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What's Really Real ? By Ann Albers ... The Great & Small In Yourself By Pamela Kribbe ... And ... Aligning Your Core Light By Melanie Beckler

What's Really Real ? By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi Dear Friends!

As Queen says in their song Bohemian Rhapsody, "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" How do know what is real? The angels say it all is! I'll remind you about the power of your fantasies to create from the inside out and give you some pointers and food for thought! Really... :)

Love you all!

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Shut your eyes for a moment after you read these words. Imagine you are in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine. Perhaps you are on a pristine beach. Maybe you are walking through the woods, standing on a mountain, or in the most elegant room you can imagine. Perhaps you are beholding beautiful artwork, or maybe you are in a crowd of people basking in the beauty of their diversity. It doesn’t matter… allow your soul to show you a beautiful place in your imagination.

Allow yourself to imagine the feelings you have while immersed in this beauty. Allow yourself to feel inspired, uplifted, expanded. Allow your heart to fill with the majesty and beauty of the scene around you. Really imagine. Really feel.

Next imagine you are with someone you love who loves you dearly, whether this is true in your life now or not. Make someone up if you have to! Imagine you look at this person (whether you see them or not) and your heart swells with love. Imagine they take your hand and you feel peace, calm, cherished, treasured. Bask in these feelings of love.

Now as you come back, we ask you, “Were these experiences real to you?” You may have to think about that. After a while you might answer, “No. I was not experiencing them in my outer world. They are not real.”

It is human conditioning to say something is real if you can see it, touch it, hear it, or experience it with other your external senses. It is human conditioning to say something is not real when experienced in your inner world.

Yet we would lovingly have to argue that your inner world is just as real, if not more so than your outer world. In your inner world – the world of fantasy – you have access to infinite possibility! You can fly, create your dreams, fall in love, imagine horrible outcomes or the most magnificent ones.

Your feelings as you focus within are very real indeed! Your energy field responds to your internal world. While you focus internally you are there, in your consciousness, experiencing an alternate reality.

This, dear ones is how you create from the inside out. This is how you turn fantasy into outer reality. This is how you choose what you will experience in your future. Your fantasies, if you feel them thoroughly, and experience them in your inner reality as deeply and intensely as you can, will become your external reality.

In your earthly reality the creator gave you the gift of time to decide what you want to create. Happily, not all your passing inner fantasies come to pass. You would not want your negative fantasies to manifest! Instead, you have time to focus on the inner realities you want and time to discard the ones you don’t. You get to play with your inner reality until you find things that feel good, and then like pressing enter on the computer, you commit to those realities, and tune into them regularly, internally, until they come to pass.

Everything is real dear ones in some dimension. Every passing fantasy is real in the infinite matrix of possibility. Focus dearly and deeply on the ones you want to bring into fruition into your external reality so you can enjoy them with the external senses as dearly and deeply as you have enjoyed them within.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Sending & Receiving Blessings of Love By Melanie Beckler"


Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

Children do not distinguish easily between inner and outer reality. It is all real to them. I used to be as happy flying in my own mind as I was when on playground equipment that made me feel like flying. When I was very young and bored at the concerts that my parents enjoyed, I went into inner worlds and had a fantastic time until the event was over! It was all real to me.

Somewhere along the line however, we get told that our inner reality isn’t real. “It’s all in your mind. That’s just your imagination.” I remember feeling so sad that the adults couldn’t enjoy my inner world, and even sadder when I succumbed to the programming and gave it all up as mere fantasy.

It was like reclaiming a piece of my soul when I started my spiritual journey and started having inner experiences that were completely real to me – visits with angels, past life memories, experiences in other dimensions. Some would still chalk it up to wild fantasy but I experience a very "real" reality in these spaces. They are just as real as my outer world, and often more so.

When life doesn’t look like I want or even if it does and I want more, I dive inward. I create worlds. I imagined gum cells in mouth reproducing like crazy, climbing and hugging my teeth, and was guided to things that helped them regrow. I imagined my home before I found it. I imagine goodness and grace on all day trips and have wonderful synchronicities. I spend time every single day imaging the best possible day and the best possible life. It all eventually comes true if I hold the vision.

We are consciousness traveling through an infinite matrix of possible experiences. It is in our inner world that we “tune in” to these various experiences that we wish to out-picture. It is in our inner world that we find the feelings of our futures!

So, is your inner world real? Mine is... How about yours :)

Here are a few tips for enjoying your inner world more often, and creating from the inside out

1. Allow yourself to daydream

Day dreaming is anything but a waste of time. It is the fertile territory in which we explore possible futures. What thoughts feel good to you? What fantasies make your soul soar?  What possibilities give you tingles or at least good vibes?  Indulge. Focus on these things.

You don’t have to know how to get there, be that, or experience it. You are already there, it, experiencing it inside!  The universe can handle the rest.

2. Remind yourself, the joy is in the journey

If you’re in a sad external situation creating a happy one inwardly is a fantastic way to enjoy the journey and cause things to shift.

I imagined light pouring through the roots of each tooth, every night until I saw them washed clean. I saw, in my minds eyes soothing light washing over and healing my gums, until it did. I imagined doing the happy dance and telling you that I healed without a root canal, and I did.

Whatever you are imagining with conviction now begins to make you feel good now, and brings that situation into your external reality quicker.

3. Remember your external reality was what you created in the past

Don’t keep saying, "I’m imagining something, but it isn’t here. It doesn't work!" You’re looking externally at what you created internally in your past.  If you keep flip-flopping between the internal reality and the external focus, you can easily water down your manifestations. Handle the outer world but feel the delightful one inside!

The external reality is the effect of your energies within.
Don’t let it become the cause of the energies within!


We have been talked out of our natural ability to create worlds from within. We did it so naturally as little children.

I imagined teaching and writing before I was five years old and here I am now. I imagined backyard filled with nature when I was little reading my “Ranger Rick” nature magazines and now I enjoy that. I imagined a life filled with love, and it is now… I did all those things before I knew there was such a thing called manifesting, and I bet you did too!

We all have this wisdom. We all did it naturally.

It is a great time to reclaim your inner world, and let it start to dictate the outer, rather than vice versa.

Love you all!

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The Great & Small In Yourself By Pamela Kribbe

Dear women and men, I am Mary Magdalene who speaks.

I come from a distant past, but I also come from the future. I am more than the woman who was on Earth. I am part of a greater field of energy that renews itself and is born again and again in every moment. 

I am alive and kicking! I am not tied to the time and form in which I was embodied so many centuries ago. I speak from an energy source that is inexhaustible and that surrounds you all, one that flows around you and wants to awaken you to life – it is the source of life itself. It is your birthright to know you are held safely by this source, and to be taken up into that flow of energy and creativity, of ease, well-being, and lightheartedness. That is who you really are! Everything else is an illusion; a temporary veil obscuring your consciousness.

Feel the energy field I represent. I am a part of it, just as are you. A vibrant, eternal energy field that renews itself and joyfully finds ever new ways to manifest itself; recognize yourself in it. You are free, you are independent of your earthly form, independent of time and space. You are an eternal being, although you tend to forget that in your everyday life here on Earth.

You are prone to contract your consciousness, to limit yourself into believing in what you are told by people, believing in your upbringing, believing in the images you see around you in the culture in which you live. Very often these images constrict your consciousness, until you finally believe you are no more than this body, these cells, or your gender: female or male, or your job or role in society, or your role as a parent, man, or woman. Before you know it, your consciousness contracts and you forget where you come from and who you really are.

For you to remember who you are is the basis for everything you wish to be and want in your life. That is the basis from which everything emerges. When you recall who you are, your life flows with ease and peace, from your natural strength, without effort.

You all are present here because you somehow feel, in one way or another, that you desire to channel. That you want to open to a stream of energy which wants to come through you; that you want to give a voice to it, and to be a channel for it. This feeling, this desire that you have, is essentially a kind of homesickness, a desire to go Home.

By channeling this stream that belongs to you, you feel at home in yourself and on Earth. You are then resting in the core of your being and you connect with both the Heavens and the Earth. That is what channeling means at its core: to give shape to your soul energy, to that which transcends your earthly self, to that which is greater than the earthly human form and which is not contained in a body in a contracted state. It is what wants to come to you and to flow through you.

You have an earthly personality, shaped by the past and by what you have learned through the body that you have – your genetic predisposition – and then there is a stream that comes from Eternity, from your soul. That stream wants to dance with your earthly form. You could say it is a stream from the past, and is determined by the past, but which wants to make contact with the power of something greater – that which you could call the future.

The future is not a set thing, it is an infinite multitude of possibilities, of potential. The word “future” stands for a great, spacious, potential possibility, and for freedom! And you want to make contact with that future as a human being who carries your legacy from the past within you, and this desire is the call of your soul.

This is the interplay: on the one hand, between what is small and constricted in yourself, what has been contracted by the jump into the earthly sphere, and on the other hand, the openness to what is great; to that which is vast beyond understanding and is the Mysterious; to that which you truly are, independent of a form in time. This is the dance you can call channeling.

It is therefore inevitable that an encounter takes place between what is great and what is small. Your earthly personality, at some point, is called by the soul and is challenged to let go of the old, restrictive, and negative beliefs about itself. Only then can the channel open and allow the vast and magnificent energy of who you really are to flow through you.

That is channeling, and this process grounds you to the Earth. It basically means that you let go of your old self and emerge from your cocoon like a butterfly. That is why when you say, “I would like to do channeling”, or “I want to strengthen the connection with my guides”, in fact, this is a call from your soul telling you, “I want to embody on Earth more of what I really am”. When you say this, you take a step into the unknown, because you can only open this channel if you are also willing to see what has been veiled. The step that is being asked of you is, are you willing to change and to surrender to a process you can not grasp?

I want to make that process of the meeting between the great self and the small self easier for you to perceive and to understand by way of an image of the energy centers which lie along the spine, which are also called chakras.

You could envision your spine as a channel. At the top of your spine is your crown chakra, which is the energy center that opens to the cosmic, the universal, and from which you feel connected with the Whole and with your soul. Located at the bottom of your spine is your tailbone or base chakra. There, the energy is the most compacted, or "solid", and there you are completely part of the Earth, the material and the physical.

Feel the difference, for a moment, between the energy of your crown, at the very top of your head, and of your tailbone, at the very bottom of your spine. You can sense how we are referring here to very different levels of being.

Video - "Ascension Grid Activation 2019-2020" By Solara An-Ra


To channel the energy of your deepest self through your body, this energy needs to go, as it were, down the steps of a ladder, from your top most chakra, the crown, to your bottom most chakra, the tailbone. You can see the literal image of a ladder descending along the spine, but I use that image in more of a symbolic way, because it is really about integrating your cosmic Self into your earthly self.

It is true that many of you can make contact easily from your “higher” chakras, or energy centers, with what I might call the cosmic, that dimension beyond the Earth which can manifest itself in the form of a loving teacher, or guide, or angels, or your own Higher Self. Feel in yourself, the energy centers that lie at the crown of your head and between both eyes (the third eye is located there), and also those in your throat and your heart. These are the chakras located in the upper part of your body.

Try to just make contact with this upper area of your body. You do not have to do anything, simply observe it and sense a spaciousness from where you connect with what you channel. Look at yourself in a very calm and neutral way to see what happens in this upper area of your body when you make contact with a guide or teacher, or your Higher Self. See how the energy fills you: your heart, your throat, your head, and your crown. Just observe yourself from a certain distance and see how that contact occurs.

We now go down to the “lower” chakras. There are three energy centers located in the lower part of your body; one in the stomach, which is also called the solar plexus; one lower down in your abdomen, called the navel chakra; and then the lowest, the tailbone charka.

Make contact with this area by descending consciously into it. You only have to be there, you need not do or change anything. Descend into your belly and then see if you can go even deeper, all the way down to your tailbone. Once you have made contact with this area, look at yourself while you are channeling, and have no doubt you are channeling. You all channel during moments of inspiration and confidence. Just imagine that you are now in such a moment.

You have seen how the energy flows in the higher chakras. Now look at how the energy flows in the lower chakras at the moment you connect with the greater Self that wants to come into you. Can that energy flow down completely into the lower chakras? Can it be received even by the tailbone chakra?

That is the question I want to put to you today. There is a place in your body that is often the dividing line between the upper and lower chakras, and that place is located between the heart and solar plexus chakras. This is the meeting place between the higher source you want to embody and the lower, contracted, earthly self.

In the lower chakras are located the fears from the past, the discouragement, and the insecurity. See if you can observe that in yourself. Today, you all made contact with a source of energy in the temple you visited. There you met your guide or a part of your Higher Self.

Call up once again this feeling you had, the contact you made there. That energy wants to belong to you, wants to come to you. See where that energy flow in your body is experiencing difficulty.

Imagine, for a moment, that energy enters through your crown. Then it flows down through your third eye, your throat, and into your heart.

Now, take a good look at how your solar plexus reacts to that energy. Is there a form of resistance, or protest, or fear at the dividing line between the upper and lower chakras?

Next, look in your belly and see how the energy is received there. Are there certain feelings or ideas of “this may not “, or “this must not”, or “I can not”? Look also at your tailbone. Feel what might be there that blocks the receiving of this energy, and I ask you to observe the blocking with acceptance and caring,  and not with judgment or criticism.

The essence of the channeling process is precisely this: that the old meets the new; the past meets the energy of the future. What is contracted meets the energy of freedom. That happens in you the moment you open up and want to be a channel for your deepest self, your greater Self. Know that something repressed in the past will always rebel in you and will come up in the form of a negative thought or emotion. Do not condemn this.  Praise yourself for daring to take on this process! That is being courageous, and that is being great!

When you have found that blocked spot in yourself, go there with your attention. You can probably feel physically that place where you find it difficult to be open to your own greatness, that which is free and imperishable, and of the new and the future. Very gently surround that blocked part with a friendly, accepting energy, and simply send it an invitation. “Come with me”, you whisper softly, sweetly, and without demanding.

Remember the energy you felt today in the meeting with your Higher Self or your guide. Allow that same energy to be with the part of you that is most blocked, and feel the warmth flow there. Everything is allowed there, including the fear, the anger, and the doubt. If you can continue being present, in love and in openness, then you open the channel more widely. The channel opens as wide as what is permitted by the part of you that is the most closed.

Have patience and gentleness for what blocks you; it is there for a reason and it is welcome. Deep inside you all, without exception, resides a sense of unworthiness you have inherited from the energy that has long prevailed on Earth; an energy of manipulative power and oppression, and you all struggle with that legacy.

Somewhere in your lower chakras you meet the conviction: “I'm not worthy; I'm not good enough as I am “; "I'm not yet deserving, because I've no yet made everything perfect"; and this is where the key lies for you all.

Where you encounter that belief, you hit upon the main blockage that exists there.  But the moment you find and experience it, you can let your light shine on it. And you do that with the opposite of that unworthy conviction. You confirm yourself, “I am worthy, I am good as I am, completely! I am beautiful and powerful! Dare to compliment yourself! Dare to be proud of who you are and what you have already accomplished! And so the channel is opened with love – yes!

Thank you for your attention.

Mary Magdalene

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan 

Video - "Clearing & Aligning Your Sexual Energy With Your Original Essence" By Steve Nobel -\


Aligning Your Core Light By Melanie Beckler

Hey there!

In the past couple of days I've gotten so many little signs and messages from the angels...

Reminders and synchronicites both externally, and within...

That there's a profound pulse of Source love and wisdom now...

Pulling, prodding and becoming us all in one way or another

to return "home" to the awareness of the presence of Truth within.

And right in alignment with this little theme...

The angels shared this with and through me this morning:

"At your innermost core there is a light of Bliss and Peace ...

Your Truth.

Remember that you can choose to drop into this perspective now.

To experience what’s really True for you beyond the limitations of doubt, and fear, and beyond the and perspectives of the busy lower mind.

To know the True you...

And to then act accordingly."

In conjunction with this I am inspired to share a free channeled Angel Message with you today...

To support you in replenishing, reconnecting with and realigning your core light and truth...

Rekindling your direct connection to your inner Divine being.

With love and bright blessings,


Video - "5 Ways Your Angels Are Talking To You" By Melanie Beckler


Greetings from Orion, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Haniel – Indeed, we are present with you at this very moment, in conjunction with your team of Guides and Angels of light.

We connect with you in this moment now, surrounding you with light, with this clear energy of pure divine presence, and infinite love to support you in now lifting in frequency.

All you need to do to tune into this clear energy and light is to consciously relax.

Let yourself now consciously disengage from whatever has happened so far in your day today.

Let go of whatever has happened this past week, or this month, and enter inward.

Let yourself in this moment disengage from the energy of the collective consciousness. Disengage from whatever chaos, uncertainty, fear, energy spirals therein.

Just for right now, let go of your focus upon anything that is external to now reconnect with the light at your core, the light within you.

As you read these words, direct your awareness towards the center of your being. Tune into your heart center, the space within your heart and the light behind your heart. Focus on this area of your heart and behind your heart, as you now breathe, relax and let go.

Let go of any focus on the external world around you. Let go of any thought patterns or worries or doubts as you now focus your awareness inward.

Tune into a golden light inside of your heart, that when focused upon, becomes brighter and brighter.

Imagine that you are traveling inward, into your heart center, into the light at the center of your being. Enter into your open heart, allowing your heart to open and through awareness and conscious intention, going inward.

Become aware of the golden divine light that is all around you, the light of your heart center, the light of pure love, Christ light presence, glowing, shining, illuminating you and warming you from all around.

Experience this golden sunlight, divine plasma, crystalline light all around you shining like the light of one thousand suns — shining light through any emotional turmoil, stress, fear, pain energy, and any chaotic patterns of thought or dense energies in your field.

This golden plasma light shining as the sun around you melts away the cloud or mist representing any lower quality of energy in your field.

Let yourself breathe and relax as you let go at an even deeper level, now allowing the golden light to illuminate your aura. Golden light filling your heart center and expanding to replenish your entire body —  your hands and feet, the top of your head, the tip of your nose, your knees, your legs, your abdomen, your shoulders, your back, your hips, the back of your legs.

Your entire body is filled with golden light.

Become aware of your body tingling slightly as the light flows into every cell. And now, with your next breath, inhale golden light into every cell, and into the space between your cells.

Tune into the space between your cells. Tune into the space between these words, the space between moments, the space that is outside of time, and that is all around you, holding you, nurturing you and uplifting you now.

Tune into the vastness of space around you and let yourself lift and expand to experience now through your heart, your direct link with the infinite, with the Divine, with All That As.

Read the full transcript here -

Video - "Align Your Core Light" -

Video - "A Higher Order Of Healing" By Patricia Cota-Robles


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