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To anchor the soul within the physical, which is important, one should visualize as if a magnet is keeping the two together.

9. March 22nd.
I have that ‘I want to drop off to sleep feeling’ … so I am assuming you are about! Also I feel that what you are to say today is going to be quiet profound because I can hardly keep my eyes open. As I was doing my protection I saw as if you were filling me up with Golden Light and I just have this ‘it’s going to be BIGGY’ feeling. Gulping Golden Rays! Here we go then …….
Dear lady. Indeed you are correct. But it is BIG as you say more so in what we have decided to ‘let out’.
Another gulp! Sorry I’ll keep quiet, and let you burst forth.
It is of great interest to us to see many of your planet allow themselves to doubt what /who they are. If they ‘feel’ connected to us they consider themselves ‘odd’ and maybe ridiculed by another. If this state of affairs is allowed to continue then it is most detrimental to our proposed plan. For if there is doubt in receiving orders then the link becomes weak and messages are unable to be offered.
Yes, indeed I hear from many who doubt what they are experiencing … or simply do not know what to make of it. My query would be that when one is new to these things, how are they to keep everything under control? I have found over the years that there is so much to learn concerning these matters of communication. Excitement and enthusiasm must be kept guarded, not allowing the ego to run away with this new found ‘gift’. I try to advise others to ‘feel’ the godness/goodness, and to always keep themselves protected and in the Light.
What we chose to reveal to you this day is something that we have taken into consideration before ‘leaping in’. We have asked of you to undertake a mission of visual affect, not just on the date provided, but on a daily basis. We are most delighted to see/feel that many in your world are taking our asking most seriously. However, we wish to oblige you in return for these connections to us by offering ‘injections’ of LOVE. An infusion … if you will accept it. It will come in the form of waves of peace filtering through your being as you make these visualizations. These waves also serve in turn as a way of assisting you in raising your vibratory rate. Therefore, it may seem that you feel a little overwhelmed as this is taking place. It is for you to ‘anchor’ your soul self within the physical self, as these waves will appear to be quite strong when one is unaccustomed to them.
Am I receiving g them now?
Indeed. To anchor the soul within the physical, which is important, one should visualize as if a magnet is keeping the two together. We are aware that in meditation sometimes, one is able to ‘go off’, but we are asking you to practice ‘remaining’ and yet still feeling the same LIGHTNESS that is entering in. We are finding it difficult to explain. We TRUST we are being understood. This is necessary for you in order to comply with the change of vibration upon your planet that as we speak, is becoming stronger and purer. Many of you are experiencing light-headedness, sleepiness, and a feeling of ‘off planet’. Therefore we say again that it is most beneficial for you to recognize these feelings and remain ‘grounded’. The ‘pull’ sensation that some feel is merely the connection with this Higher vibration. We speak of these things to assist.
Thank you. Although, I feel there is more to all this that you wish to express, or maybe it’s just the ‘deepened state’ I am in at the moment. Is there more you wish to say … Oh Oh… Got that ‘here it comes feeling ‘ …
With so much taking place for earth citizens at this time we find that we like of your expression, ‘The early bird catches the worm’. Dearest kind of planet earth, what will your days ahead be prompted by? Fear or LOVE? That is all that is needed to be decided. One of the two. Fear or Love? In that sense, the choice is easy is it not? And yet you make it so difficult for yourselves. You integrate your energies with those in place that are designed to bring confusion and doubt into the head space … which in turn transfers to the heart space and then you are lost. It is imperative that you connect with LOVE. NOW MORE THAN EVER. If you TRULY KNOW within yourselves of this Truth then why is it that you allow yourselves to be sucked in/under towards negative vibrations that do not serve you? It is for you to gain strength in this area. This can be done by your intent … your focus on BEING LOVE. The time is NOW. It is upon you NOW to step up your game as you would say. You say you wish to assist, to be part of this change … and we say that you are … but it is for the individual to decide how much of themselves they are prepared to offer.
As I was about to write the word offer, I also thought the word ‘sacrifice’. “I” chose offer. Why would you use the word ‘sacrifice’?
We didn’t!
You know what I mean….
We enjoy knowing of how to put humour into play also. … If we were to use the word sacrifice it may be misinterpreted in these present days of yours. We know of that word to express an ‘offering’.
Got it ... all coming clear now… the penny dropped. I do find it fascinating sometimes this telepathy thing! Onwards …
It is time for one to reconcile with the self! It is time to offer to the self that which it yearns for. And we say that is …. Time! Offer the self … time! Time to go with in. Time to connect with the Highest part of who you are. Time to rebuild strength of mind. Time to catch up with the heart feelings that are not given time to talk to you. TIME dear friends. GIVE YOURSELVES SOME TIME TO BE THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE.
So many find themselves in a place whereby their everyday living does not allow the self to say hello to itself. You have allowed yourselves to live in the head instead of the heart. This is a great hindrance to your progression of the soul. Always listen to your heart. BE your heart. Express your heart. Work from your heart. Speak from your heart. Give from your heart. Take your minds and all its confusion out of the equation as much as you are able. Practise this art. Come from Love in every moment of your existence. You cannot come from Love if you reside in your minds. You can only TRULY exude Love if you reside in your heart space. FEEL it. BE it. Then ‘offer’ it out. To everyone and everything. This is the change that we ‘offer’ YOU. These KNOWINGS that you already KNOW! This is what your Ascension, as it has become known, is all about. This is your New World. COMING FROM LOVE and nothing else. No thoughts of envy, judgement, fury, anger… we could continue on for many of your days with such words. When you come from LOVE and only LOVE there can be no such feelings. For Love in its purest form cannot hold these emotions. So therefore, allow yourselves to move up from the form of LOVE you dwell within and become the Higher purer LOVE within yourself. We say to you that the very trees and grasses will compliment your efforts. They have never changed. You have! So now it is time to understand these things. This is what we mean when we say it is up to you. If you accept in Truth that you are LOVE only LOVE then your raise the vibration of yourself. You ‘see’ the Higher frequencies all around you. Because you have allowed yourself to be in them. Do you understand dear friends? Are we expressing this as we would desire you to ‘get it’?
The more you speak like this , the more it penetrates into the core of myself. And I get it on a deeper level.
Imagine, every living entity on your planet coming only from LOVE. Stop what you are doing and imagine that! THIS IS WHAT YOU YEARN FOR IS IT NOT? What a dream place your Mother Earth would be. Are you going to bring it into existence? It takes devotion. It takes determination. It takes faultless continuation of BEING LOVE. Not just when something pleasant is taking place for you, even more so when it is not. BRING OUT THE LOVE AT ALL TIMES. This will assist our mission greatly. We feel we have made our point.
I reckon! Yet I do see the need from your perspective to keep drilling it home so to speak! I am assuming you see us as energy and can determine how we are progressing by the ‘lightness’ of colours in our energy as a whole. We will keep on working at it. Thing is, I shouldn’t’ say ‘working’. It is hardly a chore … to BE LOVE. WE ALL BENEFIT. A win/win situation is it not?
It is for the best all round. We and many of our co-workers alongside us KNOW that what we are saying is beginning to settle in nicely. Yes, we can feel of this. It fills us with encouragement and much hope. It is all worthwhile. We are ALL very much on track.
Right now, It is like I can feel … I wish I could find the word …. Relief? Yep, Truly, this feeling I am getting from you is relief that your message is getting through … to so many of us. Me, you, and the rest of the world … what a great team! Many thanks my friends. Onwards and UPWARDS!!
Without doubt.
Gottcha! With no doubt at all! In Love and thanks to you for all your persistent assistance!

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