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Channeled Messages

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Hey everyone!

I think it would be a good idea to put together a database of as many channelers and mediums as we could, so we could cross reference their channeling and debate what they have to say. Please post your favorite channelings and come and join the debate. :)


Sheldan Nidle's Site

Planetary Activation Organization

Mike Quinsey's Channelings

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Week 4: Communicating With Your Higher Self By Suzanne Lie ... And ... Weekly Angel Card Readings – How Do They Work? By Melanie Beckler

Started by steven hutchinson May 1. 0 Replies

Week 4: Communicating With Your Higher Self-Preparing for Leadership By Suzanne LieCreate the HABIT of speaking with your Higher SELF Make it a part of your daily life to "take your Higher SELF with…Continue

The Temple of Equilibrium ~ Teachings of the Eye of Horus By Anrita Melchizedek

Started by steven hutchinson Apr 19. 0 Replies

The Temple of Equilibrium ~ Teachings of the Eye of HorusElders April Transmission through Anrita Melchizedek  Welcome sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in the month of April as…Continue

The Temple of Magnetic Resonance By Anrita Melchizedek

Started by steven hutchinson Apr 8. 0 Replies

The Temple of Magnetic Resonance Elders Transmission thru Anrita MelchizedekYou Tube video…Continue

The Temple of Contemplation ~ Teachings of the Eye of Horus ~ Anrita Melchizedek

Started by steven hutchinson Mar 11. 0 Replies

The Temple of Transformation ~ Teachings of the Eye of Horus Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of March, as you deepen into your magnificence and Light, as…Continue

The Truth About Your Enlightenment by Archangel Metatron Through Natalie Glasson ... And ... Archangel Metatron Helps you Connect with The Violet Flame With Melanie Beckler

Started by steven hutchinson Feb 13. 0 Replies

The Truth About Your Enlightenmentby Archangel Metatron Through Natalie GlassonChanneled through Natalie Glasson –…Continue

Heart Awakening With Light from the Divine By Melanie Beckler ... And ... Embracing The Adventure... By Ann Albers ... And ... Walking Blessings From Our Heart Through Our Feet

Started by steven hutchinson Feb 2. 0 Replies

Melanie:Hey there,  How are you feeling?  As we prepare to enter the powerfully charged month of February...  There is so much that continues to shift. Old energies are being stirred up, World dramas…Continue

Freeing the mind from limitations in order to become a higher frequency human being

Started by Lightworker Aug 18, 2010. 0 Replies

Did you know that Ascension can be defined simply as raising one’s frequencyof thought and emotion. When limiting frequencies are removed from the psyche, higher frequencies of thought can flow…Continue

Tags: relief, stress, entrainment, fitness, alpha

Matthew's Message March 29 2010

Started by Marc. Last reply by Vennie Aug 17, 2010. 1 Reply

 Chile earthquake manmade; Illuminati failings; positive developments in many areas; effects of goddess energy; women’s self-perception; opposition in political arenas; timeframe determination…Continue

Tags: messages, Matthews

SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey on 03/01/2010

Started by Um No. Last reply by Trudy Mar 4, 2010. 1 Reply

The days are speeding by and things are happening that signal a crucial time on Earth. The dark Ones hitout at those who have opposed them, and their wars have moved fromconventionalweapons to those…Continue

Tags: federation, galactic, salusa, quinsey, mike

When you allow yourself to be ONLY LOVE then you are free. For Love cannot imprison you. It CAN and WILL and MUST set you FREE

Started by Kerrie (Zoolithe)♥ Mar 26, 2009. 0 Replies

.March 21st.I’m here … ready and waiting should you have a need to share anything with us. May I say first of all that there seems to be an abundance of craft being caught on camera these days, much…Continue

To anchor the soul within the physical, which is important, one should visualize as if a magnet is keeping the two together.

Started by Kerrie (Zoolithe)♥ Mar 26, 2009. 0 Replies

9. March 22nd.I have that ‘I want to drop off to sleep feeling’ … so I am assuming you are about! Also I feel that what you are to say today is going to be quiet profound because I can hardly keep my…Continue

Message From Matthew Ward 2/7/09

Started by Tina W Feb 8, 2009. 0 Replies

February 7, 2009Description of highly evolved civilization; collective consciousness, Earth’s and the universe’s; ascension, individuals’ and Earth’s; life mission; light absorption; global economy…Continue

THE MESSAGE (for the rest of the channelings go to

Started by Kerrie (Zoolithe)♥ Jan 29, 2009. 0 Replies

The messageWe wish it to be understood that on the 14th day of your month of October in the year 2008 a craft of great size shall be visible within your skies. It shall be in the south of your…Continue

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Comment by Yuri Smirnov on November 7, 2013 at 3:05am

My dear friends!

Come and join us on Dolmen Pilgrimage in the year 2014! Visit the Keepers for guidance and inspiration - April, May or September are on your choice!  For details and tour itinerary please visit
More dolmen pictures and feedback from the recent tour here:
Please note, the number of spaces is limited as we accept no more than 9-10 participants in each group - small groups are always better because everyone gets our personal attention. So please book your space earlier :)

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

My best wishes,
Yuri Smirnov,
SOL Magazine publisher
Dolmen tours,

Comment by Joshua Temple on November 14, 2010 at 6:13pm
And here is my favorite Abraham channeled by Ester Hicks. Thought i would share with you. Love to you all.
Comment by Joshua Temple on November 14, 2010 at 5:54pm
Story is an amzing channeler and thought i would share with you.
Comment by Vennie on August 18, 2010 at 12:32am
Matthew has always spoken so true, and I always soak it in when I am reading his words. They flow to me. I am resting joyfully. I feel really great, actually. I'm not feeling sorrow or grief, just an extreme keen sense of awareness and an absolutely joy and love. love you...
Comment by Andres Zoran Ivanovic on August 26, 2009 at 8:45pm
Message to Plejadian Agenda:

Healingnow4u: Open white book white blue letters in cover. Find page number 55. Message to you is on line 12. Read it well and think about what it is.

Small black book somwhere around you. Open it on page 12. Count words from end to beginning of this page. Write down word 15, 33, 45 and 77. So than open on page which is remarking your age. If you are 30 than it is your page. Find line 17 and compare words from midlle of this line to end of this line with words before. This is message for you.

Comment by healingnow4u on January 30, 2009 at 1:03pm

Comment by Besimi on December 23, 2008 at 3:04am
Pleiadian Agenda you are tru light among us,thanx for to you my friend
Comment by Harriter88 on November 18, 2008 at 8:41pm
Hey PA thanks for putting the founders of Earth series up.It's so compelling to piece together a picture of our acient multi dimensional Earth past,by studying the different info of many sources.Nidle,Bramley,Tsarion(Maldek is Tiamat-etc),now Rachele,and so many others.Thanks again.

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