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Hi brothers n sisters....
Monday is the day for my daddy heart operation, he will go tomorow (sunday) to the hospital to start all the exams n so on.
Just want to let you know this and ask to join him in your prayers/intentions/meditations of monday.
Tyvm for your love.

His name is Manuel and he's in Lisbon for the operation.

Love, Light n Cookies ...

Btw he's 100% positive in all this. :)

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tyvm bro :)
Manuel Henrique Grilo Mestre @ Lisbon Portuga Divine Healing to you and your father and your family Erv....Thanks for Trusting that we are all here to help in every way we can...
Sincerely Yours in Love, Light and Healing Happiness Erv,
Hi erv,
I will also send remote 'Essenic Energy Medicine'( Therapeutic Channeling)
The information was given to Moses when he received the Ten Commandments, but was re-discovered when the 'Dead Sea' Scrolls were translated in the 1940's.
Love, Light and Hugs to your dad and the Family
Going better ty at home now with mom taking care of him :)
Now only time and his positive vibes can do the work .. hehe :)

ametrine said:

How is your Dad?
Hi erv,
just to say, am thinking of your dad and you and wishing him a speedy recovery!
Love, Light and Hugs


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