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Accelerating Your Mastery by the Andromedans Via Natalie Glasson...And...Moon Of Victory By Sonja Myriel...Open To Recieve The Divine Transmission of Joy Ray By Tercy Logan

Accelerating Your Mastery by the Andromedans Via Natalie Glasson

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We, the Andromedan Consciousness of Light and Love, come forth with a purpose of

assisting your inner awakening and remembrance. We wish to support you in

developing your inner mastery - thus accelerating your ascension.

What is Mastery?

Mastery is remembering how to access and express the energies and wisdom of the

Creator within your being. You do not need to learn spiritual or self-mastery, it is an

awareness and state of being that already exists within you. There is simply a need to

release illusions, blocks and pain which are causing you to disconnect or ignore the

beautiful fulfilling and inspirational awareness already within your being.

In order to aid you in remembering and reconnecting with your inner mastery, we, the

Andromedans, wish to share with you a technique to support you in accessing and

moving into expanded awareness and consciousness. Our technique is to create the

most appropriate energies and vibrations within your being for you to contemplate and

understand how to guide yourself forth, evolving into your true divine self.

Technique to Advance Your Mastery

With a request, we, the Andromedans, will place an orb of our light of a purple, violet

and turquoise colour into one of your chakras. As you receive and accept the orb of

light, it will expand, merging with your entire being. Within the Andromedan orb of

light will be the energies, wisdom and guidance as guided by your soul to support you

in contemplating, understanding and embodying the next stage of your spiritual mastery.

The Andromedans will support you in accessing the necessary wisdom, integrating the


perspective and moving forth to the next stage of your ascension process. This is a

wonderful practice to achieve whenever you feel confused, or are unable to accelerate

your ascension or access new awareness. The Andromedans will make you aware of

the energies and wisdom that there is a need for you to focus upon to further aid your


Video: "Accelerating Your Mastery By The Andromedans" -

Depending on which chakra you choose to anchor the Andromedan orb of light into, a

different activation, understanding and enlightenment will be accessed. We wish to

share a description of the influence of the Andromedan orb of light within each chakra:

Placed in your Crown Chakra, it will assist you in accessing new divine consciousness

to serve your existence on the Earth, creating waves of activation, awareness of spirit

and sacred coding of divinity.

Placed in your Third Eye Chakra, it will aid you in contemplating, understanding and

embodying the next stage of your spiritual mastery.

Placed in your Throat Chakra, it will aid mastery of communication on all levels of your

being, the Earth and inner planes while supporting sacred deep connections of grace

and expressions of your truth.

Placed in your Heart Chakra, it will aid a shift in your self-love, relationships with

others and relationship with the Creator, bringing forth further illumination and


Placed in your Solar Plexus Chakra, it will support you in receiving guidance on how

you can personally master your power, bringing forth your power in fulfilling,

harmonious and transformational ways.

Placed in your Sacral Chakra, it will assist you in understanding how you can become a

master of change, bring in the divine flow and expressing your sexuality and creativity

in fulfilling ways guided by your divine self.

Placed in your Root Chakra, it will develop the connection of your divine self with

your physical reality, anchoring greater light into your existence on the Earth, aiding

grounding and the creation of fortifying foundation.

It is important to only make one request per meditation, asking for only one

Andromedan orb of light to be placed in a specific chakra as this allows time for you to

contemplate the wisdom and guidance we, the Andromedans, wish to inspire within

you. While the energy shared creates an important shift within your being, it is also a

process of connection with your intuition, divine wisdom, illumination and

enlightenment. We wish to encourage you to understand your own process of mastery,

thus accessing wisdom that allows you to comprehend your spiritual evolution and

your next step forth. The technique we share with you will support you in awakening

profound nuggets of truth within your being as well as gaining a clearer understanding

of yourself as a spiritual being experiencing a physical reality. You may achieve this

practice as often as you feel guided.

Other Techniques to Aid Mastery

We, the Andromedans, wish to share with you some simple techniques which can be

achieved in a short time to further awaken your mastery.

  • Imagine a spiral of light which fills your chest area and torso; the spiral is
  • wider towards your neck and narrower at the base of your spine. Take your
  • conscious awareness into the spiral and allow yourself to descend to the base
  • of the spiral at the base of your spine.

Ask to be made aware of a new perspective which will lead you to greater

enlightenment and self-awareness. Allow yourself to receive any insights that dawn.

Ask to be made aware of a limitation you are holding onto which is blocking your

experience of your mastery. Let yourself become aware of this energy, perception,

thought, emotion or experience.

Accelerating Your Mastery by the Andromedans Allow both positive and limiting energies to merge, allow the new perspective to transform the limiting energy.

  • Take the attention of your mind into your Heart Chakra. Imagine yourself sitting next to a waterfall that glistens and shimmers with light. The energy is pouring into your being, awakening new awareness. As you receive the shimmering light into your being, let the flow of energy draw you into a space of higher consciousness and truth. As you observe this aspect of yourself be aware, this is your inner energy of mastery. In the same way, you would get to know a new friend, take time to familiarise
  • yourself and explore this beautiful inner state of your being.
  • Observe the stories you tell yourself which lead you deeper into illusion.
  • Become familiar with the energy and light of your being, observe daily the
  • colours and feelings of your energy until you become more familiar with what
  • you feel like energetically, with the ability to observe
  • Ask your soul to project the highest vibration of light and consciousness of
  • the Creator into your being. Allow yourself to receive the frequencies and
  • benefits.
  • Ask to develop your connections with your community of guides and that
  • the appropriate consciousness from your guides imprints into your being,
  • awakening new awareness within your being.

Our energy is present now to be of service to you, simply call upon us and we will

respond to your requests especially concerning mastery.

With loving respect,

The Andromedans

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Moon of VICTORY - Time to

CELEBRATE and build the NET of

HOPE for the WORLD! By Sonja Myriel

Dearly beloved lightgrid family and gridwork team,

This weekend let us celebrate our big and small victories in life! Let us weave a net of

VICTORY and enhance the POWER of HOPE on the PLANET!


I know, life doesn’t seem victorious to most of us right now – but at a closer look, I’m

sure each of us detects this or that change in life and behavior for the better. For me it is

my growing awareness of how my perspective on life changes not only my feelings but,

of course, also my response to life, which in turn manifests its manifold effects

thereafter in my life … to detect those reverberations, repercussions of “fate”, is

nothing new to me now any longer.

But even though  I have not yet mastered to control all that I send out, I will celebrate

my growing awareness and my step by step learning process which I have now begun

to observe from an interestingly new angle. How fascinating life can be when we begin

to detect those basic patterns of LIFE, learning through experience about the universal

rules of CREATION. Because this is what we continually DO: We are CREATING.

And the more we learn about our personal patterns of re-action and action, the more

we can begin to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE.


Now HERE we ARE – right NOW!


What we wish to see in the world? You name it!

 Ask your guides and angels to help you create the most vivid scenery or feeling or

knowing, or whatever sensation you are master of, filled with LOVE, and then dive

into the LOVE VIBRATION of your imagination and EXPAND it until it fills all your

beingness and then stretch out your hands to form a bowl where you ask the LIGHT of

your vision to GATHER as a golden ball of ENERGY. Find the best position for your

hands to hold and build this ball of a glorious world and future. When you feel the

power / pulse of this energy ball, your vision of love and truth and light and wisdom

and understanding and brother- and sisterhood of all life on Earth and beyond, stretch

out your hands again and offer your gift of LOVE to Mother Earth and Father Sky and

the Universe and CENTRE beyond.

You are guided. You are loved. You are never alone.

And in this knowing, TRUST and have FAITH in the future BLOSSOMING of the

seeds you are sowing in this moment!


The fifth dimension is not something to be expected – it is to be LIVED! And we are

here to remind each other of this truth, again and again and again! Life is a never

ending story of learning through experience – and death is not the end of everything – it

is the point of transformation, where old patterns die and new ones are born.

So let us CELEBRATE the GIFT of LIFE and the VICTORIES we have had on our path

up to now! Several days of decision lie behind us – and NOW we are ready to step into

our new roles of stewards of the Earth, of brethren united in compassion, truth and the

will to serve in the process of humanity’s and the planet’s awakening and ascension!




I see every person on the planet who celebrates their victories of consciousness as

a BONFIRE of HOPE for the planet …. And as we are reaching critical mass,

those dots of light, these bonfires, begin to CONNECT as they are all on the wave

length of deeply grounded, REALIZED and EXPERIENCED TRUTH in


Lady HOPE is REBORN on Earth!

Mother Gaia Terra Shan Vej WELCOMES her in!


We WELCOME you, beloved siSTAR, Lady HOPE!


Hope, grounded in TRUTH and FAITH and brought into existence through the

celebration of the big and small victories in life which we can daily witness, is the

flame which lights our way when all seems lost. Hope appears on the horizon as the

SUN on earth with the dawning of a new morning. In order for new ideas to be

perceived, a CHANGE of POSITION is necessary. And from this new position, the

whole scenery is changed. What seemed dramatic and unchangeable before, is allowed

to be felt and thus becomes KNOWN and understandable – if we only ACCEPT what

IS and invest the potential energy in necessary CHANGES in our own conduct and

behavior! In this way we begin to live the life of MASTERS.  “Master  who masters

his / her own life” shall from that point in life onwards be the rightful title of such a

person who continues on the path of ever expanding consciousness.

As for me, I suppose I am just BEGINNING to see the manifold possibilities of

mastering my life, but I know and trust, have faith and hope that the path chosen leads

me exactly to where I need to be at every moment in my life – and my conscious

awareness of what is taking place is nice, but not necessary as long as I LISTEN TO

MY HEART and fulfill its commands. The HEART is the centre where all information

is immediately understood and shared.

 The mind is usually not fit to integrate such an overwhelming amount of data all at

once, it is too slow. So better do not even try to “understand” – begin to EXPERIENCE,

instead, and learn out of it. Directly. As if you were drinking from the waters of life

with every experience you make, every breath you take, and every interaction you allow.

Because that is what is actually happening, what you actually do: You are filling your 4

lower bodies (emotional, mental, astral and physical) with consciousness and

consciousness is information and information is LIGHT. That’s it. And that’s what we -

that is YOU who have read these lines and followed the train of thought right to where

we are now! – have come here to begin: The insemination of LIGHT into our 4

lower bodies and thus the bodies of humanity and all third dimensional  life forms

on the planet who are bound to the physical limitations of fear, fight and flight and

hunger re-actions of the physical form.


So let us CELEBRATE our victories, each a step towards more consciousness and

enlightenment through US on planet earth, this weekend – and if you feel inspired to,

BEYOND for as long as you can hold the intention!


Have a most blessed AFTER FULL MOON WEEKEND,


Sonja Myriel

Video: "Sacred Sound To Help You Relax & Experience Divine Freedom"


Healing Your Inner Goddess
To read the text of Melanie Beckler's guided meditation video that is below with
Archangel Haniel - just click on this link:
Melanie Beckler:
I felt inspired to ask the angels for a little guidance and direction this morning for you...

And here it is:

The doors of opportunity are open for you to elevate your life experience by simply inviting
more light into your life.

The process for this is simple:

Choose love.

We repeat this simple guidance often yes, and for good reason.

It is love that creates the pathways for new levels of light to appear.

Love welcomes light into your body, which activates your DNA, raises your vibration and
brings you into harmony with the gifts and Divine possibilities in store.

Love is a state of being...

Not an action...

And yet when you are in a state of love, your actions become inspired... Which opens you
up to even more of the blessings of the universe.

Let yourself fully enter into each and present moment... And open to love.

Let yourself feel, be, experience and embody the love that you are...

Opening your heart, and opening the pathways to receive the new levels of light, and
experiences of Divine frequency which are your birthright.

As the light fills you it may bring to the surface the shadows, fears, and tensions out of
sync with the new levels of Divine possibility you're being called to step into.

So you can align with your highest Divine blueprint, soul purpose, life mission, and
the full depth of why you are really here now.

To align... Love what appears.

Breathe as emotion, or past memories rise to the surface and lovingly and boldly choose
to let them go.

Release into the light whatever harshness from beneath the surface is revealed.

And with this...

Your vibration raises more.

You release the need to be seen a certain way, to fit in, or base your worth on the reactions
of others.

You choose to stand in love, aligning with and shining in accordance with the fullness of
the light being you are because you recognize your role.

Your unique opportunity to contribute to the collective transformation unfolding in this
great age of change.

By simply being present.

Embodying love...

And welcoming all that the new levels of light have to reveal to you.

About what is really possible.

About what you're really here to be, and see, and do...

Understanding fully who you are by stepping back from the perspective of your mind,
back from what you think is true, and the way you think things are...

And with love in your heart and light in your field stepping into the unknown...

Into the simple experience of being and embodying your full light.

Where you can here call forth the highest potentials for love, joy, peace, and co-creation
to manifest in your life and to ripple out far beyond you across the Earth.

Calling forth and anchoring the new.

The new paradigm yes.

The new Earth indeed.

The new possibilities for an awakened humanity to co-exist, co-create, and to vibrantly
and harmoniously thrive...

Begins with you.

With this moment...

With a simple breath...

A choice to shift...

To enter in...

To be and breathe and shine...

The light of love. 

Letting go of all that no longer serves you and all that you've outgrown.

Boldly stepping into the new landscape of Divine light and infinite possibility...

Which can only be fully revealed...

By standing in love.

We are with you, loving, guiding and supporting...

But it is you who must make the choice in each and every moment to return to love...

And to consciously choose to embody your highest light.

And shine.


I hope this is helpful for you!

With immense love, light, and gratitude,


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of their highest light while listening, so I'm sure you're going to love it too!

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Video: "Healing Your Inner Goddess With AA Haniel Via Melanie Beckler"


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To assist your system in receiving this divine transmission of Joy
Ray, please find a comfortable position in which you can relax and begin focus on
your breathing. Notice your breath coming in and going out of your body. Allow your
breath to slow down naturally and to deepen. As you are breathing begin to focus on
your feet. Feel your feet and breathe into your feet. Allow the act of breathing into your
feet represent the energizing of your path and your walk to life.
Bring your attention to the space above your head and breathe into your higher self,
which exists about an arm’s length above your head. Focusing on and breathing into
your higher self energizes the part of you that knows – the part of you that is intuitive.

Having breathed into your feet and your higher self now begin to focus on your heart
center. Breath into your heart. As you are breathing into your heart and energizing your
heart, focus on the emotion of gratitude. Notice what you are grateful for and what you
appreciate in your life. The energy of gratitude and appreciation helps open your system
to receive this divine transmission. Feel your heart open wide.

To Complete this process of preparing to receive, inhale from your higher self above
your head and focus on the breath going all the way down through your heart and down
toward your feet. Now exhale from your feet up to your heart and up to your higher self.
Practice bringing the breath up and down and then down and up again.
Wish you a Very Happy October 4th with love &
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Your Divine Birthright Is To Be Joyous
By Tercy Logan
Spend a few moment in silence transmitting energy to assist you to come into a greater
resonance of Joy. At this time we are training the joy Ray to assist the transmission and
the receiving of this joy frequency.
Focus on a time when you felt joyful, where you felt bliss, fun, ecstasy and laughter. As
this memory of joy is coming into your awareness, have a sense of your cells dancing,
have a sense of the energy within your body beginning to bubble like effervescence, like
bubbles in champagne.
By simply remembering this time of joy, something within you is awakening; something
ancient and deep, familiar, and fun is awakening within you. Allow this joy to erupt within
you, to activate within you, to awaken.
It is your divine birthright to be joyous. Spend a few more moments of concentration
remembering and activating this joy Ray. Notice if it has a certain color for your or certain
word associated with it. Ask for a symbol in which you can connect to it in the future.
Knowing that you can call upon the Joy Ray whenever you would
like, gently bring your focus back to feeling your body and noticing your breath.
Wish you a beautiful day with
love and light. Tercy
Video: "Judy Satori's Trinity Light Language Transmissions"

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