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There is a cure for the flu and colds, its extremely cheap and you probably already own some. Acid kills virus, therefore its very simple, and immediate, but part of it hurts. If you've got a cold or flu and you gargle with dilute vinegar water and swallow a little of it (preferably after you've eaten so you don't upset your stomach) your sore throat will be gone immediately. Why? All of the viruses will be dead, so your immune system sees that there's nothing to attack anymore, so the inflammation goes away immediately. Half and half vinegar and water is a good amount to try.

What hurts? Well, the only other place you've got viruses when you start to get sick is up your nose. If you kill all the viruses in your throat, you will instantly feel better in your throat, but this will not be enough to cure your cold or flu, it will still knock you in bed with a fever for a few days. If however, you kill the viruses in your nose, you'll be better almost immediately.
-So, make a few drops of sterile water (you can boil the water or heat it in the microwave, then wait for it to COOL before adding the vinegar).
-Prepare your body. You'll need something to rinse your nose out with after you do this. If milk makes your nose run, drink a glass before you do this. Otherwise, drink a big glass of water.
-Then add some vinegar to your clean cool water. Don't make it stronger than half and half, make it weaker if anything.
-Lay on your back and drip a 2 or 3 drops up your nose to kill the viruses up in your sinuses.
-Roll over as soon as you feel anything in your sinuses and blow your nose with a vengeance to rinse the vinegar water out.
DOING THIS HURTS! I warn you now, if you've ever been laughing too hard and accidentally snorted o.j. up your nose, it feels just like that. Its got to be worth it for you to do this. I've done it before, and I'd do it again if I thought I was getting the flu, (because flu sucks, and I have asthma). If you even only do one nostril, it will help dramatically. Leaving a few viruses in the other nostril might not be a bad thing either because then your immune system will keep working on them, and you'll wind up with immunity, as several of your immune system cells will then be able to recognize the virus, so you'll be set for life. Good immunity with no flu and no shots.

Some notes: What is above is for if you're already getting sick. I've heard that people who use saline to squirt up their noses every day for allergies don't get sick. So its possible that much like washing hands, washing out your nose will keep you well, then you'd never need to use vinegar water. (Saline is salt water, salt probably would not kill viruses, only some bacteria, so its the washing action that rinses them out that saves you in this case. It takes many viruses to make you sick, not just one, so rinsing most out would definitely help). Also, the acid trick will not work on bacteria, so if you've got strep throat, that is bacteria and vinegar will not help you. Its better to use warm salt water in that case (but you'll still need a doctor for that).

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Great info thank you !

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