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You Are A Pioneer Of New Creations By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Embrace Your Highest Light & Love With Melanie Beckler ... And ... Pleiadian Message For February 2019 Via Christine Day

You Are A Pioneer Of New Creations By Lord Maitreya Via Natalie Glasson

Ascended Master 'Lord Maitreya' .....

With the deepest and purest love, I, Lord Maitreya, greet you. I invite you to focus within your own being and take a moment to breathe deeply.

I wish to encourage you to recognise the stillness and purity that is akin to a pillar or laser beam of light actively present within the centre of your being and body. This energy of purity and stillness may be new or familiar to you.

Imagine the energy of purity and stillness opening up as if absorbing you into its core. Let yourself be fully submerged in the presence of your inner purity and stillness so that you become the presence of purity and stillness.

Take time to experience this simple practice as you realise you are accessing the truth of your being. A truth that is present within the Creator, ( all souls and you.

I, Maitreya, wished to guide you quickly into your inner core of purity and stillness as it is from this state that you will be able to more readily accept all that I am and wish to share with you.

Your inner purity and stillness have much to share and enlighten you with, being a direct link to your divinity and the possibilities you can create in your reality from the truth of your being.

The more you anchor yourself into your inner purity and stillness the more you will recognise the return of your divine power. The return of divine power upon the Earth is something that I, Lord Maitreya and many Ascended Masters are working to instigate for all to experience as an ascension shift.

What is Purity?

The energy and presence of purity born from your essence, truth and the Creator is the recognition of yourself as beyond illusions. If you could wash away all sense of illusion, fear, and distrust from yourself and your reality completely, how would you experience yourself? Maybe you would experience yourself as profound love, enlightenment, sublime light or something else.

It doesn’t matter how you recognise yourself beyond illusion, it is simply your gateway to your essence, your greater self and the expression of the Creator you embody as a soul. 

Recognising your inner purity is not the same as trying to be perfect or untainted, it is acceptance of yourself and existing solely in the presence of all you manifest as now. Your inner purity instantly demonstrates to you your divine power, allowing you to access, embody and express your divine power with ease.

What is Stillness?

The word stillness can be misleading as it indicates existing without sound or noise. Instead, stillness is used to describe your expansive energy of contentment, harmony, and acceptance of the divine flow.

Stillness can be an inner peace, an ability to accept, forgive and love fiercely, as well as a sense of tranquillity or deep relaxation. Stillness can often be experienced better than explained.

It can be immensely healing as it supports complete alignment with the Creator and an experience of the Creator upon the Earth. Stillness is the space in which you allow the Creator and your divine power to enter and inhabit.

What is Your Divine Power?

Divine power is the natural existence of your being and essence and your ability to recognise the presence of the Creator within you and around you. Recognition and acceptance of the Creator shifts your being and perceptions, allowing you to positively and lovingly impact your being, reality, and creations.

The powerful energetic charge of the Creator moves through you, awakening you to the potential and ability you possess and the role of creation you were born on the Earth to embody. This is your Divine Power to embrace and use.

Can you imagine that you have a role of creation? That you were born on the Earth to create and manifest the Creator through your being? Can you imagine that your divine power is your fuel to support the manifestation of anything and everything you choose to create?

Your divine power is your direct link to the Creator, your acceptance of the Creator and expression of the Creator. When you allow yourself to be in the presence of your divine power, you allow yourself to not only glimpse the treasure within you, but also experience the treasure within the core of the Creator. You glimpse the unknown, unexplainable and limitless while recognising the same as familiar, deeply meaningful, powerfully centring and completely inspirational.

Divine Power: A glimpse into the potential of your soul and the Creator on all levels of being and reality.

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My Current Mission: The Return of Divine Power

My current mission to assist the ascension of the Earth is to instigate the return of divine power. Therefore, my focus is to assist you and all upon the Earth in glimpsing within the core of your being and the core of the Creator the potential and possibilities of creation and experience for yourself and all beings on all levels of existence.

When you glimpse the core of your being and the Creator you are able to expand your mind, perceptions, and creations, experiencing that creations of any form are possible and that you have the ability and fuel to manifest them in your reality for yourself and others.

Can you imagine your reality with you being divinely inspired by liberating possibilities coupled with the deep intense knowingness that if you choose to you can bring these liberating possibilities into manifestation and experience upon the Earth for you and all? Imagine for a moment what you could bring into manifestation for the world, to support world peace, love, harmony, and freedom.

Contemplate what would be visible to you as you glimpse the core of your being and the Creator. Even through contemplation of what this experience could be like you are engaging with and instigating your presence with and acceptance of your divine power.

As I, Lord Maitreya, with support of numerous Ascended Masters assist the return of divine power to the Earth, we are inviting you to expand your mind, thoughts and perception of yourself, the world and the Creator. In doing so - you see everything in a new way... therefore you embody, act, react and create in a new way, that is expansive, liberating and life changing.

This means you recognise your closeness and oneness with the Creator. Most importantly you empower your entire existence on the Earth and the influence you can make for yourself and others.

I, Lord Maitreya, am speaking of you as a pioneer of new creations upon the Earth aligned with the truth, essence, purity, stillness, and love of the Creator. This is your truth and there is so much for you to bring forth into grounding, anchoring and manifestation upon the Earth in service of yourself and all.

Allow yourself to take time to let my words and the truth I share with you settle into your being and awareness. You may notice as you allow it to settle that you awaken an inner knowingness within you, igniting your interest.

How to Ignite and Accept the Return of Divine Power

I, Lord Maitreya, wish to share that it is through the acknowledgment of your inner purity and stillness that you glimpse your divine power. There is a need to focus upon the presence of purity and stillness within you as a pillar or laser beam of light at the centre of your being. As you allow yourself to be absorbed by your inner pillar or beam of purity and stillness you become completely submerged and embraced in its presence.

Existing in the presence of your purity and stillness you can then ask to glimpse the divine power of your being. Allow yourself to accept any sensations, insights or awakening that occur. Existing in the presence of your divine power may need to be experienced often in order to truly grasp that which is available for you to receive.

When you are ready you can request to glimpse the divine power of the Creator. Again, allow yourself to accept any sensations, insights or awakening that occur. Existing in the presence of your divine power may need to be experienced often in order to truly grasp that which is available for you to receive. This is a process of exploration, expanding your awareness and recognising the possibilities you can create in co-creation with the Creator.

I, Lord Maitreya, am personally supporting any soul who wishes to be a pioneer of new creations upon the Earth, you may call me forth to work personally with you whenever you wish to.


‘Lord Maitreya, I accept myself as a pioneer of new creations. I wish to recognise the presence of purity and stillness within my being, allowing this to guide me into the depths of my divine power and the divine power of the Creator.

Assist me in glimpsing the potential of my soul and the Creator in my current reality. Support and guide me to deliver new creations into my own reality and the world. Lord Maitreya, please guide me every step of the way, as I know that is a great journey of liberation, intimacy with the Creator and acceptance of my truth and power upon the Earth. Thank you.’

In purity, stillness and divine power,

Lord Maitreya

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Pleiadian Message For February 2019 Via Christine Day

Beloved ones we greet you,  The winds of change are flowing strongly across your planet, further expanding the energetic platforms, which are being held by the pulse that is being generated through the magnetic core within Earth. Through these expansions many diverse multidimensional realities are being revealed to you.

Knowledge and understanding is being unveiled, and is accessible to you through your Heart connection. Remember your Heart cells have transformed since the anchoring of the ‘Corridor of Light’ at the moment of the change of your New Year.

The cells have been activated on a multidimensional level to allow you to engage in a Higher Realm of Self. This new engagement by you, with your Higher Self is a destiny moment that was pre designed for your self-realization.

This is your moment to shine forth your light, which is generated from your heart cells outwards to humanity. The light carries a form of love that is endless. This light flows in a circular motion and gathers in momentum as it moves outwards, almost like a spiral.

Each one of you has an unlimited potential to allow this shinning to activate within your Hearts. Through a conscious choice action you can initiate this movement by free will and an active engagement within your Heart space.

We witness you as you bring forth your light into the world.


The Pleiadians

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