place within your being will impact your physical reality positively.

The strengthening of your nervous system and the balancing of your emotional body will allow you to access a deeper state of peace within your being while supporting the ascension of humanity. This healing process being delivered to and encouraged upon the Earth will create a gentleness between people and their self.

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With the quality of gentleness awakening within many, this will create reactions, creations, experiences of gentleness. Everything and everyone will be approached with gentleness which will give space for awareness, compassion, observation, inner reflection and healing. Gentleness will dissolve judgment, explosive anger, harmful expressions, separation and illusion. With everyone experiencing a greater gentleness to themselves and to others, people will be able to meet, co-create and experience from the heart space rather than the ego or illusions of separation. A deeper identification with unity and oneness that exist within all and between all will manifest into the consciousness of humanity.

The Creation of Gentleness

Gentleness is the result of the current ascension shifts and activations connected to your nervous system, and emotional body, the energy and emotion of gentleness is also the instigator. The Creator is inviting all activate, explore and express their inner gentleness, the gentleness of your soul and essence, bringing this sacred energy into your being and body. When you activate your inner gentleness you allow your nervous system and emotional body to heal and strengthen.

Firstly, there is a need to awaken your inner gentleness with yourself. It is time to observe yourself, the way you act towards yourself, the thoughts, emotions and illusions you direct towards yourself. How gentle are you with yourself? What does it mean for you to be gentle with yourself? How would you act differently to the way you do now? Are you harsh, demanding, unforgiving, hurtful or tough on yourself? Do you punish yourself or do you treat yourself with love and respect? Take time to contemplate this.

Gentleness with yourself is loving yourself no matter what you do or what occurs in your life. It is to respect, honour and be kind to yourself. Gentleness allows you to let go of pain, release fear and dissolve separation. You become your own comforter, caring for yourself. Your energy becomes calmer because you know to exist in any other state causes you pain within. To practice gentleness is to be generous with yourself, sharing with yourself all you need to be healthy and strong, such as fresh air, exercise, wholesome food and relaxation.

Secondly, there is a need to be gentle with those around you, whether they are human, animal, plant or other. To be gentle with others does not mean walking softly, speaking quietly and not getting in anyone’s way. To be gentle with others means emanating and radiating the energy of gentleness from within your being, directing the energy to others as you communicate or exist in their presence. As you become comfortable in radiating your inner gentleness, then you can allow your inner gentleness to guide you in actions, expressions and ideas of how to be of service to others.

Transformation with Gentleness by Archangel Amethyst

When you emanate your inner gentleness in the presence of others, although they may not be aware of your inner gentleness, you may feel vulnerable, exposed or defenceless. This may manifest because it is a new practice and you are experiencing a new open state of being. You will, in fact, be more powerful, protected and connected to your intuition, therefore more able to react and act in a balanced, centred way that serves all.

How to Activate Your Inner Gentleness  

Speak to your body: ‘Through my body, I activate and access the gentleness of my soul. I invite the gentleness of my soul to come forth, merging and synthesising with my entire body and being. I am the gentleness of my soul in manifestation and expression.’

Take your focus into your body, the energy of gentleness from your soul is activating and moving into your body. Allow yourself to become aware of an area of your body where you can access the gentleness of your soul. Focus on the energy allowing it to expand and develop to fill your entire being. Take time to be in the space of your soul’s gentleness, exploring and becoming familiar with this sacred quality.

I, Archangel Amethyst, am present to support your journey of exploration with your inner gentleness, please call upon me for assistance.

With gentle blessings,

Archangel Amethyst

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Embody Your Awakened Self


Embody Your Awakened Self By Melanie Beckler

Archangel Michael and Your Entire Team of Guides and Angels Connect

Have you been noticing the waves of light, new activations and high vibrational energies that continue to stream in?

Continually increasing in strength, vibrancy, and frequency?


Today, I'm so excited to share with you today something to support you in expanding your awakened heart light…

Gently and effortlessly raising your vibration…

And actually, increasing the light you can carry and comprehend in this moment now…

With direct guidance and an incredible frequency transmission from Archangel Michael and your entire team of guides and angels!

This free channeled session will connect you with the incredible Solar Crystalline Light available now…

Guiding you to more fully and completely…

Embody Your Awakened Self! By Melanie Beckler

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Archangel Michael Angel Message

Greetings from Archangel Michael. You are indeed, in this moment the presence of Solar Cosmic Christ Light. And more of this photonic light and Divine frequency streams in now, to surround you fully and completely, to uplift you, and to support you with where you are on your ascension journey… With where you are on the path of raising your vibration.

These light codes… The Divine frequency and solar cosmic light meet you where you are right here and now.

And when you allow the light in, it serves in activating you to an entirely new level by increasing the level of light you can carry. This supports you in expanding your level of awareness so you can more effortlessly embody the light of your solar crystalline awakened self… Standing in your Divine truth, embodying your true Divine nature.

And to support you in this now, your team of Guides and Angels steps forward surrounding you in a circle of love, light, and frequency, so that in this very moment you know you are safe, supported, infinitely loved and blessed.

All of these beings— who stand in the light shining with unconditional love — flow the blessings of unconditional love, Divine presence, and awakened consciousness forth, to support you right here and now.

And so, breathe, relax and begin to tune into the frequency which is elevating around you.

Begin to tune into the subtle vibration of love as it is raised.

You may become aware of areas where tension has been stored in your physical form, or perhaps even thoughts or emotions.

Whatever is coming up for you now, let it go.

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Breathe light into areas of your physical body where you feel tense. Breathe in love and greet any lower emotions or vibrations that emerge with love.

You may think or say to what arises “I love you. I’m here for you.”

Release… And let go.

Continue to breathe and relax as your vibration lifts higher.

Allow your awareness now to focus on the area of your heart center, in the center of your chest, and let the light of your heart illuminate with golden crystalline light.

Let the light of your heart awaken and expand its Torus energy field around you, growing more expansive, glowing brighter, circulating love and Divine presence through your entire being.

As you breathe in, let your heart light grow more vibrant and as you exhale, let the light of your heart naturally expand.

Continue to relax, knowing that as you relax, you are able to let more light in. As you relax, your heart is able to grow more vibrant. And so, breathe, relax, lift in the light that is all around you and let your vibration become elevated right here and now.

Open heart. Activated heart light.

And now, tune into the column of light circulating along your spine. The column of golden white light that unites all of your chakras as one. Activate this column within yourself now through your awareness and your intention.

Feel this column of light reaching up above you, into direct presence with Source and flowing down below you, all the way to the crystalline core of Gaia and expanding around you in a Torus of light.

Tune into your light body, as the energy expands around you and more and more light flows into your present point in time.

You can become aware of this light when you choose to tune into your light body level of awareness. Now visualizing your light body growing brighter. And now, above your head, become aware of the energy of the sun, the sun which broadcasts towards earth the new codes of light from the Divine.

Divine codes of ascension direct from the central sun broadcast towards your planet, and into this very now.

Imagine the sun brightly glowing above you. Feel its warmth, light and awakened frequency shining down upon you — in through your crown chakra, down along your spinal column —filling you with golden light, photonic light, Divine light, sunlight right here and now.

Expand, lift, and elevate your vibration.

Now, imagine from within the sun, the center of the sun, the brightest orb of golden pure sunlight begins to lower down, lowering down in through your crown chakra, through your pineal gland, down through your throat and your high heart and into your heart energy center.

The plasma light of the sun elevates the vibration of your heart light exponentially, expanding the energy of your heart light Torus around you.

Breathe and let the light of your heart grow vast and wide. Let your heart light and the light of your awakened light body expand to fill the entire room you are in.

Breathe and expand.

And now, in this space, let your awareness disperse so that you are no longer solely aware of yourself as a physical being, rather you are aware of yourself at the light body level.

Disperse your awareness and let yourself become the particles of light. There is no more density, no more physical, just light. You are the light, the sunlight, the particles of light that now accelerate, expand, light up and flow all around.

Continue expanding further now, as this orb of light, this sunlight that you are, expands around your entire city, filling with light.

Become aware that you are one with this light expanding to fill your entire country with light.

Become the light.

And now, expanding to the global level, tune into the particles of light flowing throughout every inch of Gaia, Mother Earth. Let your energy disperse, expand and light up as you tune into the light of the earth, the light of the Divine that you are one with, that you are a part of.

Light up, expand, elevate, shine.

And now, return your awareness to your heart, inside your physical form, glowing brighter than ever before.

Notice how you are aware of yourself as a physical being, but you can also shift out to this global level in an instant.

This is your true multidimensional nature.

This is the truth of your radiant solar light.

Tune into the light of the sun above you with gratitude and love. Tune into the light at the core of Gaia below with gratitude and love. Tune into the light of your heart within you with gratitude and love.

You are this light. Let it shine throughout your physical body. Let it shine throughout every area of your life. Let it ripple out beyond you far and wide, to quite literally en-lighten humanity, earth and all that is.

Keep shining this light within and know that it is creating powerful shifts and changes without.

Shine as the Divine being you are, love as the light being you are, live as the awakened spiritual being in physical form you are, illuminated, vibrant, centered and filled with solar light and love.

Let the light shine throughout your physical body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. And from this place, as an awakened master at the table, become aware once again of the team of Guides and Angels and Ascended Masters who are all around you.

Become aware of their guidance, their support and love and blessings for you here and now.

Open your heart, quiet your mind, elevate your light and receive this guidance and blessing.

What are your next steps that are the most closely in alignment with your purpose at this time?

Open your heart to receive this guidance.

And what are you already working on or doing in your life that's most in alignment with your highest sole purpose?

Become aware of this now.

And finally, beloved team of Guides and Angels and Ascended Masters, what further guidance do you have to share to help me more brightly shine, vibrantly live and stand in my full embodied truth?

Open your heart to receive your answer in words, as thoughts or as frequency.


And now, in a final blessing from the hearts and energy signatures of all those who surround you, your team in spirit, we all flow forth our blessing, support, codes of awakening, Divine frequencies and love to support you now.

We send this blessing from our hearts to yours.

Open your heart, light up, receive, elevate your consciousness, expand your light.

And so, it is…

Melanie Beckler



Christine Day & The Pleiadians October Messages

Christine's Message October 2017

September was such a powerful month as the Holy Vine energy completed the creation of this sacred fluid membrane around our Earth. We are all being held within a womb in readiness for another level of the second phase of our individual birthing process.

We have all witnessed the strong elements activated on the planet with the storms, and earthquakes, the international events of upheaval around the world between countries, within countries and communities and also within our own lives.

I do know that my own multidimensional expression has been reconnecting me into new territory of experience and unfolding. I find myself swimming within a multidimensional expanded fluidity, which was totally unfamiliar to me. Within this unfolding process I can do nothing but let go and allow a fuller expression of my own sacredness to be revealed and anchored within me.

October is destined to be another month of further acceleration into change. Knowing that we are each being held within the Holy Vine essence and we are being supported in our individual process of unfolding. This upcoming time of intensity will require each one of us to align within our hearts and consciously choose to enter the space of our hearts. 

To remain anchored within as we witness the drama unfolding around us. Let go into the ‘not knowing’ in your life and witness your unfolding from your Heart’s perspective.

I send love and blessings,


Message from Pleiadians October 2017

Beloved ones we greet you, 

There is a pure light force being transmitted to you through a full development of the Holy Vine Membrane surrounding the Earth. This force of light is opening the vastness of your Heart, and simultaneously recalibrating your own unique energetic settings within all the cells of your physical body.

Creating transformational openings that are reflecting into your energetic field. These reflections are expanding the frequency of your Aura and creating adjustments in the flow of all the chakra systems. This energetic realignment reopens the expanded consciousness state of your Higher Self. 

The energetic core of the Earth has gone through a further metamorphosis during September’s transition. This transformation is largely responsible for the increased drama on your planet. Through the infusion of light from the Holy Vine the density on the planet is surfacing, being revealed. All that is not Truth is being unveiled. The deepest and the densest energies within mankind are surfacing and being played out on this grand stage of illusion upon your planet. The depth of the very dense ego nature of man is being revealed within this play-out. 

What is essential is for you begin to open into the depth of your own human shadow side receiving all aspects of your idiosyncrasies, to witness your humanness and honor your own imperfect state.

The drama within your world will only increase in these upcoming months leading into the New Year. Know that there is going to be a further magnification built as the light frequency from the Holy Vine continues to reflect this energy of the light holding Truth. 

The dimensional frequency will move into a deeper expansion on the planet, opening up further discrepancies between what is Truth and the hidden deception. There will be a mounting intensity that will create further eruptions on many levels throughout the planet.
We, the Pleiadians are monitoring this energetic drama and can reassure you that you have nothing to fear. Your Earth will remain intact during this powerful time of upheaval. This process is the precursor to the complete rebirth of your entire community of Earth and is designed to ultimately restore you to a higher communion state of consciousness.

We witness you and bless you on your path.

The Pleiadians

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