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The Next Ascension Phase: United Consciousness By Natalie Glasson ... And ... The Multicplicity of Reality in a Quantum-Based Consciousness By Amu Raea

The Next Ascension Phase: United Consciousness

by Master Serapis Bey 

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  31st March 2017 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I, Master Serapis Bey, am holding the Ascension light for you now. I do so in order to assist you in the next phase of your ascension. With the presence of your soul more fully embodied within your being and merging with your personality, a deep and thorough cleansing is being activated. Purification and cleansing are common in your ascension process; each new revelation invites you to let go of old energies, habits or perspectives in order to make space for the new realisations to be embodied.

To be embodied = to fully realise and experience within your physical body and earthly reality.

The cleansing and purification process I speak of is greater because it is awakening a new phase of awareness, connection with the Creator and connection with all. It is a new beginning of united consciousness which is dawning within your being and is the next phase of your ascension.

United consciousness = experiencing, feeling and knowingness of being connected to the Creator and all that is the Creator.

When we experience united consciousness, we are experiencing a natural energy and ability which exists within our beings; it is the ability to exist without separation of any form. Our natural existence is to be energetically connected to everything and everyone, this is when we experience our truth, feel the presence of the Creator more deeply and are aligned with the divine flow of the Creator. The earthly reality seems to create the opposite as it encourages separation. Even the presence of your physical body seems to amplify feelings of separation. However, your physical body was created to support you in experiencing your natural united consciousness, rather than amplifying experiences of separation from others and the Creator.

Physical body = a vehicle for your light body to exist within at an earthy level. One of its purposes is to amplify your inner reality.

Your physical body is magnifying your inner reality into your outer reality. Your inner reality is composed of your thoughts, feelings, perspectives, memories, skills, wounds and how you feel about yourself. Through numerous civilisations feelings of separation from the Creator and all that is the Creator have grown, so much so that separation is now a strong, powerful and energised feeling, experience and reality within and outside of many people. The experience of separation has become active and energised within.

As one of the purposes of the physical body is to amplify the inner reality, so separation is one of the main energies that each person’s physical body is magnifying and projecting into their reality for experience. Therefore, it seems as if the physical body is creating an experience of separation because in your body you are separate from everyone, when it is simply projecting your inner reality into your perspectives and view of the world.

Inner experience of separation = an unwillingness to see, sense or acknowledge within, the truth/ presence of the Creator/ divine self/ united consciousness.

Separation forms within when you neglect or ignore your natural ability of being eternally connected with the Creator, and your ego adopts the role of guiding you. When you exist in harmony and oneness with the united consciousness of the Creator you have all the wisdom in the universe of the Creator available for you to draw upon, as well as constantly being guided, supported and inspired to expand and explore your truth. Separation is when you try to achieve the same without the support of the Creator.

Current next phase of ascension = cleansing and purifying your attachment to the energies and activate vibrations, emotions and thoughts that create the presence of separation within you.

Therefore, I am holding the Ascension Light for you so you can heal, cleanse and release all forms, energies, thoughts, emotions, perspectives and creations of separation within your being in order to return to your united consciousness with the Creator and all that is the Creator. Your united consciousness has never deserted you, it has always been present, simply hidden from view.

As you clear all attachments to separation which may have been formed in this lifetime or previous lifetimes, the energy of separation will fall away, creating clarity for you to see the natural existence and truth of your being; united consciousness.

As you view the presence of united consciousness within you all aspects of your being will expand, it will be as if you are connected to and embody the entire universe of the Creator. You will be observing all aspects and expressions of the Creator within your being. It will be as if you can connect with any light being in the universe of the Creator, draw any energies, wisdom or assistance into your being or reality, and feel the constant presence of the Creator supporting you and working through you.

Experiencing united consciousness doesn’t mean that you have to communicate or meet with other physical beings on the Earth. Essentially the way you communicate with your outside world doesn’t have to change, although it will. It is your inner experience which is most important, and this will automatically create beautiful transformations within your outer or physical reality.

United consciousness is an inner experience. To describe united consciousness, we could say it is an expansion of your being and energy, an advanced giving and receiving of Creator energies, experiencing the divine flow of the Creator, seeing the Creator in yourself, seeing the Creator in others and feeling as if you are connected to and related with everything. Essentially it is feeling you are a part of creation.

The Next Ascension Phase: United Consciousness by Master Serapis Bey

Accessing Master Serapis Bey’s Ascension Light

As I, Master Serapis Bey, hold the Ascension Light for you, it exists above my head as a sphere of yellow, golden, white and platinum light. I hold within my being and anchor through me all phases of ascension. Each new ascension level and energy you grasp, awaken and activate within your being, I have previously downloaded and hold for you. I hold the next phase of ascension for you as a light beacon that you can draw upon, integrate with and embody, supporting you in awakening new aspects within your being, thus equalling the energy I am holding for you. The light I am currently holding is a combination of cleansing and purification to heal your attachments to separation and the most appropriate vibrational frequency of united consciousness.

‘Master Serapis Bey, I call you forth to support me in easily moving into the next phase of my ascension which is of a greater experience of united consciousness and healing of my attachments to separation. Please deliver the Ascension Light you hold to me now.’

Visualise that I, Master Serapis Bey, exist before you, the sphere of Ascension Light above my head. I lower the Ascension Light until it exists at your heart chakra. Send energy from your heart chakra to connect with the sphere of Ascension Light. As you do so the sphere of Ascension Light expands until you can step into it.

Allow yourself to exist within the sphere of Ascension Light. Focus upon breathing the light of a yellow, golden, white and platinum colour into your being. You can focus upon the energy flowing into your body from all directions or through your heart chakra.

Repeat silently for as long as you feel is appropriate while focusing on your breathing: ‘I now joyfully cleanse and heal my attachments to separation.’

The energy will shift within you even if only a small amount. When the shift occurs, you will feel a greater presence of unity within your being. Enjoy this feeling, expanding your energy and experiencing your greater connection with the Creator and all that is the Creator. When the process is complete, I will ground you and withdraw. Please ground yourself as well.

Be Aware

This new phase of ascension for you may last a number of weeks or months, I, Master Serapis Bey, encourage you to experience the meditation practice I have share with you often, and especially when you feel guided. Be aware that you may feel low in mood or vibration; you may experience negative emotions, thoughts or memories from the past or past lifetimes rising. Know that this is a part of the cleansing and purification process of your attachments to separation, it is a natural process.

In these times allow yourself to call upon me, Master Serapis Bey to bring the sphere of Ascension Light to you for you to exist within, even if it is only for a few minutes. This will assist in the old energies falling away and a greater clarity of the united consciousness within you dawning. Remember that you are experiencing a new beginning in your ascension, which is rising within you and may even feel challenging, it will pass and a greater connection with the Creator will be experienced and acknowledged by you.

With constant support of your ascension,

Master Serapis Bey

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Quantum Teachings - Shift Your Perspective - Shift Your Reality


The Multicplicity of Reality in a
Quantum-Based Consciousness By Amu Raea 


Reality, is a pretty Creative Concept. While a very small number of scientists around the world are beginning to understand that the Laws of Physics have no absolute static state, we have reached the understanding that anything can be true, when our awareness is placed into one or many potential realities.

When many scientists have the exact same experiment, each scientist mostly gets the result she/he expects, as their consciousness is placed into one potential reality. It is illustrated, when the other scientists with different expectations get a different result, even tho they had the exact same experiment with the same ammount of the exact same elements.

Indeed, what one perceives as being real or true, is therefore what manifests within the quantum field of that person’s perception. It doesn’t have to be one absolute reality, in a multi-focus perception. A very Creative and Imaginative Being, can at the same time be in public transports, yet talking to Unicorns or any Magical Being which appear as real to their eyes as it sounds to their ears.

While the Creativity in a Quantum Consciousness can bring one into Fantasy Worlds and bring the Magic of Life back into One’s Existence, it can also manifest touchable and seeable realities, through the 5 Linear Human Senses. However, in a Quantum Creative State of Consciousness, the reality that can be sensed is not always the same reality that everyone else is sensing in a Linear and 5-Sensed way, as most Humans live in a Caged, Cubical and Mental Perspective of Reality.

Indeed, there is a such Mass Mental Linear Psychosis about what is real and what is not, that brings almost everyone into one same time-space limited bond, which allows for only one (religious or scientific) collective conformity of perception. This can be pictured as a psychic gravity that programs every human minds into one unified cubical perspective of reality.

From the moment you are born, your parents, teachers, religions, and the society around you are already structuring and programming your mind into thinking a certain way. While for most humans who are not cabaple to think for themselves, it can be very easy to get caught in the limited and linear state of the human stories.

As Shakespeare once said, Earth is like a Play Field, or a Planetary Comic Theater in which we may Act as many Characters, many Truths and many Realities as we desire. However, most human stories and perceptions of reality on Earth are very similar and limited (in other words… there more uniformity than uniqueness), as programmed by the Psychic Gravity of Human Mass-Consciousness.

To bring this simple Concept of Quantumness from science into the realm of religions, spirituality, witchcraft and all other linear mental human ways of creating reality, I will state this in a very clear and succint manner: whatever one believes, perceives as real/true, and applies it as Knowingness in their Physical Human Life, is therefore what occurs within the Reality they choose to explore.

For example, when one believes prayer has an effect, and prays, therefore it does have an effect. When you believe a drug heals you, it is therefore what happens, however when you don’t believe it does, it doesn’t work. When one believes meditation has an effect, for example higher your energy-level, brings you joy, happiness, a “higher state of mind” or whatever you believe it does, it is therefore what happens for you.

Today as I created this new website Quantum Teachings, I have decided to provide a way with which we can bypass all these linear constructs, practices and mental struggles, by bringing more simplicity and less gears in your Quantum Algorithm.

What I call Quantum Algorithm, is your Perception of How Reality Works, the Way you Think, as well as your State of Consciousness. While you can have many results with limited spiritual belief systems, you can also allow a smooth Shift in Consciousness, into an Algorithm in which everything is possible for you without effort, mental struggle or practice whatsoever.

Let me give you an example of how I decided to apply this Knowingness. As the Creator of my own Quantum Field of Reality, I have chosen to make up every rule about how everything works in my reality. First Rule: as long as I desire something, it is always given to me without work, without struggle, searching, seeking, praying, mentally processing, meditating, and all the rest of that. I can therefore stand in the Sweet Knowingness that whatever I desire is always already Realized in a Timeless Way, and the feeling that it procures me. This, without ever having to think about what I desire, how or when it will come.

Many talk about the “Law of Attraction”, yet it is still using only the mind and not the whole spectrum of what is really capable to create your reality. While there can be many variables in the equation of what creates your reality, you are the one to determine which one(s) matter most and have an effect on the result of your Quantum Algorithm. In other words, when you Trust Yourself as the Creator of your Life and know that there is no failure, the result of every equations in your life will always be success. It is like minimizing all linear gears of creation into one multi-task gear that never betrays you.

I can already hear the thoughts of those reading this page: “Yes but can it really be that easy? Shouldn’t I struggle, effort and strive to be worthy and deserving of what life has to provide for me?” – and to that I say: absolutely not. Having to struggle, effort and strive for life is just a belief system and a linear concept engrained from the psychosis of mass-consciousness. This gravity  is very likely to dictate how reality has to work for you, while you can make up as the creator how you want everything to be in your Quantum Algorithm.

You see, so many have handled their Sovereignty away to some higher entity they named “God” (Mass-Consciousness), and most of the times entrusted Governments and Politicians to create their reality in their place. It is indeed easy to give those responsibilities away and point the finger of blame at any external source, yet it is still our task to take Full Responsibility in taking the Rightful Place as the Creators of our Reality, instead of being the victims of the circumstances we have created for ourselves, or the victims of a “higher entity” that we believe has created reality in our place, and has sovereignty over us.


Whenever someone asks me a question about “truth” or “reality”, I always respond: This is Your Dream, Your World, Your Reality. You choose the answers. Whatever you believe becomes so. So when you want answers about the Nature of Reality, simply ask yourself: “what would I want the answer to be?” once this question answered, just perceive and know reality as being that way, and therefore it becomes your reality.

You see, as I stated earlier, there is no Absolute Static State for reality. Whatever the Awareness of your Consciousness is placed into, becomes the Potential Reality which you have chosen to explore.

To go further in that statement, why not perceive yourself as being Enlightened, Wise, Young, Passionate, Abundant, Energized, Healthy, Beautiful, Perfect, Divine, Radiant, Fulfilled…? Because as you perceive yourself that way, this is the Potential Reality you have chosen to experience, in a timeless manner of speaking (meaning you are experiencing the feeling it procures you in the present, all-the-while being one or many potentials from the future).

When you know all your choices (about how you want reality to be) have already been granted without any doubt, you can forever stand in the Knowingness of your Absolute Fulfillment, with Trust that your Perfect Reality has already been Created, from your Awareness into that Potential Reality of Absolute Fulfillment. You never need to ask for anything, because you Know it’s already there. As you sense and know your own reality to work this way, this is therefore what becomes for you.

Yoga, Meditation, Prayers, Religion, Karma, Spirituality, Witchcraft… and all the rest of the main practices and mental struggles, are mere distractions from the Simplicity of the Creator Being that you are. All the things that you are trying to accomplish by these means, can be in the blink of an eye.

Simply by aknowledging that it already is, and therefore it becomes so.

This doesn’t mean everything will happen overnight, you may have a long way to go if you believe that this is complicated, and that you have to mentally struggle during this shift of consciousness… in which case you may complicate it as much as you desire. No matter how many linear gears you choose to place in your Quantum Algorithm, the result will always be success no matter what variables you put into the equation ~ as long as you choose to stand in the knowingness that Your Reality is that way, therefore it will always be so.

There is no right or wrong way to apply this Principle of Quantumness in your life. As the Creator, this is Your Responsibility to be Genuine in your Creations.

This, can be the most complicated challenge of your life, if you perceive things to be challenging, and complicated. Or this can be the simplest thing ever, if you perceive it to be simple.

The Motto of my Teachings is:
 Shift your Perspective ~ Shift your Reality 

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