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The days are speeding by and things are happening that signal a crucial time on Earth. The dark
Ones hit
out at those who have opposed them, and their wars have moved from
weapons to those that are very sophisticated. You have just seen further

evidence of it by what has happened to Chile, and it is part of the
attacks within an area where leaders have opposed the dark forces, which
intent on removing them. As we have often informed you, we cannot just
with what is happening to you – unless we are given the authority to do
However, as known to you, we are allowed to prevent an even more
scenario. Bear in mind Dear Ones that in Atlantean times they were also
advanced technologically, and had for example developed the laser beam.
It was
used in such a way that it caused a weakening of the Earth’s crust that
up, and Atlantis finally disappeared under the waves of the Atlantic


You are now at a similar point in your experiences, as the Atlanteans were in their end times.
they developed in a very similar way to you, using advanced technology
from Extraterrestrials, putting it to misuse and personal gain. The
country that
is the U.S. is largely populated by those souls who were in Atlantis in
demise, and the challenge has been to see out this cycle without
destroying the
Earth. Civilisations experience very much as individual soul and where
are not learnt, and you face the same ones until you progress
sufficiently to
successfully come through them. You will therefore understand, that we
take away your opportunity to overcome the weaknesses that have caused
downfall in ancient times. It is not however all left up to you, and as
we have
explained previously we can help in ways that often prevent matters
getting out
of hand. Total destruction of the Earth will not be allowed, and we
Mother Earth and the human civilisation, by limiting the extent to which


You must understand that because we are full of compassion and love for all life, we would dearly
love to
release you immediately from the dark powers. The time for our open
arrival is
however determined by the Higher Councils of Light, and we abide by
decisions. Therefore, we are fully prepared for the rapidly approaching
that will bring an end to the dictatorship that you know as the
Illuminati. It
is then that our presence will enable world peace to be declared and an
end to
all hostilities. If there is opposition to it, we will still the weapons
of war
and end it in a peaceful way. We do not come to fight battles as that is
not our
way, but we will impose the Will of God for the betterment of all souls
Earth. You have cried out for release from the traumas and negative
associated with the rule of the dark Ones. Heaven has agreed that it is
time for
the Light to fully return to Earth, and it has already grown
exponentially over
the last decade or so.


Do not allow the chaotic events on Earth to distract you from your goal to ascend because as you
say, you must not take your eye off the ball. Your strength and
protection is by
keeping centred within your Light. In so doing you are also helping
others, who
may weaken when their senses are assailed by the last attempts of the
dark Ones
to continue with their plan. Death and destruction is their aim to
the Earth, but please be assured that they will fail to achieve their
goal of total world control. You have determined the outcome by your
approach by bringing the Light to Earth. This result was indeed foreseen
a long
time ago, and was always part of the plan for this particular cycle. It
have changed but the Lightworkers brought in to keep it on track, have
their worth and ability to stick to their tasks. All of you connected in
way deserve every bit of praise you get, and we of the Galactic
Federation are
so proud to work with you.


Because of hundreds of lives throughout this cycle, you have grown in strength that has seen
you refuse
to capitulate to the dark Ones. Now the full reward for doing so is
about to
manifest, and all that has been taken away from you will gradually be
You are to become the sovereign Beings you once were, and better still
the opportunity to ascend and leave duality for once and for all. It has
you well and you have become powerful Beings, that will carry the Light
and Love
to many civilisations that exist in the Galaxy. Your experiences are
where other developing civilisations are concerned. You can help them
avoid the
same pitfalls experienced during your time in duality. Can you see Dear
that when you first started your journey, you knew how it was going to
others. As a Being of Light you made certain sacrifices to achieve those
as part of your quest for knowledge and to serve as Lightworkers to
developing souls.


We feel that at last you are beginning to comprehend how great you are, and why we adore you all
and heap
our praises upon you. We are fellow souls on a great journey together,
and we
stand by your side as equal partners working for the Will of God. Let
your minds
accept what we say, as it is not to boost your ego and we know that
Beings of
Light do not think in such a way. Where praise is deserved it is nice to

acknowledge what you have achieved, as for too long you have been
oppressed and
could be forgiven for believing you were worthless entities. That is
what the
dark Ones hoped so that they could exert full control over you.
Fortunately you
have woken up and can see through the lies and falsity of the way you
have been
made to feel inferior. You now know otherwise and stand up for yourself,
and it
is achieving results inasmuch that you are breaking the hold the dark
Ones had
on you.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that whatever you have been promised as part of the changes
that is for
the good of all, will come into being and it is mainly our
responsibility to
ensure that they do. Keep your faith in the plan that releases you from
as it is positive and will regardless of any interference come into your
in the very near future. We have all the time we need to play our part,
but we
know for you the impression is that time is very short. It does not
matter when we commence open contact, as everything will be completed in
for the final curtain to come down – and all in readiness for Ascension.
that we love you Dear Ones.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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About this channel from Mike Quinsey was looked at differently in the Netherlands. This is what was said about SaLuSa on the Dutch site Niburu :

Channelings, Desinfo and our Future

The following letter comes from the questions that readers asked us why we SaLuSa message on Monday, March 1 have not posted ...

First, the messages get through Mike Quinsey channelings one of the few which we consider as pure, and can also confirm from our inner knowing.

Of course what is the contact to be channeled through often not fully reliable. The medium must feel good to whom he / she has to do as a medium and not in the field is not the correct 'channel' tune, it is likely that other entities may disturb. Although Quinsey usually good comes out every now and then occasionally some in between is not entirely consistent with what we know, but it is generally more pure.

The message of last Monday, was clearly not from the SaLuSa we used to. It was a very different message in the language spoken and full of inaccurate information. This example was referred to the use of sophisticated weapons by the dark cabal has used to cause earthquakes in Chile. This is not true. It was also once in an abusive manner told how it "the Will of God to the people would impose an improvement of all souls on Earth". And although in the previous messages have stressed was possible to follow your instincts as much misinformation is given, this time we get even - ironically to hear: "Blessed are you awake and you can through the lies and falsehood look around ". Was this channeling than one test in itself?

If you, as regular readers of the 'Contact' messages have not been noticed, it does not match the usual language that is spoken and does not testify to pure unconditional love, where everything is left and its value is based on free will of man. The whole message did not and that is why we were not placing.

The messages from (the real) SaLuSa are usually placed in a quiet way, and are slowly becoming one step further in order for everyone to understand what is happening and how to ensure the developments are. As for a reassuring manner and his words, is for another story to be a tedious and in his / her eyes unimportant. For some it takes too long, find that promises are made or wonder when they finally come and ... The problem lies not with them, but the man himself. This comes from two things, passivity and impatience. To impatience, we as humans actually do nothing, this is already there from childhood to be stamped. We are all accustomed to ordering it. Everything revolves around time, it leaves nothing left to chance or natural course, everything is programmed.

If you think you can calmly behind the PC wait until the aliens come and make things right, then turn entirely inappropriate. Because it's not about them, but us. We must do it yourself all together. It really does not itself naturally to all. If that would happen again because man has learned nothing at the end of this cycle. What you do with it, is the choice you can make yourself deliberately, and now you have read this you are at least aware of this choice. Pull your learning from everything you abhor in this world and converts it to what you want to see. With passive sulking about that but nothing happens no one is a step further.

You as the man himself should want, but most do so themselves. Only when our consciousness is mature enough and has reached the point to a next step in evolution that can, only then will happen. It is basically a natural process, but which are artificially slowed by negative forces. A smart game where everybody is set up against each other by means of lies that promoted surreptitiously distributed by a small group of elitist manipulative religious psychopaths. Only those who can and want to see, have now realized that this clique is not inviolable and that their lies and deceit massive rapidly come out. These negative forces are also indispensable in the process at a higher level of consciousness can come, because it is a game of balance. The more they exaggerate their actions, the sooner humanity awakens. Negative does not therefore necessarily be negative, because the end always has a positive effect, where everything in universal balance. We see that we are all One.

We are a bit behind schedule and gave them a little extra help and guidance of galactic friends who, like us now, already have been at the same point of this evolution step.

Know that we are very well able to do it they get, and it is much less difficult than most think. The man is known to be very easy to adjust to a new environment. Do we really have to continue with this unnecessary pollution? Our Mother Earth, who has given us everything, at the end of its course and therefore the healing process now started full speed.

Look around you ... We really have anything to lose? All we have to lose is time, because it begins to penetrate. What else do we want to experience that small step on the threshold of consciousness to make? The real awakening is the realization that we all get loose can cause what the ancient world had to offer and the opportunity to see something new to begin, based on love and respect for All That Is.

And can we all! Know that we support to some extent, and that's only a small step to the finish is ...

The prospect is beautiful as we have in mind future we create together.

Red. Niburu

Below the message on Monday for those who still want to read ...

SaLuSa 1-March-2010


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