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Feeling Gratitude For Being Is The Key That Unlocks The Door To The Glory Of Light...And...Insight into The Particle Convergence By Melanie Beckler...And... A Reflection on Interpersonal Conflict

Feeling Gratitude For "Being" Is The Key That Unlocks The Door To The Glory Of Light

Federation Of Light Message Through Blossom Goodchild On August 24th 2017. 

Blossom: Welcome, once again, my friends. Someone inquired as to why you hadn’t mentioned the solar eclipse? I wondered if it was me, as I really hadn’t given any attention to it at all. Yet, surely you don’t need me to be into something, in order to bring it up?  What would you say about it? For I have since looked into it a little and the internet is a buzz with it.

Federation Of Light (FOL): Firstly, welcome to you, also. That which has taken place is what you would term ‘phenomenal’ and yet … it would seem that much has been ‘added’ by many, in regards to events and occurrences, that we would suggest is merely propaganda, fear mongering and absolute nonsense!

We have spoken of intense Energies that have been filtering into your stratosphere and affecting Energies of the individual and The Whole. These Energies are assisting you in lifting your spirits and cementing that which YOU KNOW TO BE TRUTH within your Being. Therefore, allowing you to continue to further your education in the school of life.

We would suggest that the crux of this astrological turn of events is to ‘turn the page’ into a new beginning of understanding.

As these Energies solidify and become more natural within your Being … you will find your Being to be so much more in tune with that which makes sense to your soul. In that, for so long have you questioned the why’s and what for’s of your existence. The reasons for your world seeming to be utterly topsy turvy and yet, you are moving into a time that allows you to receive these answers. For your entirety of self begins to flow forth in a way that makes understandings FEEL so much closer to home. For indeed they are.

Blossom: A little more detail please?

FOL: The months that lie ahead, in particular the next three or four or so  … keeping in mind that all things will flow according to how the flow is flowing … will bring about a consistency that proves to the self that there is so much more to the self than one had been allowing in.

You have offered prayers up to the ALL KNOWING in the hope that you can find your way out of the darkness that one has found themselves overcome with, at times … and asked for the way to be shown … not just for the self … yet, for all. You have selflessly opened your heart out to the world in which you live and desired for its Greatness to be shown.

Dearest souls, each year, has seemed to you to be more or less the same in these matters of Energies filtering through. One can FEEL the self …deep within … changing … and yet, on the surface … little seems to be making any difference.


The times of ‘playing The Game’ at a certain skilled level are ceasing … and your Higher Beings are taking over.

We would make it clear at this juncture that it cannot yet be the fullness of self that enters in. That would be way ahead of its time … and yet … so much more that you know yourselves to be … will become obvious.

Blossom: In what way?

FOL: In the noticing of synchronicities … Instant manifestations … Healings …

Blossom: Which are already taking place for some.

FOL: For those who are aware of the FEELING of Gratitude of/for Being.

For that/this Dearest Souls, is the key that unlocks the door to the GLORY OF LIGHT.

If one were to concentrate and give honour for who they are … coming from deep Thankfulness for their very existence … they would find themselves conquering the negatives that tend to ‘hang around’ for the fun of it!

To FEEL Gratitude deep within the home space of the soul allows EVERYTHING to come into alignment. You do not need to ask for this and that … or for resolved circumstances or abundance in ways of financial upgrade … you simply need to remember who you are … FEEL who you are … and exude that Grace and Gratitude to the ALL THAT IS.

Watch then, Dearest Friends … how your life falls into place in the way you feel it should.

And with these happenings … you become aware that nothing else is required from you. You have never been asked to give more than that …

THAT … WHICH YOU ARE … sending out Gratitude for … ALL THAT YOU ARE.

There is no need for expletives … just THE OFFERING OF THE FEELING FLOWING OUT OF YOU INTO EVERYTHING ELSE. So that Gratitude, then becomes part of everything else and blends in to make everything else so much more aware of what Gratitude is/does.

To concentrate on this alone will change you and your world.

And because so many ARE becoming OF this … your world is indeed changing.

Notice as these days present themselves to you, how blissfully aware of Life itself you are becoming.

Everything will appear the same … and yet … feel and also appear totally different.

Blossom: Do you need to correct that sentence?


OK … Carry on!

We are showing you a vision Blossom, of a few steps, three or four … and a long line of souls walking up these steps. This vision is filled with Light. Correct?

Correct. A distinct recognising of many of us moving into a Higher Vibration.

Which is exactly what you are doing. These ‘moving’ times are to be FELT in a much deeper way than ever before.

 With all respect, you have said that before and it hasn’t really been that noticeable.

Maybe you were looking elsewhere, Blossom?

Indeed. Yet, what is so different about this then?

FOL: The step up. You have for many years been ‘sitting within’ a certain frequency of a certain Vibration. You have settled into it and become familiar with it … as a repeat of what has happened before that.

This is how it is. This is how it works. Each time one reaches the ‘top’ level of THAT Vibration … there is a boiling point that one ‘bubbles around in’ for a while … feeling indeed, as if the lid is going to explode … THIS IS NATURAL!

BECAUSE … that is more or less what happens. The peak of that Vibration within yourself and those within that level with you (and there are many) has reached its entirety and HAS TO move on through to the beginning … the lowest level … of the next Vibration leading on from the last one.

This one, that so many of you are moving up to, naturally  … for it does not take a rocket scientist to work this out … is Higher than the one you were previously in.

You have been working your way up the ladder if you like, and the rung that you are now on allows you to step off onto a platform/plateau that is the pioneering level of THE NEW WORLD.

As if … for want of a way of putting it … you have taken your KNOWING into an empty space … a space that has been waiting for you to arrive and … CREATE THE NEW WORLD.

You KNOW how it is to be. You have created it already. Now, you need to create it in the Vibration that it was created for!

An empty canvas, Dearest Creators … Awaiting you to pick up the brush … choose the colour and BEGIN!

Blossom: Woah! I have the tingle of TRUTH running all over my body.

FOL: IT IS HERE NOW … NOW! This time you walk within … is the time to …


You KNOW within you what the painting looks like … What it FEELS like … and all one needs to do is recreate it … in one’s own reality.

Bring it out into the open … Bring it into fruition … BRING IT FORTH INTO CREATION.

I am sort of feeling/seeing in my mind’s eye … this huge empty space and many of us … just standing there … in Peace … and more and more step of the ladder and we unite our hearts. No words spoken ... Just knowing that ‘WE HAVE ARRIVED’ in OUR NEW WORLD and it is time to BEGIN. Tears flow as I feel and look upon this vision. I am so emotional right now!

Because it is your soul’s way of telling you this is TRUTH.

Blossom and all who find themselves ‘there’ … WELCOME TO YOUR NEW WORLD!

Thank you. I just took a few deep breaths … and here I am … sitting in the same place as I was before I started this communication with you … and yet … within me … I FEEL different. I FEEL excited, encouraged and ALIVE.

As these days dawn willingly, to partner you along your journey … how blessed you will FEEL … to the point, sometimes … of overwhelming exhaustion.

Exhaustion? Really?

REALLY. For it shall take time to adjust to the change in atmosphere. Even your very breath will be LIGHTER … for the very air that you breathe is becoming LIGHTER, also.

Couple this with the fact that your bodies are joining in the dance … and this would explain the ‘now and then’ necessity to have large rests and deep sleeps in order for these ‘plans’ to integrate with the reality of what is taking place.

THE JOY. THE JOY. THE JOY that you shall experience shall make you laugh out loud … with others and on your own … for that which you have been expecting … was totally unexpected!

Add to the mix of ALL OF THIS … the fact that due to this continual Higher Vibration that you are residing within … IT …  by natural affect … will bring about those little secret yearnings of ‘presentations’ on a much LARGER HIGHER scale of ‘little green men in tin vessels’!

LAUGH! WOW … your humour has come on in leaps and bounds over the years.

With your help, Blossom!

Blossom, Blossom, Blossom … Things that now seem very out of the ordinary, shall become very ordinary … very acceptable and very agreeable.

Look at the changes your planet has accepted over the last century. Things that were once science fiction only … are now averagely normal. It was once known to be ridiculous for one to even imagine … that one could chat to another face to face from opposite ends of the sphere  and yet, now it is considered frustrating if it’s not working as well as it should and the picture is not as clear as a bell!

Imagine then, what is to come in ways of technology that shall astound, yet indeed, simplify means of travel, for instance. To name but one.

Go on … name but two …if you would?



What for?

Incorrect transference of thought?

Not at all. ‘Inheritance’ of all that is to be bestowed upon you … bequeathed to you as your birth right. Graces, talents and skills that as yet, are not thought of … until they are ‘inherited’ … from your Higher spontaneous self.

Such fun lies ahead.

Life was not originally designed to be as hard as many of you make it. Yet, within THE GAME … the experiment … the experience … as a collective … you changed the format and made it so.

Memories of ‘how it should be’ … ‘how it once was’ … ‘how it will be’ … will come flooding back, as if a damm has been unblocked and inspiration and incentive rushes forth into the ever flowing stream of that which you chose to partake in.

Dearest souls … Dearest Blossom … this day, we leave you … feeling as excited as excited can be.

Thank you so very much. This was indeed a very uplifting chat … and I am in much Gratitude that it took place. Signing off now … as I skip through the rest of my day. In Love, Light, Laughter and an Abundance of Golden Rays.



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Video: "Judy Satori's Trinity Of 8 8 8 Audio Transmissions" 




Insight into The Particle Convergence By Melanie Beckler

I've gotten quite a few questions about “the Particle Convergence” recently… So, I asked upstairs for some clarification, and here’s what I can share.

What Is The Particle Convergence?

What Is The Particle ConvergenceEssentially what people are calling “the Particle Convergence” is the amplification of plasma waves of crystalline light streaming towards Earth.

These crystalline plasma waves are triggering the collapse of timelines, the merging of multiple dimensions, and are causing many shifts both in the very lines of time as well as in the lives of individuals.

The “Particle Convergence” has the overarching purpose of returning the Earth and humanity into a place of stillness or zero-point consciousness.

This is happening through the mass-merging of dimensions, allowing greater access to the higher dimensional realms from the physical.

It is also triggering the dissolution of old, synthetic, and negatively programmed timelines that do not serve our highest values, truths, and potential as human beings.

When timelines fall away, things can feel a bit intense, but it's not the new levels of light that feel intense, rather it’s the process of letting go of the old.

Convergence by Divine Design

The convergence of multi-dimensions and the very particles of time is by Divine design and is a part of the Earth’s vibrational upgrade.

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At its core, the multidimensional convergence is a catalyst triggering accelerated Ascension for individuals and collectively.

Part of this process is the balancing of polarities and shifting into observation of the underlying unity and oneness inherently present in all.

Part is loving what arises, and being willing to transform past beliefs and limitations into a new found authenticity and realignment with your infinite potential.

While the ascension process is absolutely an ongoing path…

We’re right smack in the middle of an incredible band of time that seeks to remind us of our multidimensional nature, and re-calibrate us (again both individually and collectively) with our highest level of Divine authenticity.

Here are a few key dates associated with the Particle Convergence and the collective ascension path. 

August 21 -Total Solar Eclipse Reset and Crystalline Initiation (Access the Eclipse Activations here)
August 21 -25 Opening of Crystalline Light

September 21 -25 Opening of Crystalline Light
September 22 – Equinox
September 23 – Pulse of Crystalline Light and Timeline Convergence

December 21 – 25, Opening of Crystalline Light
December 21– Solstice
December 23 – Pulse of Crystalline Light and Timeline Convergence

These are days you definitely want to meditate, stay in a positive loving vibration, and consciously tune into the stream of crystalline light. (All of this is, of course, helpful to do every day!)

Collective Ascension of Humanity

Collective Ascension of HumanityThe Solar Eclipse was like a time stamp kicking off the Particle Convergence, which viewed through another lens looks like a crystalline river of light flowing throughout the Earths grids to establish a new higher vibrational foundation for the “New Earth”… or what some are calling “The Golden Age”.

Whatever language you prefer, we’re talking about the collective ascension of humanity, and the movement of the entire Earth into a higher dimensional experience on both the individual and collective scale.

This time band is giving us an energetic boost on this ascension path.

The Eclipse energies offered a powerful reset of the energy body, so that body, mind, and spirit can come into the highest resonance with our soul plan and life purpose.

Aligning with your highest authentic path is absolutely the focus now, and is also what is required on the individual level for all of humanity to make the jump into the New Earth or Golden Age.

How Do We Make The Most Of This Exciting Time?

Shining with peace and love on every level (mind, body, spirit, emotions, action, intention, and energy) is how we as individuals and collectively choose to release the old timelines, move into stillness, and accelerate into the highest possible potentials for humanity on the collective ascension path!

Choose love in the moment… Make time for meditation, and stillness, and consciously choose to raise your vibration.

What would your life look like if your vibration went up ten-fold?

How would you act, what would you do, how would you spend your time?

Act as if this is already so now, and this is how you can actually raise your vibration and call forth the highest personal (and collective) timeline for the Earth.

Learn more about how to raise your vibration here.

Invite love, light, and healing into your being.

When you resonate with peace and love on every level, you naturally begin to release the old distorted timelines, and layers of illusion, move into stillness and then accelerate into the highest possible potentials for humanity on the collective ascension path.

The Collective Ascension Is Called Forth At The Individual Level

When we each as individuals become realized…

When we shine with our highest light, stand in our authentic truth and step into alignment with our sovereign potential…

We begin to accomplish our unique soul purposes.

It is these individual creations in the new energy that weave together in the tapestry of light to create the new paradigm.

Each of our individual light, bliss, energy, and projects join together to create the new earth.

In this way, you are the key!

You are the one…

And so are we all.

Step into your light and power, shine the full authentic truth that you are, and use this powerful energy now to reset to a new level.

Align with the highest frequency of your authentic truth as you follow your bliss, excitement, and through presence return to inner stillness and knowing…

Call your highest truth forth.

This is truly an incredible period of time we're living in now, where we have the opportunity to ascend individually and collectively, calling forth the new “Heaven on Earth” and stepping into the full power of our infinite potential.

Know that you are worthy of what you have chosen to call out from the vast field of infinite possibility and to invite into your personal experience.

Remaining positive and crystal clear about your intention and actually moving into vibrational resonance with it though thought, choice, intention, action, and energy will further illuminate the path before you.

The cosmic realignment is happening…

A new level of your light and authenticity becoming available.


There is something you need to do moving forward… 

And that listening to your inner guidance, follow your bliss and excitement…

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Because joy, love, and curiosity will truly guide you right into sync with your purpose.

Start taking steps to bring yourself into alignment with the life you want to live, the joy you want to experience, and the purpose you want to embody. So much goodness in this new timeline awaits.

Remember to focus in on your intentions and make an effort to consciously return to love, presence, and awareness.

Remember that much is shifting, releasing and re-aligning during this period.

Hold the field of love and detach from the collective dramas of media. Staying grounded as you integrate higher frequencies is also key. Hydrate, spend time in nature, hike, walk barefoot, meditate on the Earth and do what you can to stay positively aligned with your highest intentions.

Be gentle with yourself, nurture your physical body, and know that returning to love in the present moment remains one of the most powerful ways to support yourself…

Love whatever occurs, as that is exactly where you are receiving the realignment, healing and reset.

One moment and one step at a time call forth the highest possible future for the Earth, humanity, and all.

Namaste and Blessings

Melanie Beckler

 Video: " Heart Breathing - A Simple Technique to Raise Your Vibration with "Heart Breath" By Melanie Beckler

A Reflection on Interpersonal Conflict and Drama...By Ari Kopel

I wrote the words below as a way to understand how so many of us experience conflict and discord in our lives and how this serves as a means for "separation" instead of unification! And because we are deemed to be "in the know", it saddens me even more that this is happening within the very spiritual community that should transcend all the interpersonal drama that is many times caused by minutia, drama that tends to set off our egos and send us tail-spinning into emotional tantrums.

So, because many of you have also separated from this site (Transcending In Beauty) and are not signing on anymore so that you don't receive the blog posts, I'm now reaching out to you in the hope that you will engage with us again, as an extended family of Light, to resolve all lower emotions with ourselves and animosity with others. If we can accomplish this, perhaps we can become an example - a template - for a New and Enlightened World....

For Those Experiencing Drama and Conflict:

People are "delicate" and complex creatures that seem to create their own realities and imaginary universes. They, in turn, will take the experiences they have of their world to understand new information presented by others. They then judge it and judge the person giving the information, determining if it's a threat or whether its beneficial. They will take a square peg and force it to fit into the round hole! It has to fit...because their mind says it does!


It doesn't matter whether intrinsically the person or information is neutral, the person/creature will formulate an opinion and then react to the information/situation that they have made to fit a "template" that has been created by past, negative or positive experiences.

And this is one of the root causes of mis-perceptions, unmerited judgments, animosity and conflicts.


Maybe embracing the FACT that everything doesn't revolve around US and OUR experiences, and that yes others do have their own perceptions of what an elephant looks like, while blind-folded; and that those experiences are very real to us individually -- and correct -- given the limited faculties of sight at that moment.


And the key to all of this is to open our heart so that we truly accept one another -- and ourselves -- completely, appreciating our limitations and coming to a place of common-ground, where there is only the involvement of heart, compassion, total acceptance and forgiveness, because we are all healing from something and seeking something to fill that void.


Then we can feel that connection with that Universal Force that infuses all of us with the Life-Spark that then identifies itself as each one of us looking at the world via our eyes, experiencing the world through our bodies. And it leads to the understanding that the world, as we see it, is truly only interpreted through our point of view at that moment. And then we, in turn, share with that Universal Intelligence yet another possibility of how it can be experienced via our brief existence on a blue spec, that lies somewhere in an obscure part of a tucked away universe...


It's time to heal...


We don't sit around waiting for things to happen to us - we make things happen! 

We are not victims to circumstance, Satan, reptilians, Archons, the cabal.... We are Co-Creators and correctors of what isn't in alignment with the Original Blueprint!

We are here with a mission - with a grand purpose!

We use our spiritual awareness and "mastery" to overcome all obstacles in our life and as a road map to navigate the difficult roads presented to us in this lower dimension and reality .

At the same time, we are full participants and contributors on this planet. We understand that we can't correct a wrong unless we recognize it's there and name it. Then, we can tackle the issues, and transcend them.

Our gathering together is for the purpose of camaraderie and to edify and uplift one another and to provide a platform for friendly and loving discussion.

We all contribute by sharing our talents, our blogs, our videos, our pictures and our comments because we are the family that we left behind, when we embarked in this selfless journey to such a dense world.

We aim to emulate Christ-Consciousness and so we strive in becoming the role-models and leaders of a New Paradigm on Earth, one that is guided by Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Kindness and true Service-to-others.

We are One in Truth, and have NEVER left the Heart of Creator, for Its Essence infuses us even when we're not aware, or in tune to it. 

We have our own unique perspectives due to our very different life experiences, and we can appreciate another's point of view because their journey has been different and we listen to their point of view objectively because it helps us make sense of this complex reality. 

Our heart is what drives our actions!

And Unconditional Love propels us forward.

We are One, creating our own Ascension, Unified in Diving Light, Truth, Peace and Love...

If you are one of us, then

Please Join us at -

Many Blessings and Universal Hugs ~

Ari Kopel


Video: " Emotional Healing ~ A Simple Emotional Clearing Process to Bring Healing to your Emotional Body" By Melanie Beckler

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